Charles the only person happy at CNBC’s debate questions

Observers from all through out the political spectrum have panned CNBC’s handling of the GOP debate. Some of the questions were irrelevant and used to pain Republicans in a bad light. Due to this, the RNC has suspended any cooperation with NBC on any upcoming debates. This move won kudos, expect from the only person whose opinion matters.



Anyone of those Republicans will handle Putin better than Obama has.

I’m doing great, screw you!

LGF’s resident Kapo ignores the terrible economic reality for most Americans. Wages have declined, most jobs created pay under 30,000 and GDP growth has averaged 2% during this alleged recovery. Alouette works in Auto industry that received a government bailout that helped put them back on their feet. She is under the impression everyone else is doing great!

Aloutte Im fine

Alouette should have a conversation with Gus on how great the economy is.

Deep thought from Charles on CNBC debate

Charles chimes in on Twitter on CNBC’s Republican debate. As usual he illuminates us with his deep analytical political analysis.


That was deep!

The Race Detective predicts Ben Carson’s demise

After bashing Ben Carson’s upbringing, the Race Detective today predicts his political demise.


The Race Detective has solved another case!

Mr. Toot’s nasty swipe at Ben Carson

It’s no secret that Ben Carson had a rough time growing up in Inner City Detroit. Despite these obstacles, Carson was able to rise out of the Ghetto and become a successful brain surgeon. Being the petty immature man-child, Charles attacks Carson’s pass.


Charles Johnson’s real beef is that Ben Carson left the Ghetto and made something of his life. Like most White Progressives, Charles feels that Blacks should stay stuck in their situation. That is Mr. Toot’s real beef with Ben Carson.

Saturday Sanity Break: Drone flies over a Cruise Ship

Let’s take a sanity break from the paranoid world of Charles Johnson this lovely Saturday. I have recently gotten into drones and have spent countless hours watching drone videos. Here’s a video from Ft.Lauderdale that shows a DJI Inspire drone flying over a Cruise ship.

If Charles Johnson was not broke, I would recommend he gets into drones as a hobby.

The Charles C. Johnson obsession continues

Mr. Toot loves to complain about Stalkers, but engages in the same practices himself. On a daily basis he either does posts or tweets about Charles C. Johnson. His newest tweets on Charles C Johnson had to do with his legal battles.



// toot’s obsession with the other Charles Johnson borders on a sickness. On another note, Charles has declared the winner of the 2016 election.


Charles is a modern day Nostradamus!