Race Detective comes to Obama’s defense

The loyalty the Race Detective has towards Obama would be admirable, if he got any rewards for it. Instead he continues to be some obscure internet cult figure who is ridiculed by Conservatives and ignored by Progressives.

Rupert Murdoch tweeted that Ben Carson would be a real Black President. This set the Race Detective off on a twitter tirade!

Black Prez





The Race Detetcive let this slip through the cracks.

An Ivy League professor has suggested naming Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson “coon of the year” for saying it should be legal for private citizens to display the Confederate flag.

Anthea Butler is a religious studies professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and also an active Twitter user with more than 62,000 tweets. Last week, another user tweeted a link to a Sports Illustrated article describing Carson’s declaration that NASCAR fans should be allowed to show the Confederate flag.

“If only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award…” Butler tweeted in response. The tweet was spotted by the website Campus Reform, which grabbed a quick screenshot. The website contacted Butler for comment, which led the tweet being quickly deleted:

The Race Detective is very selective on his outrages1