Charles hates Welders

One of the problems with the US economy is that we are graduating people in worthless degrees. This leading to people getting low paying jobs, while burdened with student debt. Rubio and other Republicans are discussing reforming higher education and focusing more on vocational schools. Being an ignorant fool, Charles mocks this idea.


Charles wants more people with transgender rd world studies buried in debt, than being meaningfully employed as welders.


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  1. kbdabear says:

    Toot could fix his banged up Montero himself if he learned how to weld. Then again, stupid people shouldn’t be handling acetylene and oxygen torches or arc welders. Toot would either burn down half of Culver City or blind himself.

  2. kbdabear says:

    ICYMI !!! ICYMI !!!! (In Case You Ignored It Every Previous Time)

  3. kbdabear says:

    Analysis? I’m sorry, if I hold back this laugh any longer my teeth will blow out of my mouth…

    • Arachne says:

      Uh, let me set your straight, dumbass.

      1. There have been no verifiable events of racism on this campus and now the Student Body President admits to making up the KKK rumor

      2. It is widely and probably correctly surmised that the reason that the press has been kept out of the poor darlings’ “safe space” is that they don’t want the media finding out that that little encampment is not made up of Mizzou students but in fact the leftover rioters from Ferguson.

    • pineapple says:

      Fatso steered clear of this story because the loony left couldn’t decide who they would side with… it’s still kind of murky a day later.

      Side with the whiny crybabies then you are dissing the media. Side with the media then you are racist and insensitive. Poor lefties.

      Conservatives aren’t confused at all who’s to blame.

    • Arachne says:

      Hey LOON – there’s a reason no one follows you back. 52K tweets and I’ve got more followers than you and I’ve only got >8K tweets.

    • Bunk X says:

  4. Octopus says:

    You are not worthy to read such a book, Gustavo. Men like these fought and died to preserve a country and way of life you despise and dishonor every day.

  5. Arachne says:

    Welders, plumbers, auto mechanics – in fact, I understand YOU could use a good auto mechanic right now, right Fatass.

    Rubio was absolutely correct. Only an Elitist Tub of Lard with no socially redeeming value would put down the trades.

  6. ISTE says:

    Charles is probably still bitter over the fact Jennifer Beals wouldn’t return his amorous advances. (Or something like that.. )


    • OLT's Excusing The Death Of Tyshawn Lee says:

      He should go into transgender studies.

    • OLT's Excusing The Death Of Tyshawn Lee says:

      Or fake poopstikas. I understand there’s a hot trend right now on college campuses centering on fake poopstikas.

      If he can still get his digits around his back and down his crack, he has everything he needs for the exciting new business opportunity.

    • OLT's Excusing The Death Of Tyshawn Lee says:

      My niece once drew on a wall in her own feces, like Mizzou, except that it really happened and it wasn’t a swastika. More of a modern performance art thing. No sensitive people were offended, as long as they didn’t have a sense of smell.

      • rightymouse says:

        My cat had a poop accident in my living room that looked like a pretzel. I was extremely offended and ran after him with a broom.

        • rightymouse says:

          He would have lost one of his nine lives if it had looked like an egg roll.

        • Because olo says:

          I was kittysitting, and the cat let me know his displeasure but jumping up on me at 4:00 am and letting loose with the bladder all over me. Rude awakening. He flew across the room. He then proceeded to deposit some kitty roca on the living room floor.

          I never sat for him again. I’m so patient, I only went through about seven of his lives.

          • pineapple says:

            My cat of 9 years has never ever peed or pooped outside his cat box. Not even when he was a kitten. I’m very lucky.

            Now if I could only get him to associate horking hairballs with the cat box… …

    • Octopus says:

      Wasn’t she into “cool Flash animations,” too?

      It’s really sad, the way Chunky keeps striking out. 😦

  7. rightymouse says:

    I’m raising my glass in a toast to all our vets here and on the Mother Ship. 🙂

    Thank you for your service!!!

