Charlestradamus has another failed prophecy

In another hug fail for Charles Johnson who cast doubt on the FBI’s claims that the San Bernardino attack was related to Jihadi, it turns out he was wrong again. The female shooter; Tashfeen Malik has pledged allegiance to ISIS. Of course to Mr. Toot facts are very flexible things. For the Tootster the most important thing is not the facts but the narrative, and to a left-wing ideologue and Trotskyite wannabe, the enemy and villains always are on the “Right”.

One of two people accused of killing 14 in California apparently pledged allegiance to a leader of Islamic State militant group, two U.S. government sources said on Friday, as intelligence officials in her native Pakistan pressed the investigation overseas.

Tashfeen Malik, 27, and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, were killed in a shootout with police hours after the Wednesday massacre at the Inland Regional Center social services agency in San Bernardino, about 60 miles (100 km) east of Los Angeles. The attack was the deadliest mass shooting the United States has experienced in three years.

U.S. investigators are evaluating evidence that Malik, a Pakistani native who had been living in Saudi Arabia when she married Farook, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, two U.S. officials told Reuters. They said the finding, if confirmed, could be a “game changer” in the investigation.

Mr. Toot needs to get out of the prediction business.



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  1. Because you're dumb says:

    Chunky is a YOOGE fail as the Donald would say. Especially as it relates to his latest hysterical predictions about the scawy scawy GOP vs. the reality of the dangerous cult of Islam.

    I don’t really view this as a fail though. This is more like a Hug WIN!!

  2. Because you're dumb says:

    LGFers running from the GOP. Chunky told them this won’t end well.

  3. Because you're dumb says:

    New York Daily News, keepin’ it real.…
    13 hours ago

    Looks like Chunky took another wrong side. They’re getting Twitter crushed.

    The Daily News just quintupled down on its unhinged lunacy, and sick war on the #NRA and its millions of members

    — Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray this is disgusting.

    — Kris Kinder (@kris_kinder) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray Offensive to the NRA members who are responsible gun owners. No discussion of any substance will come from this approach.

    — Geoff Hansell (@geoffhansell) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray notice how they only have whites?

    — LMBigSur (@LMBigSur) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray @NYDailyNews Funny they forgot Muslim who killed @ recruiting center Muslim who killed @ college black who killed tv reporters

    — thelmatodd (@thelmatodd) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray @NYDailyNews is no longer a newspaper. It’s become a steaming pile of dog shit.

    — Patrick (@PatrickScotBlog) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray it’s like when a dog stops to take a shit, everybody stops and looks. It’s a pretty solid business model for the #DailyNews

    — Junebugman (@junebugman) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray Thanks @NYDailyNews for making me not read u anymore and proving ur idiocy was not a one day thing yesterday. #BuhBye

    — Chris Tsotsoros (@ctsotsoros) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray Wow. They’re “edgy.” And apparently think @NRA & Wayne LaPierre actually GAVE the sick f*cks their guns. Morons.

    — Gaius (@GaiusGreene) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray Doesn’t that say more about the futility of gun control than the need of it???

    — Tim (@Tim10112abc) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray They are a twisted fringe. There are no slots in our CCW classes at my range. Zero.

    — JACKETPALOOZA™ (@JacketNation) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray A bridge too far, Daily News. A bridge too far.

    — TwistedSistah (@Twisted__Sistah) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray Sadly, this doesn’t even shock me anymore.

    — Sixchain (@sixchained) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray The death rattle of a shitty newspaper

    — R Thomas (@Plate0fShrimp) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray The dying gasps of a once popular tabloid. It’s on advanced life support. They’d be better off becoming the Weekly World News.

    — Dan Mottola (@DookuDan) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray Any wonder they had to layoff reporters earlier this year?

    — MenRec (@rustyweiss74) December 4, 2015

    @Cameron_Gray In a related story, Cablevision, who owns Newsday, bid a single dollar for the entire @DailyNews company. They overbid.

    — Ian Lozada (@ianlozada) December 4, 2015

  4. Because you're dumb says:

    Facts Schmacts
    – Chunky McFuckFace Johnsuck

    Gun Violence is Actually Declining in the United States
    Comments Permalink

    Posted by Aleister Friday, December 4, 2015 at 11:30am
    The facts defy the narrative of the left.

    In the wake of the shooting in San Bernardino, politicians and activists on the left have once again renewed their push for gun control.

    The fact however, is that gun violence in the U.S. is going down.

    Max Ehrenfreund reports at the Washington Post:

    We’ve had a massive decline in gun violence in the United States. Here’s why.

    Premeditated mass shootings in public places are happening more often, some researchers say, plunging towns and cities into grief and riveting the attention of a horrified nation. In general, though, fewer Americans are dying as a result of gun violence — a shift that began about two decades ago.

    In 1993, there were seven homicides by firearm for every 100,000 Americans, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By 2013, that figure had fallen by nearly half, to 3.6 — a total of 11,208 firearm homicides. The number of victims of crimes involving guns that did not result in death (such as robberies) declined even more precipitously, from 725 per 100,000 people in 1993 to 175 in 2013…

    This decline in gun violence is part of an overall decline in violent crime. According to the FBI’s data, the national rate of violent crime has decreased 49 percent since its apex in 1991. Even as a certain type of mass shooting is apparently becoming more frequent, America has become a much less violent place.

