Charlie on the FaceBook

Charlie On The FaceBook 1

That’s an unadulterated screencap of Charles Johnson’s FaceBook Page that he claims he started on 7 February 2001.

FaceBook was founded on 4 February 2004, and Charles Johnson is making up shit again.

Little Green Footballs is a “news/media website?” Charles, you’re an embarrassing brown stain on your mother’s blue Sunday Morning go to meetin’ Mossberg.

[Update Correction: The date that appears on Charles’ FB page refers to the date of his first post on Little Green Footballs.]


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  1. Pakimon says:

    Popular blog?

    Alexa says not so much… 😆

    Maybe it’s that banner that pops up at the top of the page when you go to the Bog using Ad Blocker which begs you to turn off Ad Blocker and register by paying $79.95 $59.95 instead.

    On top of that, the banner begs you to donate to his gofundme and cashpay accounts as well.

    Just rattlin’ that big ol’ tin cup ain’t he? 😆

  2. Bill Hedrick says:

    Well, that’s obviously a misunderstanding. He’s saying LGF started that date, not his Facebook page.

  3. Because you're dumb says:

    An unpopular blog for anti-GOP hateful lies and some guitar YouTube videos that were free anyway. And on YouTube.

  4. Because olo says:

    LOLOL. Ax Toot what a sine wave is and why it matters in electronics. 😆 😆 😆 😆

    He might be able to explain what a gear is, but I have doubts about even that.

  5. Because you're dumb says:

    Former Internee George Takei Engages Trump’s Rhetoric
    6 hours ago

    Because I’m from 50 years ago.

    Because Captain Kirk didn’t invite me to his wedding 30 years ago or something.

    • kbdabear says:

      Hey Sulu, which socialist President from which party interned you and your family?

      BTW Sulu, your party still worships that President, but hey, Gay Marriage!

  6. Because you're dumb says:


    Because I’m really good looking, white, came from a good family, can read and write and get all the Alabama black snake I want. Black poet or something.

    Seriously you little greedy pig. You don’t get to be a victim too. Leave something for the black chicks.

    • Octopus says:

      Seriously, though…the Left’s latest pet-peeve is about “cultural appropriation,” where white folks snatch up the ethnic practices of other cultures and dance around in blackface, or war-paint, or sombreros. Rachel is the Queen B of that criminal enterprise. 😆

      Of course, there’s always Shaun King to consider…

  7. CJ-LGF-PersonalTrainer says:

    Proud to present our official Facebook page for the Sports & Recreation Department of our LGF Head Quarters as well 😮

  8. Doppel milyo says:

    Little green footballs. Born 2001. Died 2009

  9. kbdabear says:

    I guess this is a sample of the “humor” that Toot claims is on the blog

    • kbdabear says:

      Do what you do best Toot, which is stealing other peoples material

      Toot is the Carlos Mencia of Political and “News” Blogging

      • Because olo says:

        Oh, no. He’s showing us all what a netnerd insider he is. “Do while” is only used in about 33 bajillion different programming languages. 🙄

        • Octopus says:

          This whole “comedy routine” was embarrassing as can be. This kid does a better job of slaying, than Poor Fatass. 😳

        • Because you're dumb says:

          That’s fricking pathetic.

        • KGB says:

          Best knock knock joke I ever heard was on Bill Maher’s show. Summer of 1995, the OJ trial is riveting the nation and it makes a star out of Kato Kaelin, OJ’s guest house tenant who testified that he heard knocking outside his bedroom the night of the murder. The week he testifies, he comes on Maher’s show and one of the fellow guests is Garry Shandling. Shandling spends the entire show tearing Kaelin apart. I mean it’s brutal. At one point he turns to Kato and says “Knock, knock.” Kato says “Who’s there?” Shandling looks at him with disgust and says “Oh, you know!”

  10. Because you're dumb says:

    This is so cool.

    The college’s director of music, Stephen Cleobury, looks one boy chorister directly in the eye and gestures for him to step forward. Only then does the soloist learn that he has the honour of singing, unaccompanied, the opening verse of Once in Royal David’s City.

    “The boys might speculate on which one of them I’ll pick, but not actually telling them until seconds beforehand is the only way to avoid nerves,” says Cleobury. “This way the boy performs in the heat of the moment. I always have three or four candidates in mind, but if I revealed their identity even a day before, the pressure would be far too great.”

