LGF Jihadist “The War TARDIS” issues a threat

Charles and his gang are celebrating today’s shooting at near a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Like many on the Left, they are not even waiting for the bodies to be buried to begin to capitalize politically on the incident.  LGF’s resident online ISIS wannabe, The War TARDIS, joins the festivities. In a fiery comment that would make al-Baghdadi proud, The War TARDIS makes what sounds like a threat to conservatives.

War Tardis threat

I hope The War TARDIS is on a terrorist watch list.



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  1. Bunk X says:

    He’s got a massive dark side.

  2. Bunk X says:

  3. Just poop says:

    I heard the chase bank shooter who hid in a planned non-parenthood was an Obama supporter

  4. Octopus says:

    Tickin’, tickin’…

    It’s only a matter of time before P-LOL goes hot, and his rage is unleashed. I consider this a direct threat to rational people who are concerned about the threat of radical Islam, and dare to discuss it publicly. It is clear where this lunatic’s sympathies lie, and it is clear that he is being encouraged and groomed by some mosque-rats somewhere.

    • poteen2 says:

      And at that point he’ll take a butter knife and behead his little sister’s Burka Barbie for showing it’s skinny ankles.
      If he was groomed by jihadis they’d have used him for a practice dummy.

  5. Octopus says:

    Time to kick some Buckeye-ass! 🙂

  6. Octopus says:

    Batshit got up early today to re-post this glurge for the 50th-time in 12 hours.

    I just don’t understand why his blog and twitterwar aren’t the most popular thing since sliced bread.

  7. Octopus says:

    Take it from someone who has lived in a lot of sheds…roll over some mornings, and OW!

  8. TreBob says:

    War-tard is demonstrating the whole problem with the crazy progressives. ‘Call republicans terrorists’. This shows a complete lack of thinking and truly belittles real terrorism. They do the same with the term racist.

    PLL you dope:

    You cannot, ever, ever, ever be a terrorist using words. Words are not terrifying, actions are. ISIS and other terrorist low-lifes use AK rifles and bombs. They do not talk badly about you. You and your idiotic peers are so insane in your pursuit of non-existent “safe spaces” you’ve fooled yourselves into thinking that being called a poopy-face is the same as being blown up. You’ve also lost the ability for any critical thinking and debate and think someone who disagrees with you is attacking you and aren’t deserving of an opinion.

    You are the epitome of the jihadist/lone shooter insane thinking. Like Gary said, I hope you are on some FBI watch list somewhere. There isn’t any difference between you and ISIS, Dylan Roof, Tim McVeigh or any of the other extremists that choose violence on others, justified by whatever conspiratorial fantasy their poor mushy brains can conjure.

  9. rightymouse says:

    Gus is really asking for it…

  10. rightymouse says:

    “WarTARDIS” has an anger problem?? No wonder he fits in at Fatso’s swamp.

  11. Juan Epstein says:

    Was an easy call. His biggest success since Paris! 100s of retweets! Just blame all rightys for the attack!


    All you buddy boy.

  12. kbdabear says:

    He knows the Pidgin words for “let’s kick the fat white kid’s ass again”

    • Arachne says:

      Leave it to the ballet dancer to be excited that a language for dimwits is offishal.

      • Octopus says:

        And Ebonics is great for young blacks to speak, especially when they’re trying to land a decent job.

        MIchael is just as moonbatty as his morbidly-obese “bra,” doncha know. 😆

        “Bra” needs a bra, btw. Just sayin’.

  13. ISpeakJive says:

    We watched the first one. Meh.

    I have a theory.

    Charles identifies with the lead. Washed up superhero, messed up personally, gives in to base indulgences. Drinks, screws around, can’t form relationships. Was once under the mind control of Kilgrave (the evil right-wing) but has escaped and now spies on people for a living.

    So much there to explore!

  14. ISpeakJive says:

    Yeah, the fees just cover the costs, the $400,000 a year salaries for the directors, the buildings, the furnishings, the staff, the bonuses, the pensions, the advertising, the supplies, overhead, etc. etc. etc.

    But they don’t provide the final 10% on top that would be “profit.”

    Because THAT would be crossing the line.

    What color is the sky on your planet, TOOT?

    • Octopus says:

      Chunky can’t get reimbursed for the cost of his Cheetos, and he’s fretting about the finances of massive boondoggles like PP and whatnot? Get a grip, Fatass. The wolf is at the door, and he’s howling like a wounded blues singer.