    The report goes on to cite key factors responsible for the drop including a greater police presence, technological advances, and lower rates of alcohol abuse, to name a few.

    Despite cries from the “do something” crowd, gun control isn’t named as one of the reasons.

  5. Because you're dumb says:

    Here’s a great story illustrating leftist SJW BDS scumbagness which Chunk JohnSuck applauds.

    Yeah a thirteen year old kid asking questions about horses.

    • rightymouse says:

      Unbelievable. What a snotty, self-righteous bitch to do this to a young girl who had asked completely innocent, non-political questions about horses. Bah…..

      • Octopus says:

        What a horrible person. I hope she gets kicked in the head by a horse.

      • Cupid stunts like Levine use their “Jewishness” only when it furthers their Leftist agenda. I know, I have some of them on my family tree. The ones who are Orthodox are politically Right, the ones who are not tend to be Leftish. Not a few decided that the Dem/Left was toxic when FDR refused to bomb the railroads to the death camps, and lately, as they recognized that the Left [all over the world] is anti-Semitic. The remaining Lefty yids around here are the tikun olam [reparing the world] idiots who still believe the Torah is a blueprint for Social Justice™. We call them naarz — fools.

  6. pineapple says:

    The day after a horrific shooting spree by a “radicalized” Muslim man and his partner in San Bernardino, California, Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged to a group of Muslim activists that she would take aggressive action against anyone who used “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.”

    Thought police……. never thought they would go this far.

    • Because you're dumb says:

      IOW here’s a mouthful of shit. Now it’s illegal to say shit.

      • Octopus says:

        She’s just as nutty and moonbatty as her boss, the Unicorn Messiah, who is still convinced that climate change is the cause of radical Islamist terror. Such people being in positions of power, during wartime, is unfathomable. But it’s real.

        Loretta Lynch, at a press conference yesterday, termed the San Bernardino shootings a “wonderful opportunity” to change the nature of police work:

        “We’re at the point where these issues have come together really like never before in law enforcement thought and in our nation’s history and it gives us a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful moment to really make significant change.”

        Oh, it’s a teachable moment for cops. I see. And it’s wonderful! 😯

    • rightymouse says:

      Absolutely pathetic..

    • These buffoons will be the death of many of us.

  7. Octopus says:

    Yep, that’s as real as it gets. Equating radical Islamist terror attacks with insane white people who go off the rails due to “the voices.” Exactly the same thing. If you have dogshit where you’re supposed to have a brain, that is.

    • Arachne says:

      For which they have roundly criticized by all sane people everywhere.
      The NRA had nothing to do with this, dirtbag.
      Check again – California has UNIVERSAL background checks. You know, like you want for everybody.
      How’d that work out for ya?

      • Because olo says:

        Meanwhile, do mention of who actually purchased the guns. All we know is he didn’t. Call it a hunch, but I think we’re going to find wifey had something to do with it.

  8. Octopus says:

    The fat, broke-ass loser is still trying to push the idiotic notion that the San Bernardino atrocity was not a terrorist attack. The mind boggles. 😯

    • TreBob says:

      Honestly, what difference does it make if it was or wasn’t a “terrorist” attack? These murderous animals killed 14 (possibly more) people and those 14 don’t care what the motivations of the attack were or weren’t. Workplace violence, terror attack, holiday depression, Wednesday afternoon activity, whatever. Bottom line, this guy and his gal shot and killed innocent people at a freaking party. It’s good that they are now room temperature and it’s too bad it didn’t happen before all these innocents got shot.

      We get so hung up on labels, we neglect the important stuff.

      • Because olo says:

        Yeah ^^^^^. Labeling explains nothing, and progs treat labels like complete explanations. 1000 uptinkles.

        It’s hatred!!! 🙄

  9. Because olo says:

    Ferry captain was right. Centurylink finally showed up today. Ferry captains know shit. Toot doesn’t know shit.

  10. pineapple says:

    I agree! Terror is terror. (except for that whole establishing that worldwide caliphate thing) … it’s the same!

    • Arachne says:

      I’m sorry, did we ever say it WASN’T? It’s this administration that calls gun violence by white people terrorism and gun violence by Muslins anything BUT.

    • Because you're dumb says:

      Yet the leftards are fine with Obungle’s calling Ft. Hood, a direct jihad attack on our service men and women workplace violence. Even withholding benefits to the families to this day.

  11. Arachne says:

    OMG – CAIR is off its rocker!

    No, CAIR, if there is anyone to blame for terrorism, it is YOUR front-for-the-Muslim-Brotherhood organization. Because the woman who lived next door noticed very suspicious activity and was afraid to report it. Why? Because dirtbags like you run immediately to the microphones and scream racist! bigot! Islamophobic!

    So she said nothing. And as a result they were never investigated. They would have been stopped before the massacre had LEO’s peeked into that garage beforehand.

