We have the inside story – there was no outage in the LGFHQ neighborhood, only a lazy bum who did not pay February’s electric bill!

My sources tell me that there is no outage only one in a shit house hovel where the tenant is listed as one Charles F. Johnson. It seems that the inglorious Mr. Toot – the slovenly, unhygienic, flatulent, halitosis afflicted shut-in who spends the little of disposable income he has on important things such as Cheetos, Milky Ways, Twinkies, Mountain Dew, Licorice, and Blue Bell ice cream – forgot to pay his electric bill. Somehow I expect Vlaams Belang! Rand Paul, Karl Rove, Glenn Greenwald, or the Mossad to get the blame for this one.

Tootster you are a bad citizen. Good citizens pay their bills on time and do not expect hard working fellow Americans to foot the bill for them while they lay around all day stuffing their faces with junk food and engaging in twitter wars with strangers. Mr.Toot you need an intervention!

Hey Chuckles I did some searching for you and I found that there is a place in Culver City that is hiring – McDonald’s 4835 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230. I think that even a fat, indolent, slob like you  can handle asking customers “Would you like to supersize that order?” – don’t you?

Pay the bills