    And you know by lunch his pants knees are scuffed and he’s got something disgusting and probably only half-dead in his pocket. 😆

  11. Octopus says:

    I Am The Walrus Neck #InternetTheBeatles

    Can’t Buy Me Dew #InternetTheBeatles

    • Because olo says:

      The white supremacist album #InternetTheBeatles

    • Because olo says:

      “Toot, you’re gonna carry that weight” #InternetTheBeatles

    • Because olo says:

      “I saw Pam standing there” #InternetTheBeatles

      “I’m a Loser” #InternetTheBeatles (no changes necessary)

      “Polythene Pam” #InternetTheBeatles (no changes necessary)

      “You Never Give Me Your Money” #InternetTheBeatles (no changes necessary)

    • Because you're dumb says:

      Looking Glass Gah!! #InternetTheBeatles

      Ginger B. Goode #InternetTheBeatles

      Sie liebt dich NAZIS!!! #InternetTheBeatles

  12. Because you're dumb says:

    RT @bungdan: Bigot and liar Frank Gaffney.…
    18 minutes ago

    Gaffney bashing should get Gus back in good standing at the scum hole.

    Because it’s always good to hate someone who was completely right.

    Being right about Islamic jihad = racist bigot

  13. Because olo says:

    This is for Bonk.

  14. Because you're dumb says:

    Rush on why Preezydunce Obungle keeps saying ISIL when no one, not even the media use it when referring to ISIS.

    I think most people are wondering, “What is this ISIL? Why does he keep calling it ISIL? It’s ISIS.” They’re not saying, “Well, that’s because ISIS he can pin to Bush, but ISIL he can’t, so he doesn’t want to –” I just don’t think that anybody in the Regime even thinks that people are going to think in these terms. I think there’s a totally different reason for this. And I don’t know how to say it. (laughing) (interruption) Well, it does. Snerdley is asking me, “Doesn’t it have something to do with Israel?” Yes, because the Levant is the entire region.

    ISIS stands for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, or Iraq and Syria, that’s the I-S, and ISIL, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant includes more than Iraq and Syria. It would include Israel, which, to these people, Israel is a fraud. Israel doesn’t deserve to be there. That’s all Palestine and that’s what I think is behind the pronunciation, this insistence that it be called ISIL. He’s the only one that does it. I mean, others in the Regime do. Even the media calls it ISIS, but he sticks with ISIL.

    I think he’s got a different audience for the term. I don’t think he’s talking to the American people. I think he’s talking to Iran. We just heard Walid Phares say that Obama’s linkage here is not to oppose ISIL because Iran supports ISIL, and it’s all to do with the sectarian violence between the Sunnis and the Shi’ites and the fact that Iran capitalizes on the sectarian violence, does not want it solved because they hope to end up controlling the entire Levant — uh, sorry — region. Didn’t mean to say that.

    So your explanation makes total sense if people were attuned, the American people domestically were attuned to when ISIS began, when it didn’t began. See, I don’t think — I could be wrong about this. Very rare that I would be wrong, but it’s possible. I think the American people are so far beyond “Bush did it” and this and that. I mean, Bush is eight years ago now, seven-years. They know Bush had nothing to do with San Bernardino. He had nothing to do with Fort Hood. People know that when Bush was president, this stuff didn’t happen. People know that when Bush was president, there wasn’t an ISIS. ISIS and all of this happens to coincide with the election of Barack Hussein O. But the use of the word “Levant” has an audience in the Middle East. He’s not talking to us.

    • D(oor). Matt says:

      You’ve hit a new low of lows when you cite pedophile Drugbaugh. Amusing. Please proceed.
      Because. you know, I gotta get my head back up Fuckface’s ass before he knows I’m missing.

      • pineapple says:

        DooR Matt, even though you’re an angry little pussy and your posts lack substance, I’ll give you a virtual upding for dropping a post over here once in awhile.

        • Because olo says:

          That’s not a “post”. I wouldn’t touch it, if I were you. I think there are some Mutt Mits over by the can.

        • Arachne says:

          More people turn Limbaugh’s show off in a day than ever turned Air America ON.

          • rightymouse says:

            Air America? Gawd. They sucked so bad even liberals hated them. Dead as a doornail now. Rush, on the other hand rules the airwaves. 😆

      • Because you're dumb says:

        You’re confused Door Matt. It’s the Demoncraps that have the sex offenders like Weiny Waggler Weiner and Rapist Preezydunce Azz Grab Clinton and their addled spouse enablers.

      • kbdabear says:

        Pedophile, Toot? Do you really want to go there?