    • Octopus says:

      CAIR is consistent, though. They are the “Unindicted co-conspirators” (terror-finance trial against the Holy Land Foundation and its former officials) and friends of terrorists all over the globe. You expect them to be part of any terrorist cover-up.

    • Because you're dumb says:

      Their job is to hold the door open for the murderers. That’s always been their purpose.

  12. Octopus says:

    The Left is really trying their damndest to pin this Islamist atrocity on the NRA. How many Americans are truly stupid enough to buy into this? Is it really the 47% who vote Dhimmi?

  13. Octopus says:

    That’s an interesting statement, from someone who claims he was radicalized against his will by Pam Geller for 8 years (“misled”). Hmm. Sensing a disconnect.

  14. Because you're dumb says:

    And Chunk continues his streak er more like fat ass skid mark of being 100% wrong.

    And Fox News of course 100% correct from the beginning as the facts unfolded.

    Female shooter posted her oath to terror chieftain before slaughtering 14
    UPDATE: THREE DAYS AFTER a heavily armed Muslim couple stormed a county office building to gun down 14

    • Octopus says:

      The streak is intact!

    • Because olo says:

      I’m almost starting to wonder if she wore the pants in that outfit, and goaded him into getting all the weapons and shit.

      And when are we going to be told who actually purchased the guns? Media’s awfully quiet about that.

      He goes looking for a mail-order bride, and ends up with Jihadi Barbie. ISIL is pretty good at recruiting and brainwashing women. That could be their secret weapon.

      What they need is a big Irish penis penis penis lol to make them forget about their moon god.

      • Octopus says:

        What we like to call, “Meet the Shillelagh, Sheila.” 🙂

      • Because you're dumb says:

        Too I wonder if he was spurned by the young women in the office before he went off and secured Jihad Jill. Several of the murdered appear to be young and attractive. I’m glad these fuckers were at least offed by the cops although they deserve much worse.

    • just poop says:

      Charles Moosh Johnson

  15. Because you're dumb says:

    Pres. Obama was waiting for the FBI to determine if it was terrorism. If I remember correctly he said “it could be.”
    18 minutes ago

    Um if I remember correctly he was giving lectures on guns just the other day in response to this. He wasn’t waiting for the FBI. He speaks out on any criminal case IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS as long as he can frame it in a divisive and politically mean spirited way. With all the cases of police vs. black male criminal he IMMEDIATELY started lecturing on racism. With 0 regard for the possible exoneration of the person or cop whom he IMMEDIATELY branded a racist with 0 proof and not knowing any of the facts.

    ISIS sympathizing Islamist murderers? Meh, let’s not get all woo wooed up about that before we have the facts.

  16. Octopus says:

    Do you dare to take the “Privilege Walk?”

    Just more proof that lunatics run wild in our universities. 🙄

    • Because you're dumb says:

      They forgot the funny ones:


      You’re considered an expert on worm beds.
      You’ve ever backed down an exit ramp.
      You’ve ever been accused of lying through your tooth.
      You’ve ever been arrested for loitering.
      You’ve ever been fired from a construction job because of your appearance.
      You’ve ever been involved in a custody fight over a hunting dog.
      You’ve ever been on television not wearing a shirt.
      You’ve ever borrowed chewing tobacco from your wife.
      You’ve ever committed a crime with a lawn mower.
      You’ve ever eaten out of a minnow bucket.
      You’ve ever freshened up with a Slim Jim.
      You’ve ever given yourself a social disease.
      You’ve ever had hot flashes at a cattle auction.
      You’ve ever had sex while wearing work gloves.
      You’ve ever had to turn your truck around because of bridge clearance restrictions.
      You’ve ever hit a deer with your car… deliberately.
      You’ve ever hitchhiked naked.
      You’ve ever hollered, “You kids quit playing on that sheet metal.”
      You’ve ever made love on top of a dog house.
      You’ve ever plucked a nose hair with a pair of pliers.
      You’ve ever read the entire Sunday paper sitting in the bathroom.
      You’ve ever rolled your riding lawn mower.
      You’ve ever stood outside a bathroom and heckled someone who was inside.
      You’ve ever thrown a tailgate party at a tractor pull.
      You’ve ever used a laundromat as a mailing address.
      You’ve ever used panty hose as a coffee filter.
      You’ve ever walked through a drive-thru window.
      You’ve ever watched the game warden through your scope.
      You’ve ever water-skied in your underwear.
      You’ve ever worn camouflage pants to church.
      You’ve never made up your bed.
      You’ve never paid for a haircut.
      You’ve never stayed in a hotel without stealing something.
      You’ve seen Walking Tall more than 50 times.
      You’ve talked to your mama on the C.B., but have never met her in person.
      You’ve totaled every car you’ve owned.
      You always answer the door with a baseball bat in your hand.
      You always use tape to hem your pants.
      You applied for a job while wearing a stocking cap.
      You burn out your clutch in a funeral procession

      And of course one of my favorites

      If your family tree does not fork…….you may be a red neck.

  17. Octopus says:

    Chunky’s favorite sauce includes Ginger. 😆

  18. Octopus says:

    Breitbart incites the Muslims to do violence. It’s all Breitbart’s fault!

