Who is uglier, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards or a certain Jazz guitarist?

We all know that Mr. Toot is very self conscious about his fading looks as he uses an avatar that is from at least 10 -15 years ago. However Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is not ashamed  of the way he looks. The one with the best electric guitar and the best guitar wah pedal can’t look bad, he says.

The question though is who  is uglier – the craggy faced, former druggie, rocker who had a lot of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, or the pasty faced, corpulent, flatulent jazz guitarist who looks like the type of guy who you would not want to be around children?

I think that Mr. Toot is far more hideous.


Keith Richards


Charles attacks Tim Robbins

It’s hysterical when Charles goes all in for a cause, in this case he’s ready for Hillary. Although he is ideologically to the left of Bernie Sanders, the California shut in loves to jump on the bandwagon. He now goes after Progressive actor Tim Robbins for supporting Sanders.

Tim Robbins Tim Robbins2

Charles is a bandwagon jumper. If Bernie had a shot, you best bet he would be feeling the Bern.


Dark Falcon explains himself

It has been a while since we last did a post on the sell proclaimed “mountain lion” Dark Falcon. He is LGF’s resident whipping boy who seeks approval from people who hate him. He once again grovels and asks acceptance from the LGF mob.

Falcon explains himself

Dark Falcon is no mountain lion, he is at best a scared kitten.

Charles continues to whine about online critics

It has become the old and tired song by Charles about his critics. He calls them trolls and whines on Twitter about like a cry baby.


Charles hates free speech.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz asks “What is the greatest accomplishment of the Democratic Party?” Someone gives a response that would make a certain out of shape blogger’s head spin!

As you know Mr. Fatass always likes to  trash the Party of Lincoln making them out to be the worst bigots of all. Nice to remind Chunky (since we know he reads DoD) of the history of the Democratic Party.



Mr. Mossberg is long gone

There was a time when Charles feared that Flemish Nazis were planning to kill him. In response Mr. Toot bought a Mossberg. As he shifted more to the Left, he gave up his gun to please the anti-gun crowd. Charles goes after Sander’s pro-gun views.




When Charles gets mugged, he will regret not having Mr. Mossberg.

An Epic Failure by the Race Detective – he misses an example of real racism coming from two of his favorite politicians

Charles F. Johnson aka Mr. Toot, aka The Race Detective sees Nazis, racists, and assorted bigots all over the place. Yet how did he miss this piece of “white sheets bigotry”?  Somehow I suspect that the “Raaaaacism” radar he operates is defective and does not catch vile bigotry coming form the Left. By the way, the way things are going in America it is entirely possible we can one day have a President Bill de Blasio.

Clinton, de Blasio racially charged joke draws barbs

Leslie Odom Jr., left, from the Broadway musical "Hamilton,"

A Hillary Clinton joke about Bill de Blasio’s support is drawing a racial backlash.

During a weekend press/political dinner that traditionally features skits, Clinton joked to de Blasio about the New York mayor’s tardiness in supporting her, saying “thanks for the endorsement, Bill … took you long enough.”

“Sorry, Hillary,” de Blasio said. “I was running on C.P. time” — a comment that some believed referred to “Colored People time,” drawing gasps from the crowd.

Leslie Odom Jr., an African-American actor in the hit Broadway play “Hamilton” who was also part of the skit, replied: “I don’t like jokes like that, Bill.”

To which Clinton jumped in with the kicker: “Cautious Politician time — I’ve been there.”

The bit did not go over well. New York magazine called it “amazingly unfunny” and “terribly executed,” while some Bernie Sanders supporters have called it downright racist.

Reports The New York Times:

“Speaking on CNN on Monday evening, Mr. de Blasio said that the exchange was part of a scripted event and that all parties were in on the joke, with “cautious politician” being the intended punchline.

“‘I think people are missing the point here,’ he said.

“The joke came just days after Bill Clinton clashed with Black Lives Matter protesters who accused him of advancing policies during his administration that hurt African-American communities. A day later, the former president said he ‘almost’ wanted to apologize to the activists.

“Mrs. Clinton has overwhelmingly won the support of black voters and will be counting on them again next week in New York.”