  15. Because you're dumb says:

    Please note: Chuck C. Johnson is NOT ME. @thepricesicard @a_sumbel
    40 minutes ago

    We’re totally different. I’m old fat stupid, am a tiresome and unoriginal caricature of a liberal and write like a 7th grade C student. Big difference.

    – Chunky McFuck Dumbth

  16. Because you're dumb says:

    “I will pray for you” is how right wingers say “Fuck off, asshole.” @SurvivalGirl1 @Minatus23
    31 minutes ago

    Teh right wingers Chunkysplained.

  17. Because you're dumb says:

    If you jump into my timeline yelling YES PLANNED PARENTHOOD SELLS BABY PARTS LIBERAL LIAR! I shall introduce you to my block button.
    32 minutes ago

    I think he really means it!

  18. Because you're dumb says:


    Joseph Martone Jr., a frequent protester at the clinic, told The Gazette that he was appalled by the shooting incident. Martone, who was out of state Friday, is an adamant protester at the center and has been arrested, jailed and paid fines for his trespassing, but said he prefers prayer over violence.

    “It’s a really sad thing, no matter what the reason,” he told the newspaper. “No matter how much I despise Planned Parenthood, no one deserves to go through this, and I pray for everybody involved.”

    “I pray for everybody involved.”

    And by that he means fuck off assholes according to Chunky’s Twittersplaining to his libtarded friends?

  19. Because you're dumb says:

    Another liberal logician. This was his reply when someone pointed out he’s a hypocrite for having his wedding in Italy, causing his hundreds of rich idiot friends to get on CO2 spewing aircraft to get there and back.

    Chunk agrees with this carefully thought out argument.

  20. Juan Epstein says:

    Yes. Tell us about “reimmbursment of expenses” while you beg for money allegedly for LGF expenses….Like a new car.

    • Because you're dumb says:

      Chunk’s inspiration.

      • Arachne says:

        I would also point out that the PP people said themselves they had to be careful how they phrased things so they didn’t run afoul of statute. Tell me asshats at LGF — why would one body part have greater “value” in the cost than another. Since you cannot by law adjust the procedure to harvest the baby to obtain the parts?

  21. Because you're dumb says:


    Officer killed in Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting was devoted to his job, family and faith

    Or if you’re Chunky McJohnsuck a right wing racist asshole.

  22. Because you're dumb says:

    And that doesn’t even get into the ones who are openly supporting attacks on Planned Parenthood.
    12 minutes ago
    “It was a botched bank robbery!” “He wasn’t even in Planned Parenthood!” “He’s not a registered Republican!” “He’s a liberal homosexual!”
    13 minutes ago
    I have to admit it’s darkly amusing to watch right wingers casting about for talking points about the CO Planned Parenthood attack.
    15 minutes ago

  23. Because you're dumb says:

    I’ve never been that impressed with Kristen Stewart. Maybe she’ll win me over but she seems like a lame actress and just a good looking horn-dog.


    She reminds me a little of some of the lame actors from the ’80s that just had good looks and pretty hair.

    Chunky probably thinks these actors should receive the Oscar.

  24. Because you're dumb says:

    Hey Chunky, George Carlin knew you were an idiot before you even decided to be one.

    • Octopus says:

      Carlin, like Dawkins, Maher and others, was beloved by the Left until he turned his sights on their sacred cows. I would love to hear him riffing on the current situation with radical Islam. I think he would earn himself a fatwa or three.

  25. Octopus says:

    Summary: “Global climate change prompts a scientific corporation to genetically modify Alaskan polar bears with horrific and deadly results.”

    I will watch this epic indictment of humanity and post a review. If I survive. 😯

    Hey, when Sherilyn Fenn and Graham Greene (not the great author) grace us with their presence in a socially-conscious horror film, you have to take notice. Not to mention the bear. The bear is going to have to eat a lot of barbecued pork ribs, and get his snout all smeared-up with sauce. I just know it. The poor dear.

  26. Octopus says:

    Gus, you’re going to have a sit-down with your Fat Leader on Monday, to discuss the direction and future of the sycophantic and dysfunctional relationship. Will you have a viable connection at, say, 1pm EST?

  27. ISTE says:

    I really enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner today.

    It was traditional.

    A nice juicy steak, medium rare..

    A quarter pound portabella mushroom smothered in garlic butter and Italian herbs baked in the oven at 400F for 30 mins then grilled alongside the steak.