  19. pineapple says:

  20. pineapple says:

    Am I reading this right? Or is Andy B from LM (Kragar) having a stupid tweet day?

    Yea all law abiding gun owners run a pipe bomb factory in their house.

    • Because olo says:

      Just a normal day. With an extra dollop of stupid.

    • OLT's There Should Be A Law Of Physics says:

      Dozens of laws were broken in planning and carrying out this terrorist attack.

      But I am sure someone who is willing to die for Allah to take out some infidels would be stopped by just one more law. Because too hard.

      Kragar, don’t project your unwillingness to exert effort onto others. It makes you look more stupid than necessary.

    • Arachne says:

      He’s all over Twitter today. We’re retweeting the ass kicking replies he’s getting, leaving him out and pointing and laughing our asses at what a moron he is. I’ve blocked him because my IQ loses 20 points just viewing his bullshit.

  21. OLT's There Should Be A Law Of Physics says:

    Hey, what does the Bog think about the terrorist’s apartment/bomb factory being raided by their mass media buddies?

    What about it, Viscous? Lawdork? Kragar Ashamed to be Kafr?

  22. pineapple says:

    This guy pissed off Fatso. Lawhack tried to keep up but couldn’t, then the once male Annemarie No-Dickey failed as well.

  23. Because olo says:


    Malik came to the U.S. on what is known as a “fiancé” visa, which allows an American fiancé to petition for his or her partner’s temporary entry before marriage. For the visa application, the address she listed in her Pakistani hometown, ABC News discovered today, does not exist. Malik received a her Green Card this summer, U.S. officials said.

    This is starting to smell of aquatic creatures.

  24. pineapple says:

    My wife came here on a K-1 visa (fiance). The other method is a K-3 visa (spouse).

    I asked INS which would be easier and they said go the K-1 route. Getting married in Mexico may not be recognized. To avoid that we went K-1.

    Took about 7 years… mega bucks… and horrible treatment from my own government all along the way.

    I had to solicit help from my congress critter Bob Filner at one point…… yes that Bob Filner.

  25. rightymouse says:

    Gussy’s asking for trouble again. He HAS to know that Fatso can only take so much of any poster straying from approved opinions. Axe Killgore.

    • rightymouse says:

      • rightymouse says:

        • rightymouse says:

          So much for the ‘if only they had education & jobs” theory of ME terrorism.

        • Because you're dumb says:

          He’s really wandering off the plantation. The official progturd line is terrorism is caused by poverty and climate change. That whole Islam thing is just a co-inky-dink.

    • Because you're dumb says:

      I never go to the hell hole and read the comments anymore. But I thought someone here noted that Goose doesn’t comment at LGF at all anymore. So maybe he has no fear of the fat ban fanatic.

      And how pathetic is that when old unemployable couch crasher sterno guzzlers with bum legs quit your web disaster 😆

      And just think. Chunky and Cher agree 100% on everything.

    • Octopus says:

      Yeah, just like Chunky. “Misled.”

      I wonder if he ever bothers to read Gus’s tweets. Very wrongthink, especially later in the day.

  26. Because you're dumb says:

    Chuck C. Johnson approves of death threats against Muslims, because of course he does.
    1 hour ago

    Wow. Still stalking Ginger around the internet. He doesn’t seem to get that a lot of people on the right don’t even like him. And no one else even talks about him. Does he think this is a “niche” for him or something?

  27. Because you're dumb says:

    Ginger to Chunky:

  28. Because you're dumb says:

    Quickly! We must get them back to special snowflake victim status before the next attack!

    Leftists and Muslims go together like Peas and Carrots.

  29. Because you're dumb says:

    Wow. Weirdo Muslim-defending sheister freaks try and whitewash the Muslim mass murderers by pretending bizarrely that it’s normal. Not only did these people open fire on innocent party-goers in allegiance to ISIS murdering 14 and wounding some 17, they also opened fire on the police before going out Bonny and Clyde style while dressed in black like paramilitary with an arsenal of guns, ammo and bombs. These scumbags and the rest of the family should be immediately detained and grilled for what they know.

    Muslims, gangster thug scum and mentally ill psychopaths. That’s pretty much it in America. There are no other groupings of people eager and happy to mass murder innocent people in cold blood.

  30. windbag says:

    So, the left goes nuts over the NRA, when these monsters weren’t associated with the group. Yet, the group that they are associated with, jihadist Islam, gets no mention. Lefty logic, folks.

    • Because you're dumb says:

      Yes I would like to know when was the last NRA associated mass murder shooting? Or has it ever happened? Yet 10s of thousands of black teenagers with illegal guns are killing each other almost daily. And no outrage except the parents and community leaders in those inner cities. And the cops who are now so jaded from being blamed they no longer care. And just let them shoot each other and drive around the block a few times and take a report they have no intention of following up on.

      And now these Muslim coordinated attacks will become more common not because of the access to guns but because of the virulence of Islam itself and the breakneck pace of immigrating them here. We said it 10 years ago and they did it anyway. Bringing in more Muslims will just bring more terrorism. The sad fact is although only a tiny percentage are willing to murder infidels, a much larger percentage of them applaud it and do not find it inhuman or repugnant.