  8. rightymouse says:

    Stupid analogy, Fatso. Hitler killed German citizens. We are being overrun by people who are here illegally and they need to go HOME!! They are welcome to apply to come here LEGALLY. Dumbass.

    • Bunk X says:


    • Because olo says:

      Then he’d have to kill his son-in-law.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      Chunky actually wrote that one, instead of taking credit for one of the resident loon’s postings.

      We have deported up to half a million some years. So half a million is fine, a million, though and you’re Hitler!

      • Because olo says:

        I doubt that Hitler would be remembered the way he is now if he had simply deported Jews to Palestine, per one of the earlier Nazi plans. But he had to listen to Arafat’s uncle.

        I think that is a new record for over-the-top for Toot. He’s losing it.

  9. JimboXL says:

    The headline should read, “Trump wants to deport Dim voting base.”

  10. Because olo says:

    So Toot’s saying there’s a dire shortage of philosophers? He tweets precious philosophy all day. Why isn’t anybody compensating him for all that value?


  11. Because olo says:

    Don’t forget the futon. 😆

    Oh, and aren’t you dissing poor little Mr. Electron?

  12. Charles is a philosopher.

    His discipline is Hate-ology.

  13. ISpeakJive says:

  14. OLT's Excusing The Death Of Tyshawn Lee says:

    Actual drunk post from a Facebook group I subscribe to. God I love my old neighborhood.

    Group: You know you grew up in Sagemont or Kirkmont (Houston), Texas, if . . .
    Poster: Redacted

    I’m thwart years you know you gre up in sage mint when going to town meant not worrying until you were in Houston. Now u can’t Barely step out the fron yard in your own coldesac. You know you grew up in the good days in sage mint when we all attended block parties without gunshots or tape. If your old school sage mint Halloween used to pack the streets and now they pack the malls. Intembef kissing girls on the side of golfing games now nose what you will get on Ukraine side of that building. My friends as well as me could be some little heathens but we never at tacked officer, we always said sir and mam and we knew the feeling of s severe as whipping when we messed up. Today parents are more scared of the kids, schools and CPS, then the damn kids are scared of the adults. You want you neighborhood back well so do I. Next time these shits get out of hand take a swished put paddle to their ass. If they get CPS or any other authority involved than call me .i have bats nf alibis on the ready constantly.

  15. Because you're dumb says:

    SJW mob rule continues at Mizzou. A beloved prof has now resigned because he insisted in having his exam on schedule. The SJWs therefore denounced him as a racist.

    Brigham’s mentions on Twitter are an abomination. They’re worse than what I chose to include in this post. For the toddlers at Mizzou, this man is the second coming of Hitler, if Hitler were whiter and even more committed to the idea of white male privilege. (Whoa.)

    People (especially alums) are shocked and upset by how things resolved:

    So another good person’s life has been mindlessly trashed by SJWs calling anything they disagree with (and are usually wrong about) racism and white privilege. Chunkles smiles with approval.

  16. Octopus says:

    Very cute, but Pam did it first…

  17. TreBob says:

    It continues to amaze me that an anti-capitalist group who sought to nationalize industries in Germany with the word “Socialist” in their chosen name, are not thought to be actual socialists. This is as bizarre as the current kerfuffle between a Presidential candidate who says he threatened his Mother with a hammer and tried to stab a guy, and the MSM who says ‘no he didn’t’.

    Is this cognitive dissonance or just confusion due to complete stupidity? Inquiring minds want to know.

  18. Because you're dumb says:

    So Greece is showing us how leftism anti-capitalist economics work. First you blow all your own money. Then you blow everyone else’s money (promising to pay it back). Then you just start demanding everyone just give you their fucking money goddamnit.

  19. ISpeakJive says:

    Scheisstika? Shitler?

  20. Because you're dumb says:

    Here’s one way to deal with the SJW idiots on campus. Since he’s defending things like free speech, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence Fat Chunko would of course, consider him a raging Nazi!

