Charles is a moron!

As one of the originators of the safe space movement, Charles hates having critics who can enter his timelines. He tells his insignificant followers to block and report a certain crew.


Criticizing is not Stalking Charles. Too bad you are way beyond College age and can’t go hide in a  safe space.

(Hat Tip: TreBob)

Kevin D. Williamson nailed Charles correctly.


Charles is a moron!

Flying Pig Moment: Charles praises a Conservative

The 2016 election has produced some strange bed fellows. In a odd turn of events, Charles Johnson praises Wisconsin conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes.

Sykes Sykes2

I give Charles kudos for a moment of intellectual honesty.

Dude needs help!

I have theorized that Charles is not mentally well. Mr. Toot has said in the past that people want to take away his will to live. This lends credence to claims his mental health is in a bad state.


Charles needs help.

ISIS is mad about the Crusades

One of the biggest lies told by Progressive is that Islamists are mad about the Crusades. What is often ignored is that the Crusades was a counter attack against Islamic Imperialism which had knock the The Greco-Roman Christian world into the Dark Ages. At LGF, this version of events is taken as gospel and used to justify the actions of ISIS.

It's the Crusades

Observer Art plays the dishonest moral equivalency card in justifying the actions of ISIS.


Charles called condescending

It’s a beautiful thing to be hold when the tables get turned on Charles. He has spent years accusing the Right of talking down to people. On Twitter, he gets accused of doing that very deed!





Poor Charles, getting his accusations turned back at him!

Creep is damaging my name!

Although Charles is a joke of a blogger in 2016, he acts as if it is still 2006. In his delude worldview, Mr. Toot acts as if he is still a player in political punditry. Charles has a sick obsession with his names sake who is also a loon. Charles makes an excuse for his obsession with the other Johnson.



Charles does not have a good reputation with or without the antics of the other Johnson.

LGF is a Nazi website!

Charles loves to accuse people of being Nazis. When the tables get turned, Mr. Toot is not too pleased.


Charles getting a taste of own medicine is priceless.