  31. pineapple says:

    George E. Pataki taking a page from Donald Trump. Nice to see.

  32. Because you're dumb says:

    Chuck doesn’t seem to understand that Islam is a religion, not a genome. @TheDukeXX99
    5 minutes ago
    Chuck is a straight up white supremacist, always has been. @devbost
    7 minutes ago

    Hmmmm. Did I just imagine Chunky FuckFace calling everyone racists for criticizing Islam and being anti-jihad?

  33. Because olo says:

    Is rape with a micropenis a microaggression? Discuss.

    • Octopus says:

      There was another woman, whose mother fled the Vietnam War and settled in California. And now this. Life is a strange, ironical bitch sometimes.

      • Because olo says:

        Either that, or the dick knew that she was a kufr from Iran, and went after her specifically. This I can believe.

  34. pineapple says:

    Fuckface is so frustrated that he can’t get to Ginger anymore.

    Ginger is picking on him from Facebook ……. poor Fuckface.

  35. pineapple says:

    Fuckface is being a drama queen again.

  36. pineapple says:

  37. pineapple says:

    The loony libtards are just getting steamrolled on Twitter again……. I need to back away for awhile.

  38. A few random thoughts…feel free to comment.

    1) Why in the world would any woman want to be Muslim, let alone join ISIS?

    2) We’re not going to be able to drone bomb this ISIS problem away. Seems to be like pouring water on a grease fire. I think our best chance is through strategic coalitions, propaganda, choking cash flows, etc.

    3. A “good guy with a gun” sounds terrific until that guy misses his target and kills some poor 10 y/o down the block. Remember that for every smart, responsible person in this country there’s a fucking douchebag idiot. The prospect of everyone around me in a large metro area being strapped is pretty scary, quite frankly.

    • calo says:

      Chen, respectfully, I disagree with number 3.

    • Because olo says:

      You obviously haven’t studied cults (religious and political; Islam is both).

      • rightymouse says:

        Some women are easy targets for cults – Manson, Koresh, Jim Jones – were big draws.

        • Because olo says:

          And some men are easy targets for Mata-Hari type cult operatives. It’s sure looking to me like she was looking for any ticket to a green card, and then having gotten one, she shamed him into become a fellow splodydope.

          Crazy women are bad news. Crazy women from crazy countries belonging to crazy cults are really, really bad news.

    • poteen2 says:

      Chen. Nothing ends until we RELEARN how to kill without doubt or remorse.

      A massive use of B-52s in Raqqa with minimal regard to ‘collateral’ casualties and more emphasis on the bad guys would quickly result in fewer jihadis and a lot more Presbyterians in these areas.
      These clowns are not as dedicated or as smart or well trained as the Nazis or especially the Japanese Imperial Army. End them the same way.

      As to #3, you might be surprised how many of those around you, especially in a large metro area, are carrying a gun. And they don’t care about the 10 yr old. They’ve proven that over and over.

      • Because olo says:

        They don’t make donkeys like Harry Truman any more. Bring back Truman and Studebaker, and everything will be dandy.

  39. Octopus says:

    We’re going to have to toughen up, as a society and as individuals. If that means more trained, armed citizens on the right side of the law and the WoT, so be it. Is it scary? Yes. Will innocent people die? Yes, inevitably. The alternative being surrender, and much scarier times with many more innocent people dying.

    Much as I hate the idea of sending more troops Over There, it doesn’t seem like there’s any choice. The drone-war is a flop, no matter how many “Number Twos” they kill, there’s always going to be a new guy ready to step up. Say what you will about Saddam Hussein, who was a monster with monstrous sons, he understood the need for overwhelming power in that world. The reason he could never admit he had only modest stockpiles of WMD, was that he couldn’t afford to look weak in the eyes of Iran and his internal enemies, who were many.

    • Because olo says:

      Oh, phooey. Let the new ascendant Franco-Russian axis deal with them. They need toughening up more than we do. Just think about what a little military success would do for the birthrates in France and Russia. Could be the best thing that happened to the continent since … umm … when was the last time anything went right in Europe?

  40. Octopus says:

    The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where are they.

    …and then it’s like, give them nothing, and take from them everything. Spartans didn’t play pattycake with their enemies.

    Also, there’s the B1G Championship game Saturday night. Go, Sparty!

  41. JimboXL says:

    So much for Obola’s lame comedy attempt about the candidates being afraid of women from the Middle East, tee hee hee. Sorry, but one just helped to mow down a dozen helpless people. The election can’t come soon enough.

  42. Because olo says:

  43. Because olo says:

    I’ll drink to that…

  44. Because olo says:

  45. Because olo says:

  46. Because you're dumb says:

    Death and Islam go together like Peas and Carrots. It’s just that simple. Proceed accordingly.

  47. pineapple says:

    Obozo this morning still says the “motive is unclear”. He used the word “terror” but not that pesky word “Islamic”.

    I don’t think he can use that word now……. he’s painted himself into a corner that he can’t get out of. He’s an embarrassment.

    Oh and Obozo, there is no terror list gun loophole. You can’t deny people on an “arbitrary no fly list” to be denied their 2st amendment right to bear arms without due process.

    OK, the FBI has stated this was terrorism yet I see libtards still spouting the gun control nonsense.