    Fresh mozzarella, grape tomato and black olive salad with Italian dressing.

    Garlic butter toast.

    A can of Diet Dr Pepper.

    And the most wonderful person in the world to share it with.

    Memorable, and I hope it will be an ongoing tradition for many years……

    • Bunk X says:

      Deep fried frozen Pepsi with butter with a raw onion on a stick at 3PM. Then it was back to school for us.

    • Octopus says:

      Traditional where? In Sicily?

      Dry-ass turkey, lots of gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing with more gravy, white and sweet potatoes with more gravy, something else with gravy by accident, and then pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream. Memorable? Yes. We have the same thing every year, and we like it. God damn it.

  28. Bunk X says:

    Twitter really is a cesspool, no matter what side you’re on.
    Barbie (Q) Sandwich has been attacked as a Trump apologist by a bunch of purist moby assholes. This is fun.

  29. Bunk X says:

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  30. Octopus says:

    Twitter plus Sterno…it’s the goatse-cloud as painted by Edvard Munch. Or, this thing:

    Yourself assholes. Later.
    1 hour ago
    Bye assholes!
    1 hour ago
    1 hour ago
    Whatever, Good bye,
    1 hour ago
    1 hour ago
    So much dumb.
    1 hour ago
    Never ran into so many dumb people.
    1 hour ago
    Ya;ll are stupid.
    1 hour ago
    Most Americans think you’re an asshole. Which is what you are.
    1 hour ago
    You;re just an old sod.
    1 hour ago

  31. Arachne says:

    Will send this to my friend at the FBI. They will be very interested.

    • Octopus says:

      They should be. P-LOL is working up to something. The tendency is to laugh at the silly scarecrow-dweeb, but a lot of suicide-bombers and homemade Johnny Jihads start out as mentally-unbalanced bitter little pills, like him. He’s been adopted by some angry Muslims, from all indications.

    • Doppel milyo says:

      I hope when he goes all nuts and does his dirty deed, they come after Charles Fister Johnson for aiding a terrorist

  32. Octopus says:

    The Tigers’ signing of Jordan Zimmerman this afternoon was a welcome blast of summer good-feeling. Shows they’re still going for it, rather than dumping salary and rebuilding, as many predicted they would. Now we’ve got a new starter, strong outfielder and fine finisher added, and it’s not even December. Go, new GM Al Avila!

    • Abu's Dominant Starting Pitching and shit says:

      Great signing, Octo. Teh Tiggers (Paul Winchell’s laugh inserted here) are poised to make one or three more push(es) before Cabrera retires.The annually crappy White Sox will provide no resistance, LMAO.

      If my Cubs sign David Price as the #1 and Jeff Samardzija as the # 4 it will be Champaignship Season 2016. Lester will be the #3 and Jake Arretia will be #2. Lester has two rings. Ponder that.

      • Abu oyliM says:

        * before Cabrera retires. **The “annually crappy…
        Poor proofreading plus wireless keyboard,… did I mention poor proofreading?

      • Octopus says:

        Price is the big fish out there, but oy, the dinero involved. Somebody’s going to grossly overpay. He’s a great pitcher, but how many teams have $200M to toss around?

        I think the Tigers are kicking the tires on Doug Fister, who was so good for us for a couple of years. He had a terrible finish last season, but there may have been an injury-type reason. If we could get him on a one-year deal, he’d probably make a good fourth or fifth starter.

        Note: I’m counting on young Daniel Norris to come in and mow the league down next year. I get a little nuts, sometimes.

        • Abu Mel Kiper's Hair says:

          Agreed Price will be costly but only the Dodgers have teh $$ to match the Cubs, otherwise the Cubs could get Grienke. Oh, I wish.
          The Cubs TV rights are up in a few years and the soon to be Cubs TV Network will be printing cash, unless the medium shifts.

          It’s a shame the Bears didn’t go 2 -14. Drafting 23rd instead of 7th sucks.

          • Octopus says:

            The Lions have blown their draft position, too, not that they’d do anything with a couple of great early picks. Well, maybe they’ll hire somebody with a clue. So far, nobody’s name jumps out among the early GM candidates.

            This Thursday is kind of momentous, as the Lions can really throw a monkey-wrench into the reeling Packers’ plans. I suspect this will be the night Rogers regains his composure. History supports this idea.

