Glenn Greenwald trying to disrupt the election

When did Glenn Greenwald have the clout to influence American elections? Well according to Charles, Greenwald has this clout.

Greenwald Influence

Greenwald Influence2

Being a shut in who lives on the internet distorts fat reclusive societal misfit.

[Updated post 6:00PM PST]
NH Primaries


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  1. Arachne says:

    Tell me Fatso – do you REALLY believe that the FBI conducts “Security Investigations”? Not surprising that a lying shit is all in for another lying shit.

  2. Because olo says:

    Next: @Nero is trying to disrupt US elections… 😆

  3. Too funny. Think about what he just said. Not a real liberal? An opportunist?

  4. Octopus says:

    Disrupt Shrillary’s coronation? The horror!

    She’s losing to a communist, Fatass. She’s being investigated by the FBI. Her campaign workers hate her, and she hates them.

    Looks like you picked another winner! 😆

  5. Yah but with the Shrilldebeast you’re getting a two-fer. An anti-social addled and ethics devoid cow AND a big rapist narcissistic bastard who’s already been impeached. Gosh what’s not to like?

  6. ISpeakJive says:

    Is there a correlation between being a lib and just being basically humor impaired?
    Yeah, take Ur metaphorical balls to a metaphorical urgent care, hurr, hurr.

    Oh, God, now I sound like Vicious. Hey, at least it’s not in puffy purple font. Elefontiasis. Hurr, hurr.

  7. ISpeakJive says:

    No. I don’t think you read the article, Toot.

    All it says is both captured the youth vote based on labels and not policy positions, which aren’t the least bit similar. The only similarities they share are that they are both not part of the two-party dinosaur system, which the young have no interest in.

    Unless you want to say “socialism poisons everything” like you like to say about libertarianism? Yeah, didn’t think so.

  8. Former Mexican Pres. Calderon: “Mexico Won’t Pay a Cent for Trump’s Stupid Wall”
    2 hours ago

    Sad moron leftists who honestly don’t understand that a strong President who’s focused and not just a bungling golf player reading teleprompters, can make it so they aren’t going to have a choice. The US is still stronger and richer. Here’s what Trump has said he’ll do:

    Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things: impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them); increase fees on all border crossing cards of which we issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays); increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays); and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico [Tariffs and foreign aid cuts are also options]. We will not be taken advantage of anymore.

  9. This is cool. Looks like a video but when you clock the play triangle in the middle you can then scroll at will 360 degrees.

    • Octopus says:

      That’s so crazy, when you think about it, in the context of human technological advance that we take for granted now. Once in awhile, you just have to sit back and say, “Whoa.” Or, “spoo,” if you’re going ham on the geetar.

    • OLT's Prefers to Spell it "Whinging" says:

      Amazing! Mind blowing. A frigid, barren wasteland … not at all unlike New Jersey.

  10. Octopus says:

    Triumph gettin’ all up in their safe spaces. 😆

    • windbag says:

      I was just going to link to this. Notice how humorless these young people are. They should be pissing themselves laughing. You can see one guy starting to smile, but fighting it. Pathetic wusses.

      • Octopus says:

        I have to believe there’s going to be a massive backlash to this kind of sophomoric churlishness. I mean, haven’t we passed terminal-pc by now?

        We should all be like Triumph, now. Ridicule the ignorant little wusses at every turn. Don’t let them get away with it, anymore.

        • windbag says:

          These kids need to be required to watch Borat, Blazing Saddles, and a couple of Rodney Dangerfield movies.

          • pineapple says:

            And the Little Rascals.

          • rightymouse says:

            Also required…Mr. Bean, Black Adder & Fawlty Towers.

          • No, they should all be required to serve in the military, surrounded by hostile nations that want to annihilate them, as do the Israeli youth. I’ve never met ONE PC-addled Sabra. They’re too busy surviving.

          • Octopus says:

            I would agree with that, ‘Bassman, except I don’t want our military to have to deal with these pusswah-kiddies. They have enough problems, dealing with our pusswah political ninnies. But maybe we could just send all these brats through Basic Training, followed by some kind of mandatory civil service doing things that need getting done around the country. That might help a bunch of them get out of the basement, all squinty-eyed in the bright sunlight, and give them a chance to look around at the world.

