Twitter Suggests Followers

Some oddness showed up in my email bag recently. Twitter wants me to follow these guys, while at the same time they’re trying to vaporize their accounts.

Chuck Johnson Twitter

Not knowing which account is legit, I went to the source, Charles Johnson. At last report he’s got 89.7% of the Free World blocked, including me, while the other Charles Johnson doesn’t, and the latter no longer has a Twitter account at all.

Bunk X wrote:

I see you’ve been sent to #TwitterGulag repeatedly but I’m having a tough time sussing your current Twitter handle. I see several claiming to be you, and I’m scratching my head. On one hand it makes sense to have sock accounts, but in this case they seem to be posting all at once, to either hide you from Twitter or to troll your followers by false flag tweets.

Are you are promoting the #iamchuck socks to mock Twitter, or is the deception coming from somewhere else, like the Little Green Footballs crowd?

He responded:

—–Original Message—–
From: Charles Johnson
To: Bunk X
Sent: Tue, Jun 21, 2016 10:14 pm

I’m not on Twitter but other people are making handles for me and I support it.

So what the Chuck does this mean?

It’s a legitimate question. It means that the raging furball Charles F. Johnson is busy fighting sock puppets, finding nazis under his futon and muslim terrorists only in the Little Green Footballs Archives, while the GotNews Charles C. Johnson doesn’t give a magical jazzy ponytail about it.

Since CFJ doesn’t read here, our guess is he’ll keep up his inane petulant attacks without having a clue. Rock on, Barry.

Twitter does not protect Charles

Poor Charles, he is mad that Twitter does not protect him from those mean people bothering him!


Hoping for increased revenue

With the demise of Little Green Football as a potential revenue making venture, the government dependent shut in is in tough financial straights. When Charles is not begging for money, he is devising ways to get whatever penny he can. The irrelevant obese failed blogger is trying a new way to make some money.

Need Revenue

This new venture will end in failure as all the previous attempts to make money.



Britain votes for Independence

It’s official the British people have voted to leave the Fascist-Marxist European Union. Any sane person would be happy for the British, except one miserable washed up guitarist.

Brexit Brexit2 Brexit3

Charles should mind his business on a subject he does not understand.

What’s wrong with America according to Charles

I have no words for this.


Stalking his namesake again

For all his cries about stalkers, Charles engages in stalker-like activity. His namesake Charles C. Johnson allegedly tried to get a new account on Twitter. The fat overweight shut in began stalking the new account and celebrated his nemesis’ renewed ban on Twitter.

Charles has a pathetic existence.

Crushing debate, yet again!

Twitter’s Greatest Debate Crusher takes apart another critic using great wit and intellect.

Socrates has nothing on this guy!