            On the other hand, if the Lions win they’ll be 5-7 without a game left on the schedule against a team with a winning record. They’ll have a shot at winning out, finishing 9-7 and making the playoffs, after a 1-7 start that got everyone in the front office fired. This is your Detroit Lions Mental Institution. 😆

  33. Because you're dumb says:

    Bengals won!!!!! Crushed the Rams. The Rams did have a good offense and I liked their QB who I think they should keep. But it was a brutal away buttkicking for them which is what I wanted to see. They couldn’t tell up from down.

  34. Because you're dumb says:

    She had no doubt they would win.

    • Octopus says:

      She does seem very confident. 🙂

      • ISTE says:

        Not interested… she looks like she can be a real bitch.

        Bet $10 she never puts the toilet seat back up after she takes a piss.

        She is inconsiderate.

        • Octopus says:

          You’re right, ISTE. She’s a selfish biyatch. That’s why she wears “99,” which stands for how many problems she’ll cause.

          • Abu Mel Kiper's Hair says:

            Your both loonies.
            ISTE: I put down the toilet cover so the cats don’t drown and OCTO: I never noticed she was wearing 99. Octo, what were you looking at? I was proudly navel gazing. You were judging her accessories. Oy.

          • Octopus says:

            Hey, I was staring at her rack! The numbers didn’t appear until I took a second look. Give back my Man Card!

          • Abu Mel Kiper's Hair says:

            Your man card is in your wallet, relax.

          • Octopus says:

            Phew! Had me worried, for a second.

            Now, why do I have this coupon for “One Free Popskull Mescal,” from the Tijuana Chamber of Commerce? I don’t recall anything about…oh, wait. Never mind.

        • Bunk X says:

          That kinda girl pees standing up with the seat down and blames you for the splatter.

  35. Octopus says:

    This is an instant classic. 😆

    This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University!
    Dr. Everett Piper, President

    Oklahoma Wesleyan University

    This past week, I actually had a student come forward after a university chapel service and complain because he felt “victimized” by a sermon on the topic of 1 Corinthians 13. It appears that this young scholar felt offended because a homily on love made him feel bad for not showing love! In his mind, the speaker was wrong for making him, and his peers, feel uncomfortable.

    I’m not making this up. Our culture has actually taught our kids to be this self-absorbed and narcissistic! Any time their feelings are hurt, they are the victims! Anyone who dares challenge them and, thus, makes them “feel bad” about themselves, is a “hater,” a “bigot,” an “oppressor,” and a “victimizer.”

    I have a message for this young man and all others who care to listen. That feeling of discomfort you have after listening to a sermon is called a conscience! An altar call is supposed to make you feel bad! It is supposed to make you feel guilty! The goal of many a good sermon is to get you to confess your sins—not coddle you in your selfishness. The primary objective of the Church and the Christian faith is your confession, not your self-actualization!

    So here’s my advice:

    If you want the chaplain to tell you you’re a victim rather than tell you that you need virtue, this may not be the university you’re looking for. If you want to complain about a sermon that makes you feel less than loving for not showing love, this might be the wrong place.

    If you’re more interested in playing the “hater” card than you are in confessing your own hate; if you want to arrogantly lecture, rather than humbly learn; if you don’t want to feel guilt in your soul when you are guilty of sin; if you want to be enabled rather than confronted, there are many universities across the land (in Missouri and elsewhere) that will give you exactly what you want, but Oklahoma Wesleyan isn’t one of them.

    At OKWU, we teach you to be selfless rather than self-centered. We are more interested in you practicing personal forgiveness than political revenge. We want you to model interpersonal reconciliation rather than foment personal conflict. We believe the content of your character is more important than the color of your skin. We don’t believe that you have been victimized every time you feel guilty and we don’t issue “trigger warnings” before altar calls.

    Oklahoma Wesleyan is not a “safe place”, but rather, a place to learn: to learn that life isn’t about you, but about others; that the bad feeling you have while listening to a sermon is called guilt; that the way to address it is to repent of everything that’s wrong with you rather than blame others for everything that’s wrong with them. This is a place where you will quickly learn that you need to grow up!

    This is not a day care. This is a university!

  36. Octopus says:

    “The Sitting President”

  37. Octopus says:

    Sez the undisputed World Champion Of Projection, Chunky McDumbth! 😆

  38. johnberk says:

    So much hate around lately. Are the right wing conservatives becoming less and less civilized? And what does it mean to be civilized for them? They want their guns, cars, and smoked bacon. Sounds pretty redneck to me.