  11. kbdabear says:

    Sound like Twitter wants to be run like Toot’s blog

  12. kbdabear says:

    Safety First? Yeh, that was the cry heard at Lexington and Concord

    • Arachne says:

      Yeah, because I remember Dorsey and Twitter suspending the accounts of Rosanne Barr and Spike Lee after the despicable due tweeted out the address for George Zimmerman (in Lee’s case the WRONG address) urging people to “go get him.”

      I remember all the liberal accounts that have been suspended because they disagreed with conservatives.

      Except…..I don’t.

      I’m sure we will now be subjected to multiple tweets, and ICYMI’s from Fatso de Butterball. Look for the new and improved “and be sure to block and report this user to the Committee for Public Safety….uh, Trust and Safety Committee.”

      But I’d be REAL careful there, Butterball…..telling women to fuck off and die won’t look good on a resume.

    • Octopus says:

      Jack is a silly goose. 😆

      He needs the Slapping Therapy, as much as anyone I’ve seen this week. Start slappin’, newly-hired team of professional slappers…consisting mostly of unemployed lumberjacks and oil-field workers with big rough hands and a lot of anger. Seasonal slappers.

  13. Arachne says:

    They are slowing announcing the members of the Twitter “Committee for Public Safety” — ALL are liberals who have blocked Conservative users. No conservatives yet found.

  14. OLT's Prefers to Spell it "Whinging" says:

    Get this kid an LFG account!

  15. rightymouse says:

    I’m sure this woman considers herself to have above-average intelligence.

    • OLT's Prefers to Spell it "Whinging" says:

      That is the most amazingly ignorant thing I have read today, and I have spent at least thirty minutes on the Internet.

      Congrats, ABL!

      I’ll vote for Bernie Sanders the same exact day you vote for Ted Cruz, you racist hypocrite.

    • OLT's Prefers to Spell it "Whinging" says:

      OMG, I topped ABL!

      Read the first line of THIS! OMFG!

      • Because olo says:

        If Hillary was smart, she’d start a whisper campaign about Sanders being Jewish. That’ll send all the BLM types running her way.

      • Abu I Ain't No Ways Tahaired says:

        1st sentence from OLT’s linky:

        “It took a long time for Barack Obama to woo African American voters, who were decidedly in the Hillary Clinton camp in the early weeks of the 2008 race for the Democratic nomination”.

        me – Just call me a racist for pointing out 95+% of blacks voted for him. Twice.
        On the fence were they? “Decidedly in the Hillary Clinton camp in the early weeks” were blacks? What pandering and bigotry. “They”. MSM is OH with whole groups of people reacting in unison to soothe the bubbling racism on the left.

        Double-Bonus-Racist question:
        How many poor suburban conservatives were paid $45, given a union t-shirt, a box lunch, a bus ride to a white hood, then asked to stand on some fellow American’s lawn to demand he kill himself, yet having no knowledge who the villain was?

        Public schools!!!1!11!!

  16. Briareus says:

    Post updated to include New Hampshire write in vote tally.

  17. ISTE says:

    It is Monday and I is going nutz

    OK so it is Tuesday and bed time, but I am still nutz

  18. Octopus says:

    HuffPo is having a poopy-diaper over tonight’s results. 😆

  19. Octopus says:

    I hear drums, sahib. The natives are restless. The Goddess Tarja is clearing her throat for a good old screaming fit. But the drums are picking up their rhythm, hinting at trouble for the wayward white devil…

  20. Octopus says:

    The King Of Self-Awareness Tweets Mightily!

    …and the streak is still intact, since 2009.

    • Arachne says:

      At least Ginger takes a stand, dickwad.
      You waffle and waffle on your Humpty-Dumpty wall (and shape!) and when the results come in you immediately claim credit for predicting it.

      I bet you think if only you’d done more, Thunderbutt would have won.

  21. Minnow says:

    Someone please educate me. Bernie gets 1.5 X the popular vote (is that right?) but gets the same number of delegates as Hildabeast?

    This doesn’t seem exactly fair.

    Thank you

    (Fuck you Barry, you old miserable sow.)

  22. Because olo says:

  23. Minnow says:

    I saw reference to the fact that Hillary was angry tonight!


    Is she ever anything but?