    “A Thin-Skinned Minority Is Ruining This Nation”: Professor Crushes “Political Correctness” Wave Sweeping America

    In a time where college students are offended by pretty much everything, The Federalist Papers reports that one professor at UNC-Wilmington decided to cut through the rhetoric and let his students know that they aren’t the special snowflakes liberals and their parents would have them believe.

    His epic class introduction has gone viral, and for good reason: this is the most common sense lecture to come out of any college in a long time.

    Welcome back to class, students! I am Mike Adams your criminology professor here at UNC-Wilmington. Before we get started with the course I need to address an issue that is causing problems here at UNCW and in higher education all across the country. I am talking about the growing minority of students who believe they have a right to be free from being offended. If we don’t reverse this dangerous trend in our society there will soon be a majority of young people who will need to walk around in plastic bubble suits to protect them in the event that they come into contact with a dissenting viewpoint. That mentality is unworthy of an American. It’s hardly worthy of a Frenchman.

    Let’s get something straight right now. You have no right to be unoffended. You have a right to be offended with regularity. It is the price you pay for living in a free society. If you don’t understand that you are confused and dangerously so. In part, I blame your high school teachers for failing to teach you basic civics before you got your diploma. Most of you went to the public high schools, which are a disaster. Don’t tell me that offended you. I went to a public high school.

    Of course, your high school might not be the problem. It is entirely possible that the main reason why so many of you are confused about free speech is that piece of paper hanging on the wall right over there. Please turn your attention to that ridiculous document that is framed and hanging by the door. In fact, take a few minutes to read it before you leave class today. It is our campus speech code. It specifically says that there is a requirement that everyone must only engage in discourse that is “respectful.” That assertion is as ludicrous as it is illegal. I plan to have that thing ripped down from every classroom on campus before I retire.

    One of my grandfathers served in World War I. My step-grandfather served in World War II. My sixth great grandfather enlisted in the American Revolution when he was only thirteen. These great men did not fight so we could simply relinquish our rights to the enemy within our borders. That enemy is the Marxists who run our public universities. If you are a Marxist and I just offended you, well, that’s tough. I guess they don’t make communists like they used to.

    Unbelievably, a student once complained to the Department chairwoman that my mention of God and a Creator was a violation of Separation of Church and State. Let me be as clear as I possibly can: If any of you actually think that my decision to paraphrase the Declaration of Independence in the course syllabus is unconstitutional then you suffer from severe intellectual hernia.

    Indeed, it takes hard work to become stupid enough to think the Declaration of Independence is unconstitutional. If you agree with the student who made that complaint then you are probably just an anti-religious zealot. Therefore, I am going to ask you to do exactly three things and do them in the exact order that I specify.

    First, get out of my class. You can fill out the drop slip over at James Hall. Just tell them you don’t believe in true diversity and you want to be surrounded by people who agree with your twisted interpretation of the Constitution simply because they are the kind of people who will protect you from having your beliefs challenged or your feelings hurt.

    Second, withdraw from the university. If you find that you are actually relieved because you will no longer be in a class where your beliefs might be challenged then you aren’t ready for college. Go get a job building houses so you can work with some illegal aliens who will help you gain a better appreciation of what this country has to offer.

    Finally, if this doesn’t work then I would simply ask you to get the hell out of the country. The ever-growing thinned-skinned minority you have joined is simply ruining life in this once-great nation. Please move to some place like Cuba where you can enjoy the company of communists and get excellent health care. Just hop on a leaky boat and start paddling your way towards utopia. You will not be missed.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      I cannot believe how many embryo scholars comment that the first amendment doesn’t cover hate speech. And if someone’s speech affects you somehow (EMOTIONALLY??) they don’t have the right to do that.

      This is a strange pathology that, oddly, Muslims share. They give outsize import to insults, considering them actionable and almost worse than physical actions.

