Race Detective claims opposition to Planned Parenthood is racist!

Race Detective has discovered a new racist mace!Charles defends claims opponents of planned Parenthood want 2nd class status for women and minorities.






The Race Detective is able to turn every issue into a racial one. Charles goes on his self righteous paternalistic view of women and minorities in his pro Planned Parenthood rant. As a minority, I have news for this Hipster shut in, people of all races and ethnicity don’t like Planned Parenthood.

The Race Detective has a huge fail again.

Another epic failed foreign policy prediction by the Count Metternich of the Moonbat Blogosphere

The corpulent, flatulent, addled and aging hippie has been since 2009 part of the coterie of braying jackasses who think that Obama is a genius at foreign policy. The indigent Mr. Toot has been touting the Iran nuclear deal as a wonderful thing (how long ago was it that he used to do threads abbot “Iran’s Manhattan Project keeps rolling on”? The Tootster and his ugly commenters all were in high spirits when Neville Obama had his horse face Secretary of State (one Jean-Francois Kerry) sign the accord with the mullahs and were positively orgasmic at the prospect of Israel being nuked. They predicted an era of Kumbaya between us and the mad mullahs of Tehran and another Nobel Peace Prize for the former community organizer from Chicago and his trusty Secretary of State (who served in Vietnam in case you did not know).  Well guess what? Iran is still an enemy and their missiles are being designed to hit the United States.

State TV: Iran flew drone over U.S. aircraft carrier

Jane Onyanga-Omara, USA TODAY

Iran flew a surveillance drone over a U.S. aircraft carrier and took photographs of it as part of a naval drill, Iranian state TV reported Friday.

The report, which did not name the vessel, said the incident happened on the third day of Iranian naval exercises. The channel’s website and the semi-official Fars news agency published footage said to be of the drone’s flight.

Fars said an Iranian submarine was also deployed near the U.S. vessel to gather intelligence and capture video of its movements.

“The Iranian submarine managed to take clear pictures of the aircraft carrier without catching the attention of the staff on board,” the news agency reported.

Cmdr. Kevin Stephens, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet based in Bahrain, said an unarmed Iranian drone flew near the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and directly over the USS Harry S. Truman on Jan. 12 in international waters in the Persian Gulf. He couldn’t confirm whether it was the same incident.

He said the aircraft  “posed no danger to the ship,” but was “abnormal and unprofessional.”

Adm. Habibollah Sayyari, the commander of Iran’s navy, told state TV the drone’s flight was “a sign of bravery” which “allowed our men to go so close to the warship and shoot such a beautiful and accurate footage of the combat units of the foreign forces.”

Iranian state TV also said Iran’s navy successfully fired surface-to-surface Noor cruise missiles during the drill.

The reported drone flight is the latest incident between Iran and the U.S. in the Persian Gulf.

Last month, the U.S. accused Iran of carrying out rocket tests near American warships and commercial traffic in the Strait of Hormuz. In January, Iran captured and briefly held 10 U.S. Navy sailors who entered Iranian waters.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrived back in Tehran on Friday from a five-day visit to Europe where billions of dollars worth of trade deals were signed between Iran and Italian and French companies.

It followed the lifting of many international economic sanctions on Jan. 16 after a landmark deal with the United States and five other world powers in July to curb Iran’s nuclear program in return for an end to sanctions.

On Jan. 17, the U.S implemented sanctions against 11 people and companies involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program, just one day after President Obama lifted sanctions based on the nuclear program.

Contributing: Associated Press


LGF fights abuse and extremism!

I must say, Charles really is one of the least aware people I have seen. He makes the audacious claim that LGF opposes abuse and extremism.


Say the man who smeared all his opponents as Nazis for years, only to run away when confronted by real Nazis. Yup, Charles sure is fighting extremists!

Charles keeps tweeting on Ammon Bundy

After running away from a  confrontation from real Nazis, Charles goes back to his smear merchant act. He starts a twitter storm about Ammon Bundy.






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The Race Detective finally runs into Nazis and fails miserably!

After years of crying wolf about Nazis, Charles finally has a true encounter. Mr. Toot shows off his superior debating skills in a fight on Twitter with White Nationalists/Nazis.






This is a very disappointing moment for the Race Detective. After years of searching, Charles finally gets to confronts real Nazis. Instead he turns tails and runs by blocking his long searched for for enemy One would think Charles would relish a debate with his most hated enemies. Instead, he acts like a coward in the face of a threat he has been warning about for more than 8 years.

The Race Detective has failed and should retire. If you can’t debate an enemy you have been ranting about for years, what good is are you Charles?

Tardis gets smacked!

LGF’s  potential ISIS recruit Gets smacked down by Sergey Romanov.

Tardis smacked

Tardis smacked2

Slovenly Twit soon to be engaged in his favorite past time (besides eating junk food), a Twitter war with another nutjob

The obsession the failed blogger and would be “power broker” on the Moonbat Blogosphere with starting fights on twitter is a good psychological study in obsessive neediness.  The unloved Mr. Toot has a desperate need to be noticed and since his current occupation of hanging out near the Santa Monica Freeway with his guitar and an open guitar case warbling oldies but goodies such as “If I had a hammer” is not bringing in  anything more than loose change, he is ever more dependent on his “Go FundMe” page and picking fights with people who make a hell of a lot more than he does (which is 90% of the population).