  24. Minnow says:

    Wow – Jebbie spent $35-million in New Hampshire alone for ads.


    Someone is making out – but it ain’t the American People.

    This truly is nauseating.

    Jeb, here is your hat. Please go home now.

    We are all sick of you, your insecurities, and your stupid 3-INCH heels.


    Be gone fluffball.

  25. pineapple says:

    With Shillary getting shellacked by Bernie I’ll bet there is a lot of collective whining and clutching of fake pearls over at LGF tonight!


    • Bunk X says:

      She just realized that she can’t out-left Bernie, so she’s going to don a new pin-striped pants suit, shave her chin and try to appear as a moderate to the rest of the States.
      Now watch Bloomberg siphon votes away from both of them and lose.

    • Bunk X says:

      171 Kent Dorfman Feb 9, 2016 • 5:31:22pm
      Hillary lost, but not as much as they thought, so it is a win!

      • pineapple says:

        WTG Kent Dorfman!….. I love the subtle tongue in cheek stab at Shillary. Looks like it angered 4 of em. They hate getting fucked with in their “safe space” echo chamber. Poor babies.

        • Bunk X says:

          He’ pulled the Budget Cut argument on ’em. “Yeah, we’re still spending more than last year, but we’re not spending as much as we planned for.”

    • Bunk X says:

      179 EPR-radar Feb 9, 2016 • 5:33:09pm
      re: #170 Blind Frog Belly White

      Gah. My niece posted her dismay about Trump’s victory in NH. One of her friends said, “I actually think Trump will be better than what we’ve got.” It was all I could do not to ask whether she’d been dropped on her head as a child.

      You might want to reconsider that. People like that really do need to be asked pointedly whether or not they are idiots.

      Typical. No discussion, just insult.

      • pineapple says:

        Sure….. be an asshole and call out your niece’s friend for having a different political opinion than you. That’s going to go over well.

        The libs on LGF are scumbags. Fatso is their mentor, he has a degree in scumbagology..

  26. Because olo says:

    Twitter news:

    1. Cristina’s main account is reinstated. (good)
    2. She’s picked up a lot of new followers. (very good)
    3. She was banned for “disagreement with an opinion” (WTF???)

  27. Octopus says:

    What has happened to Chunky’s crowing about the charging of David Daleiden? Don’t lose the intensity of your “abortion as sacrament” convictions, Fatass!

    Dave didn’t take the proffered plea-bargain, and now we go to trial. Won’t discovery be fun! 😆

  28. Octopus says:

    As a long-time fan of Ted Nugent, I must state for the record that it appears he’s lost his damn mind.

    • Arachne says:

      I saw that yesterday. Okay, that was a major WTF moment for me.

      • Octopus says:

        Seriously. Well, there’s always been a conspiracy-minded, black helicopter-spotting segment of the righty-fringe. Jews are usually on the conspiracy-theorist list. I thought Nuge was smarter than this episode portrays him to be. And then he doubled-down on the thing, like a Chunky-nutbar.

        • Abu Byrdland says:

          I’m with you guys. Always loved Ted’s standing for America and our troops, but the Jooooos blaming worries me. That said:

  29. Because olo says:

    Another one bites the dust…

  30. rightymouse says:

    Kasich is spamming my home email with “We WON! GIMME MONEY!” emails.

  31. Because olo says:

    Ok, now this is just weird.

    • rightymouse says:

      What the… 😯

    • Octopus says:

      That’s incredibly lame. Now, if they had some jihadis chasing and trying to screw the goat, as they do in real life, it might have some educational and prurient bestiality value. Work in some exploding goats, obviously. Fix it, Feebs! 😡

  32. pineapple says:

    Viscous_Slobushka is channeling Fatso with the “Fuck off” cop out now.

    She won’t eat a pork chop but will tell strangers to “fuck off” in a public forum.

    Stellar Jew there.

  33. Octopus says:

    There’s our Gosnellian goober, now!

    • Arachne says:

      Did you read the injunction, Fatass? How do you know it didn’t violate. Maybe his, you know, LAWYERS told him it didn’t.

      You’re gonna look foolish again – my money says that indictment will be quashed and set aside – most notably for improper procedure. That’s not just me talking – that would be a criminal defense attorney who’s been following this as well.