    • Because olo says:

      Correct. There’s no constitutional right to fly. There is a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

      Not to mention that there are very serious (constitutional) due process issues with the no-fly list as it currently exists.

  48. Because olo says:

    How much is a “shit ton”, Goose? Is that more or less than a metric shitload?

  49. ISpeakJive says:

    That picture earlier of the man and the woman dressed up in a saree is Farook’s brother, also named Syed R. Farook (Raheel). Scroll down. Just to set the record straight.

  50. Octopus says:

    I knew I wasn’t the only one to be dumbstruck by Lynch’s insane glurge. I still can’t believe she used the word, “wonderful.” With all those dead civilians lying around. WTF.

    • Because olo says:

      Never let a bunch of dead bodies go to waste.

      • rightymouse says:

        Speaking of dead bodies, I’ve seen the dead perp wearing shorts on his back and another on his face wearing long black pants. Was one the woman?

        • rightymouse says:

          ‘Laying on his back’

        • Because you're dumb says:

          Everyone’s talking about the couple but I think there was a second man making 3 total scumbag POS murderers for ISIS and Allah.

          • ISpeakJive says:

            Were there three of them? For hours they were talking about a manhunt and saying they had one of them in custody , one dead, and were looking for a man jumping fences through yards, holed up in a church,etc. That the person they were looking for was a woman at one point.

            Bizarre that it turned out to only be 2 of them.

  51. Because you're dumb says:

    LOL – Chuck C. Johnson just can’t seem to stop getting suspended from social media.
    23 minutes ago

    What’s hilarious is I know nothing of Ginger’s shennanigans except by reading Fatso’s sad tweets.

  52. Because you're dumb says:

    Obviously looking to hit it big in America in the pipe sales business. Obungle to invite them to the WH in 3…2…1…

    Five young Middle Eastern men were apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol this week in an Arizona town situated about 30 miles from the Mexican border, law enforcement and other sources told Judicial Watch.

    Border Patrol agents spotted the men crossing a ranch property in the vicinity of Amado, which is located about 35 miles south of Tucson and has a population of 275.

    Two of the Middle Eastern men were carrying stainless steel cylinders in backpacks, JW’s sources say, alarming Border Patrol officials enough to call the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for backup.

    A multitude of federal agents descended on the property and the two men carrying the cylinders were believed to be taken into custody by the FBI.

  53. Because you're dumb says:

    Like Ft. Hood an attack on our armed forces recruiting station by a Jihadist considered workplace violence, so no combat benefits. It’s pretty clear this administration is purposely abusing the troops and their families. I wouldn’t advise anyone to join now.

  54. Because you're dumb says:

    OMG. CNN misses the obvious. They imply that this woman’s murdered husband provoked the Jihadist. Because he evangelized to everyone and was steamed about the rise of ISIS. She said he was mad that more Muslims didn’t speak out against ISIS. Turns out he was right. The Muslim he worked with WAS a murderous hate-filled Islamist masquerading as a harmless co-worker.

    And if this guy provoked the attack then why did they shoot 30+ people killing 13 others?

    These leftists are just sick fucks. And stupid.

  55. Because olo says:

    Has the Elusive Quixote been spotted?

  56. Because olo says:

    [pant pant pant]
    [pant pant pant]
    [pant pant pant]

  57. Because olo says:

    Goose, you’re going to regret this tweet.

  58. pineapple says:

    I never go over to LGF anymore but I took a peek over there because I wanted to see what major butthurt looked like again.

    They are so disappointed it was RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM. Pretty funny now that the gun control agenda they were salivating over is toast..

    Then I saw this gem from Boris Sputnik,,,, had to post it here,

    Dec 5, 2015 • 11:13:19am

    “I will reiterate how extremely fucked-up-beyond-belief your gun culture looks from over here. And if you try to do anything that really changes the state of things, my fear is that ISIS will look like a joke in comparison with your homegrown gunhadists.”

    I actually agree with you on this one Smergie! I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Too bad you’re stuck in Bumfuck Russia. We’re so fucked up Smergie that everyone is falling all over themselves to get in here.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      We are shopping for a handgun. Any suggestions?

      Our nextdoor neighbor got broken into yesterday afternoon through the front door. Another house’s security system got pics of the car plates and the guy. The burglar has a warrant out for murder. This is the second burglary on our street in the last week. A year ago our neightbor on the other side woke up and came downstairs to find a guy in her kitchen at 3am.

      And I’m stuck home all day upstairs with a broken leg. If the doorbell rings by some guy casing the house, I can’t answer it. And then what? My dogs will bark, but then they might lick him to death if he makes it in the front door.

      Feeling slightly vulnerable now from, I think, the first time ever. And pissed off. We’re in a gated community for cripessakes.

      • pineapple says:

        That sucks ……. my suggestion would be to talk face to face with a local gun dealer as soon as you get on your feet. Or maybe someone can get the information for you.

        I wish you a speedy recovery.

      • Minnow says:

        Yo’ Jive…

        First, find a local gun club and see if there is one close by that you can take a gun safety course from. Part of the class will be lecture, part will be actually shooting some hand guns. You will learn a lot and you will be cured of some of the uneasiness. They will let you shoot different gun types and calibers (like .22-cal, .380 and maybe some 9-mm).