    • Arachne says:

      And where is Limbaugh WRONG in his assessment, dumbass? Why does this administration call them ISIL when the rest of the world calls them ISIS?

      Because the anti-Semite in chief hates Jews, hates Israel, and LOVES him the call to prayer.

      • rightymouse says:

        Yep. Rush nailed it and Door Mat is having a fainting spell. He needs to go find a safe space to go suck his thumb.

  15. pineapple says:

    Libtards on Twitter are in shock that Ted Cruz hasn’t denounced Trump for his Muslim ban comment.

    Rush beat me to it as I was typing this, but come on you stupid libs…… think for a change. Maybe he doesn’t want to alienate Trump’s base?

    Cruz is doing this right.

    Should Trump crash and burn, Cruz is setting himself up to fill the void.

    • Octopus says:

      Cruz is the ultimate dark horse candidate. Trump may falter in the stretch, or, I don’t know, come out at the next debate and throw a trident into Anderson Cooper’s neck. He’s a wild man. I like that about him. He isn’t beholden to any kind of political correctness. It’s so rare!

    • Arachne says:

      You’d think the Demoncrats would have ordered up a poll showing how Americans want more Muslims allowed in the country, wouldn’t you? Or that Americans are more in favor of gun control after San Bernardino.

      Where are the polls – hell, the asshats on the left can’t wait to get polling data out. Anyone else think that indeed, people DON’T want Muslims allowed in the country right now and that they are not about to give up their 2nd Amendment rights.

      • Octopus says:

        Make an alternative suggestion, to banning new Muslim immigrants. Come up with something that makes sense and might even work a little bit, to keep radicalized, jihad-bent terrorists from coming in with the flood of refugees. Is that asking too much? Of course it is!

  16. Because olo says:

    Who farted?

  17. Pakimon says:

    Ponytailed fat man under siege… again. 😆

    • Octopus says:

      He’s always getting harassed, followed and stalked by RWNJ’s, but none of them ever mention him or tweet anything about him. Could it be, he’s imagining things? That he’s lost touch with reality? That we here at DoD are the only ones paying the slightest bit of attention to him, no matter how much groveling and boot-licking he does?

      ‘Cuz that would be really sad, if it turned out to be true.

    • kbdabear says:

      Be grateful you’re getting ANY followers Toot

      Your current list of followers isn’t coughing up any cash for the begging bowl lately are they

  18. kbdabear says:

    Happens when a mental invalid tries to do that webbie type stuff

  19. Because olo says:

    Murdoch stepped in it. The responding wails of the twitteratti are hilarious.

  20. pineapple says:

    Who would have guessed Jennifer Capriati is on our team.

    • Because olo says:

      She’s a babe, but am I supposed to know who she is?

      • Because you're dumb says:

        She’s a tennis player, big in the ’90s. So if you don’t watch tennis much…. And a bit of a wild ass in her teens. But she’s like a married mom now.

        ennifer Maria Capriati[2] (born March 29, 1976) is an American former professional tennis player. A member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, she won three singles championships in Grand Slam tournaments, a gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics, reached the World No. 1 ranking, and is considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time.[3][4]
        Capriati set a number of youngest-ever records at the start of her career. She made her professional debut in 1990 at the age of 13 years 11 months, reaching the final of the hard-court tournament in Boca Raton, Florida. Capriati reached the semifinals of the French Open in her debut and later became the youngest ever player to reach the top 10 at age 14 years, 235 days in October of that year. Following a first-round loss at the 1993 US Open, Capriati took a 14-month break from competitive pro tennis. Her personal struggles during this time (including arrests for shoplifting and possession of marijuana) were well-documented by the press.

    • Because you're dumb says:

      Nice. I’m sure she’s looking for a crushing two-handed smash down the line against the terrorists.

      Where as Obungle’s more of a badminton kind of guy.

  21. Because you're dumb says:

    Amazing to discover that a Birther like Donald Trump is also a vicious anti-Muslim bigot. Who could ever have predicted?
    1 hour ago

    Yeah Trump’s just a bigot. This is acceptable for the sake of multi-culti PC SJW diversity. These are just terror attacks in the West since 2008. He excluded Russia and Israel or it would be a LOT longer.

