Charles Johnson Downplays FBI Report On San Bernardino Shooting

The FBI stated that Syed Farook made contact with potential overseas Jihadists. The attack was too-well planned and organized to be a random shooting. Charles, however, takes issue with the FBI report and says there is no solid proof of a terror angle to the San Bernardino shooting.

No link No link2Charles thinks he knows more than the FBI.


Lawhawk gives Syed Farook a pass on the shooting

The local Burger King franchise’s legal assistance Lawhawk goes on one of his long winded rants. He gives Syed Farook a pass on the terror attack in San Bernardino and blames Republicans.

Lawhawk goes pro-Jihad

I wonder whether Lawhwk would give Hamas or ISIS the benefit of the doubt if they attacked Israel? Maybe he would blame Likud for the attack