        Then, find some reviews on line of different gun types. Like small conceal and carry….9-mm etc. You can find a lot of information on line.

        Then, decide what you think you need for home defense or conceal and carry. You can buy a gun without a conceal and carry permit, but if you are thinking you want to pack that badboy around, you better go down to the local Sheriff’s office and fill out the paperwork and get your fingerprints taken. That process took me about 2-3 weeks.

        I am not an expert, but the collective experience I have (along with my two enthusiast college aged sons) qualifies me to a certain degree here.

        My sons like their Glocks – but they each have so many frigging guns now, I am not sure what their “favs” would be.

        I bought a Taurus Judge which is a .45-cal revolver. The nice thing about that gun is that you can buy 0.410 shotgun shells and use them in it. It fires pretty nicely too. I have fired other .45-cals and this one doesn’t seem to have as much recoil as some. Who knows? The nice thing about the .410 shells is that they would be safer in that they wouldn’t go for a mile down the road when shot…. and would be safer for your neighbors. Firing that thing and reading the description of the deadliness of that “home invasion” ammo (.410-shells) really impressed me. I would NOT want to be on the wrong end of that thing.

        I carried a Taurus 738 TCP which is a small, fit in your front jeans pocket .380 semi-auto for a few years. The thing was great because you would never know I was packing. And, while only a .380, I was always left thinking that six of those shells would do a pretty good job if needed. But, unfortunately, I cannot recommend that gun because despite the great reviews on it, it didn’t last long and ended up jamming every time I shot it. A real piece of crap.

        Of course, it was only $200-300. (I can’t remember exactly).

        Now, despite it’s size, I carry 24-7 my Kahr P9. I live in a non-traditional location where the Meth Heads run. But, between all of my weaponry and my German Shepherd, no one has bothered me now in a couple of years.

        The Kahr P9 is a 9-mm and it is made in the US. Yay. The thing is a very nice gun but it is a little more expensive. I think I paid $650 for mine a couple years ago. I am telling you though. The thing NEVER jams and I can do pretty well during target practice with that thing.

        ANd after you go through this exercise of educating yourself and then getting a gun, and becoming familiar with it, I am telling you, you will feel a lot better about what you would do if some moron was stupid enough to break into your house.

        Good luck.

        • Octopus says:

          I have a S&W .357 Magnum revolver 4″, I bought from a local police sale in 1983. It’s very accurate on the range, and it doesn’t jam. I also have a .410 shotgun and 30/30 rifle, gifted to me by my brother a long time ago, when he had too many guns. I haven’t fired either of those, but I do have ammo, in case I am attacked by squirrels or wild Indians.

        • Minnow says:

          -and, oh yeah….. the v ery, very first thing you should do is go to your local sports store and buy a pair of ear muffs (hearing protection) and some of those little yellow squishy ear plugs and some eye protection.

          At my gun safety course, they didn’t have anything but the little squishy ear plugs and there was this moron just to my left firing his .45-cal handgun. I swear to God my left ear was permanently damaged that day. Every morning when I wake up, it takes about five minutes to get used to the fact that the hearing in that ear is diminished.

          Which sucks.

          But, I am still glad I have done what I have done.

          And best wishes to anyone who decides to fuck with me.

        • ISpeakJive says:

          Thanks guys. The advice about taking a class is smart. Totally don’t want to be all Barney Fife and shit when the time comes.

      • Because olo says:

        You don’t need a gun. Just make like the splodeys and make a bunch of little throwable pipe bombs, and toss one out the window if you see some sketchy character outside.

        Gus, you better not live anywhere around Jive.

    • Octopus says:

      “Boris Sputnik?” Really, Chunky? That’s the best name you could come up with, for an anti-Amerikan Sovietski? 😆

  59. Octopus says:

    Sparty’s fighting for his life tonight. Very intense battle of the FG’s. 😯

    In other news, here’s a bad Xtian girl, preaching the Doctrine Of Hate:

    Sorry, Fatass. I know how offended you are by these hateful types.

  60. Because olo says:

  61. Because olo says:

    Behold the fat old SJW.

  62. Abu says:

    Spartans win! How’s it feel, Octo?

    • Octopus says:

      It feels GREAT! What a gritty win, against a very rugged Iowa. Two teams packed with seniors, and a freshman running back makes an unbelievable play to score the winning TD.

      Congrats to both teams, for being such strong representatives of the B1G. I suspect the Hawkeyes will go on to the Rose Bowl, and beat Stanford there. I wouldn’t bet against Sparty, in any of the championship series games. That team has something magical and lucky going for them. My daughter is graduating from there this spring, so I have a vested interest. It’s a green vest, with lucky charms all over it. Not Irish charms, but Greek ones. They look like eyes, and they repel the evil-eyes of the enemy.

    • Minnow says:

      nice graphic…. my Grandmother was born in 1877…. Her mother was a pistol and her father was a son of a gun…..

      ‘n shit.

      • Minnow says:

        and, no Barry…. that doesn’t make sense.

        But fuck you anyway.