    Under Obama (2008 to 2016):
    USA – Little Rock 2009.
    Italy – Milan 2009.
    USA – Fort Hood 2009.
    USA – Richard T. Antoun 2009.
    USA – Flight 253 2009.
    Denmark – Kurt Westergaard 2010.
    USA – Times Square 2010.
    UK – Stephen Timms 2010.
    Sweden – Lars Vilks 2010.
    Sweden – Malmo synagogue 2010.
    Denmark – Copenhagen hotel 2010.
    Sweden – Issa Issa 2010.
    USA – military shootings 2010.
    USA/UK – cargo planes 2010.
    Sweden – Stockholm 2010.
    Italy – Nello Rega 2011.
    UK – Gary Smith 2011.
    Germany – Frankfurt 2011.
    Australia – Sydney 2011.
    Brazil – school shooting 2011.
    Norway – apostates 2011.
    Canada – Paris Dipersico 2011.
    USA – Waltham murders 2011.
    USA – Alaa Alsaegh 2011.
    Germany – J. Gehirn 2011.
    France – Charlie Hebdo arson 2011.
    Denmark – Hare Krishna temple 2011.
    Germany – Ferhad Ahma 2011.
    South Africa – Al-Shabaab terror 2011-12.
    USA – Gelareh Bagherzadeh 2012.
    Norway – Christian converts 2012.
    Australia – Alevi centre 2012.
    France – Toulouse massacre 2012.
    Belgium – metro 2012.
    Bulgaria – Burgas bombing 2012.
    France – Paris 2012.
    Cyprus – British soldier 2012.
    USA – Coty Beavers 2012.
    Denmark – Lars Hedegaard 2013.
    USA – Boston Marathon 2013.
    France – Roussillon 2013.
    UK – Woolwich soldier 2013.
    France – Paris soldier 2013.
    UK – prison officer 2013.
    USA – Gay nightclub fire 2013.
    Belgium – Jewish Museum 2014.
    France – Jewish supermarket 2014.
    USA – Ali Muhammad Brown 2014.
    UK – Edmonton, London beheading 2014.
    Australia – Melbourne 2014.
    USA – Oklahoma beheading 2014.
    Canada – St-Jean-sur-Richelieu 2014.
    Canada – Ottawa Parliament attack 2014.
    USA – New York axe attack 2014.
    UK – Israel stall 2014.
    France – Jewish restaurant 2014.
    Australia – Sydney cafe 2014.
    France – Joue-les-Tours 2014.
    France – Dijon 2014.
    France – Nantes 2014.
    France – Charlie Hebdo 2015.
    Germany – Cartoons arson 2015.
    Belgium – Verviers 2015.
    France – Nice 2015.
    Denmark – Copenhagen cafe 2015.
    Denmark – Copenhagen synagogue 2015.
    USA – Terrence Lavaron Thomas 2015.
    Austria – Vienna murder 2015.
    South Africa – Zainub Priya Dala 2015.
    France – Aurelie Chatelain 2015.
    USA – Muhammed cartoon contest 2015.
    USA – Boston 2015.
    Austria – Graz SUV attack 2015.
    France – Factory beheading 2015.
    USA – Chattanooga 2015.
    France – train attack 2015.
    Germany – Berlin 2015.
    Denmark – asylum seeker 2015.
    Australia – Sydney 2015.
    France – Schoolboy 2015.
    USA – University of California 2015.
    France – Paris massacre 2015.
    France – Marseille 2015.
    UK – apostate 2015.
    USA – San Bernardino massacre 2015.
    UK – Leytonstone tube 2015.

  22. pineapple says:

    “Trump’s proposal for a pause in Muslim immigration “until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on” strikes this columnist as entirely reasonable.”

    This is from the Wall Street Journal?……. WOW.

  23. Because you're dumb says:

    There are frankly so many terror attacks we forget them individually. Here’s one I looked up from that list at random. The Islamist was on his way to commit mass murder at a church when he tried to hijack this woman’s car. She evidently tried to fight him causing to shoot himself, so he murdered her. He was foreign and directed by ISIS. She was a beautiful fitness instructor and mom. The article also refers to the earlier January mass murder of 17 people around Paris by Jihadists

    PARIS — When news reached her hometown in northeastern France that Aurélie Châtelain, a 32-year-old fitness instructor and mother of a 5-year-old daughter, had been shot and killed in a Paris suburb, few who knew her could fathom why.

    But after the French authorities announced last week that the suspect in Ms. Châtelain’s killing had been arrested in connection with planned attacks on at least one church, it seemed increasingly apparent that her death was a tragic twist of fate, when being in the wrong place at the wrong time apparently put her in the path of a would-be terrorist.

