Ben Shapiro ignores Charles

It’s hysterical when Charles tries to get a reaction out of prominent political analysts. He tries to provoke Ben Shapiro, but gets ignored.



It sucks to be a nobody.


Dishonest blogger mocks Leftist bias on Facebook

Everyone who knows Facebook leans Left. Zuckenburg has not met a progressive cause he did not agree with. It was not shocking to learn that Facebook censored its news feed to bury conservative leaning stories and promote progressive stories. Charles mocks this revelation.


Charles Johnson: A Faker Who Exploits Confirmation Bias For Page Views Exposes Fakers Who Exploit Confirmation Bias For Page Views And Gets Chumped.

Charles Hoax Detector

If his magical jazzy ponytailed LGF website wasn’t already buggy and slow to load, he’s added more amateur script to clog the works. Down in the comments we find the truth: Once again Charles Johnson co-opted the work of others and promoted it as his own.

Charles Hoax Detector 2

Basically, Charles Johnson is so good at sucking he doesn’t understand satire even when it kicks him right in his ample and oversized wubba wubba. So the question is, what prompted Charles to go to the trouble? The answer is obvious – he and his sycophants constantly fall for (and promote) obvious hoaxes and satire as truth. One of the lizard-lappers even recommended adding The Onion to the list.

Since Johnson doesn’t have the cojones to notify the sites on his Little Green Hit List, we’ll step up to the plate and do it for him. Below are the sites mentioned in Johnson’s “Hoaxy Poaxy” list (that he lifted from Fake News Watch) with live links, so you can judge for yourselves. Italics indicate recent headlines. Read the rest of this entry »

Charles gets a compliment

In a rare occasion Charles gets an actual compliment on Twitter.


This made his day!

Work will be optional

The losers at LGF for the most part do not work. Instead they sit around all day pining for the government to take care of them. They now are looking forward to a day robots do all the work and they can sit around and do what they do best, nothing!

No work

This is the mindset at LGF.