      How did we get to this point? I don’t think civilization can survive this!

  21. Because you're dumb says:

    Because this isn’t really a problem. As long as you aren’t one of the nearly 30 people murdered each year in honor killings (in America).

    Of course thanks to the great religion Islam there are probably thousands of such murders worldwide each year.

    But it’s racist to point that out er something.
    – Chunkles McFuckface Johnson

  22. Because you're dumb says:

    Here’s how a SJW expresses their difference of opinion:

    As long as you’re a special snowflake (and this one’s a special special protected snowflake i.e., gay, female and black) it’s OK to be filled with hatred, profane, prejudiced, racist and disrespectful. In fact it’s encouraged!

    • OLT's Excusing The Death Of Tyshawn Lee says:

      It seems the English department must’ve been burned down first.

    • OLT's Excusing The Death Of Tyshawn Lee says:

      I am profoundly embarrassed for the “teachers” of this “student”.

      There is nothing like complete failure.

  23. Because olo says:

  24. Because olo says:

  25. Because you're dumb says:

    This comment on Zero hedge gave me a chuckle on the current sucko job market under Obungle who regularly takes credit for saving the economy because it’s so awesome.

    WANTED: Customer service rep. 10 years experience, post-grad degree required in business-related field. Must also be skilled in C++ programming, ERISA law and underwater welding. Salary $28,000, must be willing to relocate to Detroit or Mexico.

    If have H1B visa, above qualifications are waived and the job is yours.

    Or you can continue staring at your dormant GoFundMe embarrassment.

    • Arachne says:

      Don’t forget that other one – where you know, you can put in your information and give him money…..which is probably being equally ignored.

      Has he mentioned his accident on Twitter. You know, he has 13K followers, surely they’ll all want to purchase him a new car, right? It isn’t like they’ll need the money for that creepy Christian holiday on December 25th (although I hear the price for the customary Winter Solstice gifts are going up).

    • ISpeakJive says:

      LOL. All that and not even the new minimum wage. A 17-year old burger flipper in NYC will be making more $$.

  26. Because you're dumb says:

    Countdown to Chunkles claiming this is a fake controversy trumped up by the right in 3….2….1…..

    The section of the criminal code being explored is known as “statements or entries generally,” and can be applied when an individual makes misleading or false statements causing federal agents to expend additional resources and time. In this case, legal experts as well as a former FBI agent said, Section 1001 could apply if Clinton, her aides or attorney were not forthcoming with FBI agents about her emails, classification and whether only non-government records were destroyed.

    Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said the same section got Martha Stewart in trouble with the FBI. To be a violation, the statements do not need to be given under oath.

    “This is a broad, brush statute that punishes individuals who are not direct and fulsome in their answers,” former FBI agent Timothy Gill told Fox News. Gill is not connected to the email investigation, but spent 16 years as part of the bureau’s national security branch, and worked the post 9/11 anthrax case where considerable time was spent resolving discrepancies in Bruce Ivins’ statements and his unusual work activities at Fort Detrick, Md.

    “It is a cover-all. The problem for a defendant is when their statements cause the bureau to expend more time, energy, resources to de-conflict their statements with the evidence,” he said.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      Chunky trusts her implicitly, knows she’s of good character and would NEVER do such a thing, and even if she did, so what. Giant nothingburger.

      Rinse, repeat.

    • Arachne says:

      The Tubster DOES realize that the FBI is under OBAMA’s control via the Justice Department, doesn’t he?

      • Because olo says:

        Jarrett’s tightening the piano string a little at a time…

        • Arachne says:

          After the first of the year, we’ll get another Rose Garden presser by Uncle Joe Biden. He will say that after careful consideration and urging by the Obama administration, he has decided that “for the good of the nation (i.e., the Democrats) he has changed his mind and will run for the nomination.” By then, Sanders, O’Malley and Webb will have had their campaigns pretty much collapse, and Hillary should start looking over her shoulder for a perp walk.

