Those bad Republicans.

Charles blames Republicans for the rise of Bernie Sanders.


LGF is a failed imitation of info wars.


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  1. kbdabear says:

    Toot just uncovered the GOP’s Sooper-Seekrit Plot! Why isn’t CNN covering this!!!!

  2. kbdabear says:

    Toot loves him the First Amendment when it comes to separation of church and state but only if it applies to the Bible that Toot finds icky. Not to the Koran though because that would be rassssiiiiiissstt!

    It’s the other parts of the First Amendment like freedom of speech and the right to address grievances with the government that Toot thinks need to go away because those icky wingnuts get protection under the First Amendment too (under the law, if the ruling class still gave a shit about law)

  3. Octopus says:

    No shame, Chunky. Release your own fat man dancing video, and go viral like Whitney. It might be your last chance to get popular again. 🙂

  4. pineapple says:

    Apparently the drug addled goddammedfrank thinks everyone should be in awe when this racist liar John Lewis tweets something.

    Fuck off Frank, you loony-toon nut job.

    • OLT's Because End Of Society says:

      Wait, Stalker Charles thinks Bernie supporters want to beat some black people?

      Bernie’s a racist?

      A good chunk of the Dhimmicrat Party is racist?

      /Well, that last one is undeniable. Damn, Stalker Charles, you’re 33% right! Have a Dew!

      • kbdabear says:

        Bernie was arrested marching for civil rights in Mississippi in 1963 when Toot was asking his mom if he could take the training wheels off his bike.

  5. irongrampa says:

    I do not blame the GOPe–or ANY sane person for being terrified of a Hillary presidency.

    Self preservation demands it.

  6. pineapple says:

    This was a great tweet…… and so true.

    Fatso ran after angrily using some variation of “FUCK” again. Boring.

  7. pineapple says:

    All five examples are bogus…… some could be considered stupid but not racist.

    This would be an example of racism to Fatso:

    “Donald Trump tweeted “Good Morning” this morning.” “Do you know who often used the term “Good Morning?”” Yes you guessed it…… that’s right…..Adolph Hitler.”

    “See? Donald Trump is a racist, how many more [ridiculously stupid] examples do you want?”

    “How bout the one where Trump’s staff hands out press passes to credentialed reporters until they are gone, no vetting done. Political Cesspool gets one.”

    “Clearly that makes Trump a racist ”

    That’s all Fatso has is thinly veiled embellished bullshit. When he is called out on his bogus accusations he’ll cry out RACIST so many times you just want to separate yourself from that freak.

  8. Octopus says:

    Here’s a dee-sgusting gossip item you are free to discount entirely:

    ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/05 **#13**
    I wanted to get this out before some 5,000 word article with charts and graphs and arrows and explanations comes out in the next few weeks or month. This is the gist of how it happened. For almost a decade, this Presidential candidate had an affair with a staffer. Oh, she didn’t start out as a staffer. She started out just with a tenuous connection. He found out about that connection and when he saw her photos on Facebook he set up some random mentoring appointment for her. That turned into lunch, and the married candidate hooked up with her. He kept hooking up with her while giving her an allowance that he originally paid for through his own accounts. Later, he learned all about shuttling money that was supposed to be spent for campaigns could just as easily be directed towards the mistress. To make it look better she started working for him. The fact she got paid triple what other people in her position got paid was never spoken about because no one wanted to lose their own jobs. They just dealt with it. At some point, she fell in love. She wanted to marry someone so our politician found someone else to be his main mistress. His former mistress continued to work for him but rarely hooked up with her boss any longer because she didn’t want her husband to find out. At some point, the husband did find out so the mistress wanted out. She also wanted to be paid for her silence so she got a lump sum payment that was massive. She also got a do nothing job for a huge salary that is guaranteed for two years and then will receive another lump sum payment equal to the first lump sum payment. All paid for by donors.

  9. Octopus says:

    Chunky and Garage Boy’s frantic attacks on Bernie this evening have been most entertaining. 😆

    This baseball game, on the other hand, has been a very sketchy ordeal. Marlins keep slipping the hook.

  10. Because olo says:

  11. swamprat says:

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 2h2 hours ago

    So if someone says, “I sell something with no other purpose than killing people” that gives them a pass? @LettermanThanks @bethfiegerfalk
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    • swamprat says:

      Interesting postulate. So what would such a product resemble?

      Maybe they could loosely base it on the devices my wife and I were considering buying to protect us against snakes, javelina, wild boar, rabid coyotes and those dreaded Turner wolves.

      No.He specifically said just for “killing people”.


    • pineapple says:

      Fatso made a declaring statement tonight that “guns are used for one reason, killing humans”..Like it was a moment of clarity, a secret reveled when he uttered those words.

      I guess that made it suddenly alright to sue gun manufacturers out of business since their main function is just to kill people.

      Hey Toot, read the 2nd amendment you stupid fucking idiot, that’s what militias do against a tyrannical government….. kill humans.

      Suing gun manufacturers will NEVER happen.

      It would never get through Congress nor the courts, nor would the people allow it. Bernie is right to be against it.