    That man, a 24-year-old student identified by the authorities as Sid Ahmed Ghlam, has been detained. In a city still jittery from a terrorist rampage by three jihadists in January, investigators are scrambling to piece together what his plans were, whether he had accomplices and how he was involved in Ms. Châtelain’s death.

    On Monday, the Paris prosecutor, François Molins, told France Info Radio that three men had been arrested over the weekend in connection with the investigation. While Mr. Molins did not detail whether the men were involved in the plot, he said that Mr. Ghlam had “acted following instructions given to him, in all likelihood, from Syria, on behalf of terrorist organizations,” though it was not clear whether he had ever traveled there.

    Last week, Bernard Cazeneuve, the interior minister, said it was possible that Mr. Ghlam was on his way to carry out a massacre at a church outside Paris when he crossed paths with Ms. Châtelain and tried to steal her car to use it to hide his tracks. Mr. Ghlam was arrested hours later after he called an ambulance for treatment of a gunshot wound to the leg.

    Police found an arsenal of heavy weapons, including several AK-47s, handguns and bulletproof vests, in his car and at his apartment in the 13th Arrondissement in southeast Paris. They also found a trail of online exchanges with people abroad that seemed to indicate he was being coached to carry out an attack on a church.

    • Octopus says:

      It’s tragic that young and beautiful Aurelie died so young, at the hands of a Muslim beast, but she likely saved the lives of multiple others by fighting back and wounding her attacker.

      • Because you're dumb says:

        I know. She looks like a young Karen Allen. So much to live for. The terror fuck is probably still alive in prison. Hopefully someone will shank the fucker.

  24. Octopus says:

    Have you ever heard a Muslim comic drubbing the dregs of his ethnic group, like Rock does here? I have not. White comics pound on rednecks and white trash. Jews destroy other Jews. Asians have crazy fun with their families. Indians (from India) do, too.

    I’m going to try and find a good Muslim comedian going after the terrorists, and their apologists.

    • Because you're dumb says:

      I haven’t found it yet but I found this guy. He’s fucking hilarious.

    • Because you're dumb says:

      BTW that Rock clip was so fricking good. He is a monster genius comedian. And when he finally got to white people he was exactly right about that too. There’s more whites on welfare than blacks. There’s a lot of sad assed white fucking ni**as that I’m actually related to. If they have a car they total it. I have a cousin who broke into a gas station JUST TO GO BACK TO JAIL. Waited for the cops. Yeah.

      • Because olo says:

        I was waiting for “you know you’re a redneck when your house is on wheels and your car isn’t”.

    • Because olo says:

      Well, there’s this…

  25. Because you're dumb says:

    Here’s another one I picked at random from 2012 in Texas. A Muslim young woman wanted to get away from her controlling Muslim father and ended up marrying a Christian young man and converting to Christianity. So he murdered her husband and the woman who assisted in her conversion who was the girlfriend of her husband’s twin brother.

    Peas and carrots. Islam and Murder.

    Also in the article:

    It appears Sharia Law has been creeping in to Texas faster than some might want to admit. Breitbart Texas’ Bob Price broke a story in January that an Islamic Tribunal was operating in Irving, Texas, a Dallas suburb. As reported by Breitbart Texas in January, the voluntary tribunal has been handling a variety of cases. Some of those cases involve settling family disputes. While the Tribunal states that it follows Sharia Law, it makes no mention of the practice of honor killings.

    The website for the Islamic Tribunal states, “The courts of the United States of America are costly and consist of ineffective lawyers. Discontent with the legal system leads many Muslims in America to postpone justice in this world and opt for an audience on the Day of Judgment.” Or sometimes, it appears, Muslim followers will take Sharia Law into their own hands.

    The site goes on to state, “It is with this issue that Muslims here in America are obligated to find a way to solve conflicts and disputes according to the principles of Islamic Law and its legal heritage of fairness and justice in a manner that is reasonable and cost effective.”

    In a post on Breitbart’s National Security by Pamela Geller, the anti-Muslim activist wrote, “These Sharia courts are vicious, misogynistic, and brutal. The host countries have no clue what goes on in these ‘tribunals.’ They should be banned in Western nations. Instead, they’re coming to Texas – and probably soon to your state as well.”

    Our Pam knew there are vicious murderous Islamists already in Texas which is why she wanted to have her cartoon contest there. She wasn’t provocative. She was bravely proving a point.

    Chunk OTOH is a cowardly c*nt.

  26. Octopus says:

    We’ll see how Voldemort the next London terror-attack is, and then we’ll tweet some pc-glurge about it.