          Which may make the Clinton supporters so angry that they turn around and support Bernie.

  27. rightymouse says:

    Lay off the booze and ganja, Gus. THey’re effing with your brain cells.

  28. Because you're dumb says:

    Sorry Chunkles. Only 27 percent of your fellow insane Demoncraps want to throw skeptics of Climate Scam in jail.

    So I guess you’ll just have to appeal to this guy.

    • pineapple says:

      There must have been some serious push back on that. When I go to the PDF that was a letter written to Obummer to arrest (using the RICO statutes) any dissenting scientists I get this.

      “The letter that was inadvertently posted on this web site has been removed. It was decided more than two years ago that the Institute of Global Environment and Society (IGES) would be dissolved when the projects then undertaken by IGES would be completed. All research projects by IGES were completed in July 2015, and the IGES web site is in the process of being decommissioned.”

  29. Because you're dumb says:

    So all the CO2 in the water destroys the shark’s hunting ability.

    But wait! The runaway global warming makes them attack more!

    The water is rising, the fish are in crisis.

  30. Because you're dumb says:

    So yeah it turns out all of their accusations are lies at Mizzou:

    And it’s real funny how the black kids are trying to separate themselves from the white idiots who think their fake grievances and claims of oppression are real.

    Hmmmm. So they fake grievances to get white administers and teachers to resign or be fired. Then they don’t want whites students around them. What could be their motivation??????

    So of course they’re starting the same shit at Ithaca College:

  31. Because you're dumb says:

    RT @apcentraldesk: Some doubt #Mizzou swastika incident occurred. This police report confirms it did:…
    29 minutes ago

    Well that just proves the University President and all the white professors should resign.

    Good work Captain Social Justice!!

    • pineapple says:

      The administration and faculty only have themselves to blame. This what you cultivated over the years and this is what you got.

      When will the universities figure it out and grow a pair? Until they do and make spectacles of these privileged crybabies it’s only going to get worse.

      Personally I think college is a scam.

    • Arachne says:

      Oh how dare we question an incident that up until this moment no one could find any verification for, and the photo initially offered as proof of which turned out to be from an incident publicized a YEAR before in a completely different location? Not to mention suddenly the KKK/drunk shouting N word incidents seem to have been manufactured out of pure cloth by a Student Body President who should be booted off the campus PERMANENTLY.

      Never mind that when the Police Department was asked by media for comment and information on this incident they couldn’t have clammed up more if they were littlenecks buried in the sands of Cape Cod. I guess when a sympathetic LIBERAL outlet like AP, who is basically no longer actually reporting this story but admonishing the skeptics, shows up, well here ya go fellas. Now go get those evil right wingnuts who dare to question that our coddled babies need a “safe space.”

      Okay, fine, then where are the police photos of the event? Vandalism is documented. The police officer no doubt has a cell phone with a camera and if he didn’t, I find it hard to believe the special snowflakes in the dorm were without advanced technological devides. Has a sample been preserved for DNA? Because time for DNA samples of everyone in the dorm.

      Oh and by the way special snowflakes. That swastika is an evil symbol of the murder of millions of Jews. It has NOTHING to do with your sensibilities, and please don’t pretend it does.

  32. Octopus says:

    Fecal Swastikas on the walls of the lavatory also make me feel unsafe. 😯

  33. Because olo says:

  34. Because olo says:

    Did he just get a new phone?

    • Because you're dumb says:

      It certainly wasn’t a new job.

      • Octopus says:

        Gustavo was thanking the Unicorn Messiah for the B-52’s that flew near the manufactured islands in the China Sea today. He is an expert on aviation, as well as the Middle Empire.

  35. ISTE says:

    Nobody likes a hot stinky welder dripping with sweat.

    They are nasty. Charles is correct.

    • Because olo says:

      I used to know a welder lady. She was kind of a looker, too. Then she ruined it all by going to college and becoming a civil engineer. She was fun.