  12. Pakimon says:

    She sure as hell isn’t depositing it in Chunkles’ gofundme account. 😆

  13. mfhorn says:

    Yes Chuckles, Hillary scares me. BS scares me even more. Hillary would be bad, but BS would be much worse. That idiot actually praised bread lines in the old Soviet Union.

    The fact that either someone with the questionable ethics of Hillary or the looney leftism of Bernie could even be a contender for the White House terrifies me. This country is screwed.

  14. Octopus says:

    We need something uplifting, here. How about some dog training?

  15. Because olo says:

    Something else for Mr. Toot to lie awake worrying about.

  16. pineapple says:

    I know a better one that you seem to like a lot Fuckface.

    “Delete your account.”

    Just stop.

  17. pineapple says:

    The great Okie from Muskogee Merle Haggard dies at 79

    RIP Merle

  18. pineapple says:

    CA Atty General Kamala Harris is a carbon copy of Loretta Lynch on a state level. Makes decisions based on far left politics. I hope this backfires on her, she’s running for the US Senate.

    President Cruz or President Trump will pardon David Daleiden anyway, so spin your wheels bitch.

    • Arachne says:

      Kamala Harris is a piss-poor AG, Fatass. She BARELY won election and only after one of those fabulous “recounts” that Democrats are famous for here in the state.

      She was the San Francisco DA – refused to pursue death penalty for cop killers, let illegals go in good “sanctuary city” mentality. I think they voted her in as Attorney General just to get her out of the DA’s office. She’s running for Senate now, and if the CAL-GOP has an ounce of sense (which they DON’T) they would play up her pro-illegal record and her abysmal record as AG.

      And as an aside, may I assume your use of the word “Anti-Choice” means that those who support abortion are “Anti-LIFE?” Only fair.

      Oh, and here’s something interesting about Planned Parenthood and Kamala Harris:

      2014 Re-elect Kamala Harris Campaign Contributions

      Planned Parenthood
      San Diego $2500.00 5/1/2014
      Sacramento $5000.00 5/13/2014
      Sacramento $2500.00 6/3/2014
      San Jose $2500.00 8/5/2014

      Total = $12500.00

      • pineapple says:

        This Kamala Harris/ Planned Parenthood connection should be investigated, they are obviously in cahoots.

        PP is also using tax loopholes to receive government funding. This shit has to stop.

        • Arachne says:

          Also I would like a list of all investigations being conducted on journalists in California who have used undercover video to expose illegal doings by gas stations, car dealers, contractors, etc.

  19. Pakimon says:

    Now Chunkles has three tin cups rattling out there.

    So much for those millions in “sweet Clinton payoff cash”. 😆

    • Arachne says:

      It was retweeted by by two people:

      (1) Some loser from the Detroit Free Press (so she says) who has 102K tweets and fewer than 3K followers – considered a LOSER account, since your followers should be 10% of your total tweets.

      (2) LGF’s newest chief cook, bottlewasher and BUTT boy, the D(oo)r. Matt.

      BTW, Fatass, shouldn’t that be “thief in chief” since you don’t actually write anything but instead appropriate the work of others.

    • Because ur dumb says:

      How sad. ☹️ JUST KIDDING! Who gives a shit? He has enough money to keep his ass obese. He’s a grifter scumbag.

  20. Octopus says:

    RIP, you great American.

  21. kbdabear says:

    Carlos Gomez of the Houston Astros says it’s 30 days till the Begging Bowl anniversary

  22. Abu says:

    I’m heading out for the evening but wanted to remind Octo and Pakimog to play nicely as their favorite hockey teams go at it on Rivalry Night. Hopefully your ladies made enough sammiches for this critical contest.

    Hopefully each team will get a point so the much hated Boston Bruins can golf next week.

    • pineapple says:

      Someday y’all need to explain what this “hockey” thing is. I’m assuming it’s some sort of sport?

      • Because olo says:

        No, it’s a way to figure out prehistoric climate from tree rings and shit.

      • Octopus says:

        Hockey is a horrible, frustrating sport played by angry men on razor-sharp blades, wielding sticks to propel a frozen hard-rubber disk at speeds exceeding 100 mph. It is violent, vicious and vulcanized. The Three V’s.

        Also, it is considered “pussified” in its current, non-fight-friendly form, by us longtime aficionados. When I was a kid, in Pee-Wee hockey, aged 11, I was encouraged to fight by my coach. Nowadays, there is no fighting allowed as late as college hockey, and fighting in pro hockey is severely-curtailed by refs instructed to jump in and break it up, and also the infamous instigator-penalty, which triggers longer penalties and league-review for fining.

        Still, it’s a great sport, the fastest-moving team sport by far, and involving incredible skills, especially by the real superstars. It’s not the game I grew up playing and watching, but it’s still a great sport, and it’s so much better watching on a nice big HDTV, compared to the 13-inch black-and-white my Dad and I used to watch the games on when I was young. 🙂

    • Octopus says:

      We have the Phylers tonight, and Da Broons tomorrow. Let’s find out if the Wings are really hungry for another playoff grind.

  23. ISTE Self Medicator. says:

    Charles Johnson is pathetic and harmless

    We now need to go after real assholes who take money from us by scamming…

    Lee Strananan is a vile and unscrupulous person. Charles Johnson is a saint in comparison.