    • Because you're dumb says:

      What a moron cow who needs to just shut up and spend the money. Her idiotic magic stories fool American audiences with English accents and special effects. And they’re riddled with bigotry and racism by the standards of shit bird leftists like her and Chunky. She craps on fat white middle class people as if being fat = gluttony = evil and women (who are mostly flighty, stupid and/or conniving). The white boy nerd is the hero. Are there any Africans or Muslims? I certainly don’t recall. Maybe an Indian here or there? They bring in some Asian chick as Potter’s love interest but fail to even develop her character. She’s a nobody so we don’t even care. And as I recall isn’t there like a gnomish and hook nosed accountant-like caretaker breed that seems disturbingly bureaucratic yet Jewish? And really ALL the goblins are evil?

      So you hit the jackpot being a bigot ass by your dumbshit standards of dumbth so shut up fuck wit Rowling. Why don’t you write a Muslim mythical magical tale and wait for them to shoot you in the face while shopping downtown? Yeah, not gonna happen.

      • Octopus says:

        Thank you for expressing my inchoate feelings exactly. 😆

        I read the first Harry Potter book, just to see what all the hullaballoo was about. Meh. Maybe it’s good for kids, to practice their reading skills. Her being elevated to “Revered Pundit” is stupid sorcery of the worst sort.

        Go spend the money, dweebette.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        I do have to say that JK herself couldn’t come up with a better Harry Potter-esque terrorist name than “Tashfiend MAL-EEK.”

  27. Because olo says:
    • Because you're dumb says:

      I’m not even sure I agree 100% with Trump. But I certainly view it as a LEGITIMATE concern and certainly not a disgrace to try and think of ways to address it. Never thought I’d see in my lifetime the kinds of bloodbath mass murders that we now almost accept as a risk in public on a regular basis almost solely committed by psychopaths, gangsters and Muslims. You’re never going to stop the first group but you can do something about the other two.

      • Octopus says:

        Like I said before, it’s a way of starting a real debate. The courts would never actually allow such draconian measures to be taken, but what exactly are we going to do about this real and present danger? Dhimmicrats? Establishment GOP’s who clutched their pearls at Trump’s audacity today? Give us something, you boobs. Put down your martinis for a moment and do something constructive, for a change.

        • Because olo says:

          Dunno bout that. The courts already went through all of this when FDR interred the Japanese. You don’t expect them to diss FDR do you?

          OTOH, they’re unpersoning Woody Wilson. Never thought I’d see that day.

  28. Because you're dumb says:

    Slow night in Chunk’s A Jerk land.

    She’s a cutie. You go girl. I think I read somewhere too she’s very bright and has a genius IQ. Remember she used to be Blossom.

  29. Because olo says:

  30. Because olo says:

    Toot does Godwin. As with all other things, poorly.

    • Because olo says:

    • Octopus says:

      Oy, his “jokes.” So lame he’s the only one who retweets them, with his socks.

      Just not funny, Fatass. Not one of your gifts. Eating, now…you are a champion!

    • JimboXL says:

      Wasn’t Hitler quite friendly with guess which religion’s practioneers, you know the ones who wanted to also see Jews exterminated then and still do to this day. I know it’s an inconvenient truth .

  31. JimboXL says:

    Hillary shouldn’t be talking about Muslims and violence seeing as she let our people die at Benghazi at the hands of guess who, not Amish, Hindus, Buddhists, or Christians, it was the practioneers of the one “religion” that can’t get along in the world.

  32. Because you're dumb says:

    OK this shit’s funny as hell. And Tommy plays guitar well unlike the cheesy playing of Chunk and his fake persona is roughly as dumb as Chunk’s post ’08 lying leftard persona. They were a great act. Chunky should have come up with a brainless moron hippy act with his guitar. It would have been hilarious. He could have worn his orange jumpsuit.

    • Octopus says:

      Gosh, that aging Judy Garland is a tragic figure. Knowing what we now know, about her sad life and raging demons. She put on a brave face, even while slurring on national TV.

      The brothers are classic American entertainers. I used to love watching them as a kid, with no frame of reference and not getting most of the jokes — they were just damn funny. They’re still funny, but you can see the talent, as an adult.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        They’re still around, apparently! WOW.

        Steve Martin was a writer on their show. Similar style of humor to this day. Their act was so clean-cut on the surface but subversive. I remember hearing that they smoked pot and took LSD along with the rest of the hippies. Shocking!