      • ISTE says:

        It is the thick heavy leather gloves that are a turn on. Going to teach my friend to solder. Hope nobody here busts me and tells her you don’t need leather gloves… 🙂

  36. Bunk X says:

    • OLT's Excusing The Death Of Tyshawn Lee says:

      Sand. Sand. Sand. Sand. Sand.
      Sun. Camera. Knife. Throat. Blood.
      Sand. Sand. BOOM.

      • OLT's Excusing The Death Of Tyshawn Lee says:

        That was Sand. Sand. BOOM. crickets

        Shouldn’t have used the > < thingies!

  37. Because you're dumb says:

    Neil Cavuto I guess just for a laugh just decided to have a leftist moron on just to prove how ridiculous and idiotic they really. She did not fail to deliver. She made it clear she’s prepared to steal anyone’s money, but primarily the “rich people’s” to get shit she and other leftists think they deserve.

    Neil doesn’t bother explaining much to her other than that she’s not even done the math to see what the evil rich even have! It’s not even enough to fund Medicare for 3 years much less pay for her demands of paying college tuition, all outstanding college debt and campus job wages or some shit.

    And it goes without saying she’s so dimwitted it never occurred to her that anyone who could generate such high income (by investing and hence risking their money) would quickly stop bothering to do so when it became clear ALL their earnings would be confiscated by leftist scum.

    • Arachne says:

      Mark Levin made a very interesting observation on his show last night. Two-thirds of the populace do NOT go to college – but they are supposed to pay for the one-third that do.

      • OLT's Excusing The Death Of Tyshawn Lee says:

        I don’t have a bunch of children out of wedlock, but …
        I pay for my own cell phone and gas, but …
        I work, so I have health insurance, but …

      • Because olo says:

        Which has all kinds of ramifications. Such as, all this brouhaha about rape is special protection for the privileged. When they pass a law, which they claim is a moral imperative, that only applies to the rich kids, what’s that say about their attitude toward poor kids? Let them eat rape?

  38. Octopus says:

    Look at her eyes. She is a True Believer.

  39. Octopus says:

    Oh, shit…all Chunky’s begging is going for naught. Been 29 days since he donated anonymously to himself, and nobody else is hearing the tolling of the bell. It’s like we’ve all stopped believing in Santa Claus, and we can’t hear the sleigh-bell ring anymore. 😦

    Oh, and Fatass? Get a fucking job, you jiggly wide-load of lazy. Maybe you could lick envelopes for cotton-mouthed stoners down at the Post Office, there in Culver City. There has to be something.

  40. Because you're dumb says:

    And the comical comedy of SJWism just keeps coming. Bruised Jender isn’t freakishly freaky enough for the LGBLT lynch mob. So they protest him being too white, pivileged and filthy rich. Never mind he IS a world class elite Olympian. That means nothing to them.

    And note these character bankrupt scum don’t have a problem with him having killed a person recently by being careless in a car. That’s fine. It’s just that he’s white. And rich. And an old guy.

  41. Because you're dumb says:

    So Fucktard Johnson, the internet lose-tard fat man likes to characterize wealthy, accomplished, well-dressed men of all races as a “Clown Kar”. But finds the following to be perfectly sober and rational.

    Go figure. Even Mediaite gets it.

    College ‘Safe Space’ Boos an Asian Woman For Declaring ‘Black People Can Be Racist’

    Students at a “safe space” at Claremont McKenna College in California shut down an Asian woman who was describing racial harassment by a black man, booing her when she declared, “black people can be racist.”

    “I came to this country five years ago when I was fifteen, alone, through a boarding school in Pennsylvania,” the Asian student began. “And all I heard is, ‘if you don’t speak English, go home.’ ‘If you don’t speak good English, go home.’ ‘I don’t date Asians,’ and ‘I’d like to have sex with a girl from all the continents that’s why I want to date you.’”

