An LGF Social Justice Warrior

LGF has gone in full SJW mode. One of the commentator named mmmirele has been protesting some pastor.



Loser Protester Loser Protester2

This person should get a life.


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  1. Octopus says:

    Sorry not sorry to go off-topic so quickly, but this just came to my attention. 😆

  2. Octopus says:

    Back on topic…

  3. Octopus says:

    Speaking of justice, Ace nailed it again. And he was strongly against Trump, it should be noted. We have a choice to make. A very important choice.

    July 05, 2016
    Hillary Clinton Did What to Decide What Official Government Records to Turn Over?

    One thing Comey said in his murder of the American republic was that Hillary’s lawyers didn’t even read her emails to decide which to turn over, and which to delete.

    Remember, it is The Fucking Law that any work-related email is an official government record which must be retained and turned over to the government for its permanent archives (and so people can FOIA it).

    How did Hillary “comply” with this law?

    Well, her lawyers did a keyword search of different keywords they imagined (they claim) would indicate a work-related emails.

    Any email which did not pop up during these searches was simply deleted. Obliterated from existence.

    Hypothetical: She searches for “Libya” as a term likely to disclose work-related emails. She does not search for “Lib,” a common-enough truncation/abbreviation of Libya.

    Emails that say “Lib” instead of “Libya” are then subject to mass-deletion.

    Repeat this process 1000 times and you zap 33,000 emails in a hurry.

    And no, those emails are not all about yoga routines and grandchildren.

    Incidentally. here are a coujple of keywords she would claim, from Jump Street, are “private” and “not work related” and therefore never search for at all:






    This is not a procedure created to retain emails — this is a protocol designed intentionally to delete as many emails as possible.

    And he claims he could find no “intent” here, nor any attempt to obstruct justice.

    Right, right.

    Hey everyone — let’s all obey the law. After all, it applies equally to all of us as citizens, right?

    Practice: Ignoramus writes:

    It’s common practice in civil litigation e-discovery of voluminous e-mails to use search terms — that have been agreed upon by both sides. What they did here was outrageous and was obstruction. You can also bet that Hillary’s people hand reviewed the initial cut to remove anything that was problematic.
    Hillary wouldn’t have done this unless she had something to hide. She wouldn’t have needed the private server unless she had something to hide.

    If I can amplify that: he’s talking about litigation where, say, only 1% of all emails would be relevant to a lawsuit. Let’s say I’m suing a drug manufacturer for putting out a pill with undisclosed side effects. Obviously, I’d search for the drug’s name, “side effects,” and various search terms related to that.

    I wouldn’t search for other drug names, nor the millions of emails of inter-company chit-chat having nothing to do with the drug in question.

    This is a wholly inappropriate process here, because in Hillary’s case, we’re no talking about 1% of her emails being federal records. We’re talking about nearly all of them, except the 1-2% that are strictly personal in nature.

    She should have searched for terms which would indicate the emails were personal, deleted only those, and turned over the rest.

    But of course she did the opposite — because it was her intention to delete as much as possible.

    And furthermore — this has already gone off-track because this whole analysis accepts, from the get-go, that it was okay for her to maintain her own server, with her the only gatekeeper of which records she’d turn over to the American public, rather than simply having them on the governmnet system as the law requires.

    but whatever, #NeverTrumpers– keep obsessing over Trump’s negligent mishandling of a retweet.

    Let’s elect Hillary Clinton — because she’s closer to you in class assumptions than the garish, vulgar Trump is. And that’s what matters in the end. Class affinity.

    Posted by Ace at 07:22 PM Comments

  4. Octopus says:

    Expose all the racissssts, Race Detective!

  5. Octopus says:

    Strict gun laws working great in Chicago!


    Thirty-two people were shot in 15 hours between about noon on Monday and 3 a.m. on Tuesday to end the July 4th weekend, doubling the total number of gunshot victims from the three previous nights, according to police.

    Among the wounded were a 5-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy playing on an Englewood street and two adults who were nearby at the time, according to police…

    The attacks raised the number of people shot in the city over the Fourth of July weekend to at least 60, according to data collected by the Tribune. Among those, four people were fatally shot over the weekend holiday.

    Of the 60 shot over the weekend, 28 were wounded between about noon Sunday and 3 a.m. Monday morning.

    No racial breakdown of the stats? No protests from the Race Detectives? No tearful national address from the Unicorn Messiah?

  6. Arachne says:

    Damn Fatso, you sure do draw the lookers, don’t you? That poster brings the fat ugly pretty much. Thank God she has a hat, sunglasses and a big sign in front of her. Otherwise, it’s back to the store for brain bleach.

  7. Briareus says:

    Oops. Stepped on your post, Daedalus. Had the LVQ post scheduled for the anniversary.