      I love how you like to call him anti-choice. You’d be screeching like a five-year-old if we called PP “anti-life”.

      • Chunky’s smarter than any lawyers or anyone else who gets paid hundreds of dollars per hour. That’s why he’s begging for donations online and wants to fix a 10 yr old gas guzzling truckj.

  34. rightymouse says:

    Fiorina just suspended her campaign.

  35. Octopus says:

    It still kills me, that the MSM still has the audacity to call Brooks a conservative. 😆

  36. NowPlaying Snarky Puppy & Metropole Orkest > Sylva > The Curtain
    1 hour ago

    Ugh. Pretentious orchestral lightweight jazziness. Just like you’d think a ponytail wearer (and puller) would think is cool. What’s next Chunkles? Yanni? And we’re calling ourselves an orkest instead of an orchestra because why? Oh right, maturity excapes us.

    I mean literally everyone in this video trailer except the orchestral players is a pretentious putz.

  37. Octopus says:

    Speaking of bad acts, I tuned in SNL to see Larry David this past Saturday, who was funny as always, and came upon the musical act, The 1975. I swear, I thought it was a parody routine starring Fred Armisen, through the entire first song. It was just too awful and silly to be real. But…it was real. Here’s the second number they graced us with:

    • pineapple says:

      Looks like someone gave them a big break into the “alternative indi-pop” arena with SNL.

      I wish them luck.

      Their early stuff is not like that at all, ambient, with a U2 vibe, never ever heard them on the radio.

      • pineapple says:

        Here’s their old style.

        • Octopus says:

          I see what they’re going for, and I don’t hate them for it — just not my cup of tea. That’s not a genre I was ever drawn to. Reminds me of a lot of ’80’s bands.

          • pineapple says:

            I’m glad I grew up in the time that I did…… not too much is happening in music these days compared to back then. The sweet spot for me was 1966-1976.

          • pineapple says:

            Might as well kill the thread.

            I stumbled on these guys recently……a new band that has very definite ties to psychedelic metal like Vanilla Fudge or Iron Butterfly.maybe a bit of Black Sabbath and Tull… add a bit of Weezer and you get JEFF the Brotherhood.

          • pineapple says:

            That would be Iron Butterfly

          • rightymouse says:

            Pineapple. .
            The music was fabulous then. 🙂

          • Octopus says:

            I went ahead and downloaded that Jeff TB song, for my running playlist. Perfect. 🙂

            I think 1968 was the greatest year of all-time in rock music, though obviously there are other contenders. Beatles’ White Album, Stones’ Beggar’s Banquet, and a crapload of other classics. The Doors. The Kinks. Big Pink. Etc,, etc.

          • pineapple says:

            Yea 1968 was about when I switched from top forty radio to late night FM radio where they would play 20 minute songs by obscure bands……. the whole music scene was changing.

  38. Pakimon says:

    The Cam Newton damage control machine is swinging into gear after his epic late game/post game pout/sulk fest.–nfl.html

    When I predicted that pout/sulk fest, I felt like Babe Ruth “calling his shot”. 😆

    • Octopus says:

      You couldn’t have nailed it any more perfectly if you had owned a working crystal ball. 😆

      • I’m sure you did and Octo did too. He’s a bit of a wuss when he doesn’t win. I wasn’t hip to all that but you guys clued me in.

      • Pakimon says:

        All his posturing, trash talking and preening with a good helping of “White America is afraid of me” race baiting pretty much indicated a woeful end was coming.

        I was kind of worried that Newton had matured since his first couple of years in the NFL and would take adversity with poise and class.

        Fortunately, Cam sealed his reputation with yet another classic meltdown.

        Now he’s being hammered by players and the media for not trying to recover his own fumble late in the 4th quarter because he said he was afraid of getting hurt.

        Are you kidding me?! You’re one score down in the 4th quarter in the friggin Superbowl!

        As our favorite corpulent ponytailed blogger would say:

        I can’t even… 😆

  39. Octopus says:


  40. pineapple says:

    LGF is collectively rubbing their little hands with glee tonight hoping for death by shootout at the OR refuge. They can’t wait!

  41. Because olo says:


    • Octopus says:

      He got some “DNA” on his forearm, giving ol’ Bern an alley-wrister for spare change. Gotta be more careful if you’re going to be POTUS, Bernie!