    She then recounted a time when she and a group of friends were walking down the street, and a black man pulled over and shouted, “go back to your home!” She said a “white lady” stopped to ask if the young women needed police assistance.

    “The point I’m making here is that we should not distinguish people by their race or gender or anything. Black people can be racist,” she declared, at which point a black woman holding a sign that reads “It’s too late to say sorry” approached her.

    “Oh no honey,” someone in the crowd said over a chorus of boos.

    A few “safe space” participants told their peers to let the young woman talk. “Let her finish,” someone suggested.

    “I just mean we have to look at people individually,” the Asian woman said, telling her fellow classmates they should “look at the heart. The action, not the race.”

    As other members approached the woman and grabbed for the microphone, someone in the crowd asked, “how is this relevant to the college failing to provide a space for people of color?”

    SJWs don’t give a shit about this woman’s struggles. My guess is in a few years she will realize these people are liars and scum and stand for injustice and lies and stop associating with them altogether..

  42. Because you're dumb says:

    Moron libtards on parade.

    A Monkey, PETA, and a Primatologist Walk into a Federal Court

    monkey, an animal-rights organization and a primatologist walk into federal court to sue for infringement of the monkey’s claimed copyright. What seems like the setup for a punchline is really happening. It should not be happening…. [D]ismissal of this action is required for lack of standing and failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. Monkey see, monkey sue is not good law – at least not in the Ninth Circuit.

  43. Because you're dumb says:

    Hillary flip flops on yet another core belief. More and more she’s appealing to turncoat, character-devoid scumbag Chullkes Fatso McJohnson, the Twitter scuffling, pig-tail pulling moron has-been.

    Because Chunky wants to eschew the substantive which is just some GOP weasel word.

  44. Because you're dumb says:

    Somehow I missed this when it happened in 2012. But it’s classic SJW. Russell Brand’s PR pissant contacted Pam Geller to be on a now defunct show called Brand X. Defunct because as everyone knows Brand, though at times amusing and physically appealing is at core a childish, unbankable, Brit ass of epic proportions. So after being ASSURED (emphasis on the ASS) that it’s not a joke and they will truly discuss the issues she agrees. So what does Brand, the SJW lecturer of all, even blacks do THE MOMENT HE MEETS HER. HE CALLS HER A MILF TO HER FACE!! Yes, of course this boorish shit-for-brains who fancies himself an intellectual SEXUALLY HARASSES HER at first opportunity!!. He even explains to her what it means in Brit-tard: “It means a mum I’d like to f*ck”. Gee thanks like she never heard of that before. She recounts it here:

    One good takeaway though is this pic:×173.png

    Poor Chunky. He’s really got an armload of sweet Pam. And he didn’t pretend he wasn’t attracted to her. He told her straight up what he’d like to do.

  45. Because you're dumb says:

    I swear to God I could stare at this girl all day long.

    But I’ve got stuff to do.

  46. Because you're dumb says:

    Klingon logic. Not that different from Islam.

  47. Because olo says:

  48. Because olo says:

  49. Because olo says:


  50. Because olo says:

    Uh-oh. That one went whistling right past Toot’s ear.

  51. Because you're dumb says:

    Let’s not forget that Chunkles McJohnson defends totally racist assholes.

    And calls a person who gives his life to excellence and service and is an inspiration to all a POS liar.

  52. Because you're dumb says:

    Chunky calls a couple of nice looking young guys grotesque

    Yet hides his own grotesque self behind an ancient decade old avatar. Here he is trying to hide his mounds of bulky fat with a big unbuttoned shirt over a black T. And that was years ago. Since he’s still hiding we can assume he’s as big or bigger.

  53. Because you're dumb says:

    Chunk thinks he’s a very BAD person.

  54. Because you're dumb says:

    Sounds like a great culture. Let’s demonize anyone concerned that it’s uncontrollably pouring into our own.

    When the cops found out she was an under age hooker they intervened and rescued her. Oh wait no they just raped her too.