        • Octopus says:

          Fuck you sideways, Fatass!

          • Octopus says:

            NIce optimism, Joni! However, as a Wolverine, I would have cautioned you to keep your big trap shut about the game, until the clock was expired. I don’t think you saw the UM-MSU game, a few weeks back. It was crazy. I nearly fouled myself. Like Gus, on the bus.

          • pineapple says:

            Well at least you have Michigan to fall back on when the Lions suck.

            I fully expect my sucky Chargers to lose badly to the Denver Broncos tamale afternoon.

          • Octopus says:

            The Lions always>/i> suck, though. Perhaps only the Browns rival us for sheer suckitude, in the NFL. I can’t believe I had one foot back on the bandwagon, after they were up 20-0 on the Pack at the half Thursday. It was guaranteed they would lose the game. Just ask the refs, if you doubt my impartiality.

            The Wolverines are on the rebound under Harbaugh, and but for a couple of bad-luck losses, would be in the mix for the championship playoff. MSU is my college fall-back, thanks to the baby going there and getting the wife and I involved, unwillingly at first. And Dantonio is a fantastic coach and recruiter. If Sparty could manage to beat their former coach Saban (Roll Tide) in the playoffs, that would be sheer golden magic.

  63. Octopus says:

    There’s another noble dog named George out there, doing the good deeds of dogdom. My George was pumped by this story. Stoked, even.

  64. Octopus says:

    Women are better than men. Just sayin’.

  65. Bunk X says:

    This will send me to the spaminator, but I’ll do it anyway.

    • Octopus says:

      Classic Lampoon! 😆

      I remember reading that issue in my college dorm, back in the Stoned Ages. There were no public homos hanging around that place, but now I wonder how many people were in the closet, peeping out. Around 5%, I think.

      • Because olo says:

        When I was in college there were a couple out of the closet in our dorm. I think they were roommates, which wouldn’t have been allowed then between opposite sexes, so in a way, they were more gay-friendly than hetero-friendly. People basically ignored them. We used to call one “Tinker bell”.

  66. Octopus says:

    Billy’s got his first solo album out, and it’s perfectamundo. Very Tex-Mex, and full of classic sounds of the blues guitar and Mexicali mojo. I ran a 5K to it this morning. 🙂

    • Because you're dumb says:

      Nice job on the run Octo!

      • Octopus says:

        I’m trying to work in three decent runs a week, 30 minutes or so. I’ve been doing a lot of weightlifting the past couple of years, and I want to cut back on that a bit. Shoulders and elbows need a little break.

        I have this notion of managing a 20 minute 5K, by next summer. I will need a lot of speed-work, to make that happen. Losing 10 lbs or so would also help.

  67. rightymouse says:

  68. rightymouse says:

    I got my own question answered I think. This was the husband…

    This was the wife (beardless face):

  69. Pakimon says:

    It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and time for NFL Football violent exploitative, ground acquisition games run by the fat cats of the capitalist, corporate oligarchy!

    Today the Jaguars (whose rain forest habitat is being destroyed by Yankee bourgeoisie corporate parasites) travel to Memphis to play the Tennessee Titans (whose namesake comes from Greece, a country struggling with bankruptcy due to the jackboot of Yankee imperialism planted on the heads of the proletariat)!

    Who will win?

    To appease Gaia, I will offer up examples of the exploitation of women by each team and Gaia will smite the team who is more exploitative!

    Just look at this! These poor women are being forced to pose for calendars so they can be ogled by chauvinistic men who would have them slaving in kitchens making them sammiches.

    Worse yet, instead of feeling ashamed, these men throw a party to further exploit and demean these women!

    and this!

    I’m sure Gaia will be appalled and use one team to vanquish the other!

    • Pakimon says:

      I’m banking on Gaia punishing the Titans because they had their exploitation party first.

      If the Jaguars lose today, I’ll have to drop the moonbat/Gaia appeasing routine and try another deity.

      Most likely Ganesh.

      He’s done wonders for the Alabama Crimson Tide. 😀

      • Pakimon says:

        The Eagles don’t play until 4:30 so I’m going to wait and see if Gaia heeds my call.

        To be honest, engaging in liberal moonbat-speak makes my brain hurt. 😆

  70. Because olo says:

  71. Because you're dumb says:

    I like to see this.

    They marched under the banner “Not in my Name.” Muslims around the world have started a campaign on social media to help spread the message that Islam is a peaceful religion.

    “We’re here for peace. We are against ISIS. We plant flowers, we don’t plant bombs. We love peace. We’re good American citizens. We work, we pay taxes. This is our little community the majority from Iraq, Saudi Arabia. We’re here for every innocent person who got killed,” said Huda Alesawi, a preschool teacher.

    Unfortunately the terrorist murderers are coming to kill them too. For being lousy Muslims not willing to shaft the infidels like the book says. They call it radical Islam but it’s really fundamentalism. And if you ain’t killin’ you ain’t even tryin’.

    • Octopus says:

      I saw that story, and another one about “Moderate Muslims” starting a program of “naming and shaming” Islamist radicals. Hear, hear! It’s about friggin’ time. Good luck to these people. They’re going to need it.