Charles Johnson calls Sam Knight a scumbag!

Poor Mr. Toot, there are still those on the Left who do not accept them. They know Charles is an opportunist and has nothing to contribute to their cause, unless they needed less food at their tables. As usual, he complains that a Leftist still does not accept him.

Sam Knight

Sam Knight2
If Mr. Toot is referring to us as “ex-fans,” I totally dispute that notion. We here at DOD are your #1 fans. You provide us daily entertainment and laughs. Keep up the good work, Charles, you are one of the funniest individuals I ever came across.


85 Comments on “Charles Johnson calls Sam Knight a scumbag!”

  1. We on the “right” don’t hate you, we mock you. The real hate actually comes from your ‘friends’ on the izquierda, Charlatan.

    • Arachne says:

      And frankly that’s exactly what the “right” does to him on Twitter. No one is meany-mean-mean to him on his timeline. He just can’t get over the fact that, frankly, no one really likes him except Allan Brauer and a bunch of horny left wing women who have the hots for his avatar.

  2. pineapple says:

    Still no love from O Willis.

    Toot thought he was “this close” from being able to suck that guy’s dick but to no avail.

    • pineapple says:

      And then I find this…….It was just three posts down from the above in the same thread……. I’m going to buy a lottery ticket today.

      Just look at this pathetic giddiness.

      154 Charles Johnson
      Sep 28, 2015 • 5:46:08pm


      “Oliver Willis seems to be coming around, at least, and realizing I’m not faking this.”

      “O Willis seems to be coming” heh heh heh

      • Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

        You know who isn’t coming around? Any of the cool jazz cats he used to plunk his magic twanger for, back in the day. Wonder why that is.

  3. Doppel milyo says:

    Charles, When everybody hates you it’s because you’re doing something right

    or in your case it’s because you are a piece of shit

  4. Juan Epstein says:

    63 year old high school girl.

    • Arachne says:

      Nah, he’s 7 months away from 63. But I have a feeling he’s already starting withdrawing from whatever Social Security fund he’s got. Which means he’s getting the MINIMAL payment per month you can get. I’ve made pretty good money in my life, probably more than Fatass, and if I stopped working now and took the cash, I’d barely be looking at a grand a month. And because I haven’t reached optimal retirement age yet, I’d be estopped from earning more than $15,000 per year or face reduction in my benefit.

      I would be very surprised if Fats isn’t barely surviving at this point. We know he has no job and the fact that he’s moved from a tip jar to the GoFundMe page is not a good sign. Blogs such as Weasel Zippers, Atlas Shrugs and communities such as Free Republic either have blog-centered funding drives or just the “donate now” button.

  5. Doppel milyo says:

    from weblog award winner for best blog, to this?

    nice one charles

    if not for DoD you would literally have nobody who knows who you are

    • Arachne says:

      And really, he wasn’t all that big a deal outside of the confines of the conservative blogosphere even when he supposedly WAS somebody…..

      Frankly, if you threw out the name “Charles Johnson” the first response would be “the defensive end or the wide receiver?”

      Hmmm….when you think about it……

  6. Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

    The “burning hatred” bit is a good laugh, though. Nobody gives a flying fuck, Fatass! Except us, of course. We are your loyal audience, through thick (my word, you’re thick!) and thin (that old avatar is a hoot, though).

    A few people, when reminded you’re still alive by some ridiculous tweet or something, chuckle and spare a few words of sympathy and/or amusement at your current plight. I don’t think anybody hates you, aside from a few libturds who haven’t received the memo on your Moronic Conversion, or who choose not to believe it. Those moonbats are mean people. You used to know that, and talk about it all the time. For 8 years. 😆

    • Because yooge olo (•Y•) says:

      Toot’s a clown. Some people are afraid of clowns, but I think they’re funny.

      Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Toot? Not me.

      • Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

        I’ve never been afraid of clowns, and never understood why some other people were. My little brother was scared to death of them from an early age, and then he watched the Stephen King movie, “It,” and had nightmares about it. I found that movie incredibly stupid, and totally unscary.

        This is the image I see when I think of Chunky in his clown get-up.

      • Arachne says:

        I never considered King “all that” – I thought Dean Koontz was much more imaginative in the horror genre.

        King at this point, is a hack.

      • Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

        Not to mention, an incredible moonbat. Guess that’s not too surprising.

      • rightymouse says:

        I read a lot of Dean Koontz back in the day. Agreed. Much better than Stephen King.

  7. Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

    Hey, you should start doing Vines, Chunky! You’ve been hilarious in your “Fat Kid Falling” series of gaffes, siknce 2009. Bet you could really attract some attention if you’d get some vines of you doing funny stuff in public. Out of the house. In the sunlight of daytime. 😆

  8. Because yooge olo (•Y•) says:

    Toot. Remember that VW you heisted from George Duke?

  9. Because yooge olo (•Y•) says:


    • Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

      Speaking of Scientism, there was a good link at Ace’s today:

      The Greatest Scientific Scandal of the Last 100 Years: Almost All US Temperature Data Used In Global Warming Models Is Estimated or Altered

      And by altered they mean that temperatures from before 1965 were lowered and later temperatures were increased. This is not science; this is fraud.

      It’s all bullshit. All of it!

      • Because yooge olo (•Y•) says:

        That’s not new news. They “adjust” most of the surface measurements, and there’s always a lame rationale, but every time, the “new and improved” data come out, the past is always colder than before, and the present is often warmer.

        That’s what get Watts involved in the first place. They were doing all of the ‘adjustments’ except the one that actually made sense; UHI. The loony toonzest alarmists deny the UHI.

      • Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

        I know it’s not new info, but I like to post this kind of stuff for Fatass to espy while he’s never, ever reading here. Also, his flying monkeys need to learn some scientism. 😉

  10. kbdabear says:

    Poor Toot, Hollywood just won’t give him all the glory for the story he stole from Buckhead

    • kbdabear says:

      If it makes you feel any better Toot, the movie will probably draw under $5 million and most of that from journalists

      Robert Redford hasn’t made a movie that anyone wanted to see in over 20 years, most of the reward he gets is praise from far left movie critics and Academy voters

    • Arachne says:

      Man, dude, you REALLY believe that you broke that story.
      They didn’t contact the REAL story breakers. Why would they call you? You got three words in the book. That’s it.

      Guess what – no one involved in the lawsuit was going to call you, either..

  11. Because you're dumb says:

    @slhamlet It’s based on Mary Mapes’s book, which means if LGF *is* mentioned it’s going to be a smear.
    39 minutes ago
    @slhamlet Nope. Nobody from this production even bothered to contact me. It’s a complete whitewash.
    41 minutes ago

    That happens sometimes when you trash your own successful website and smear all the good people who were there as racists.

    In other news Gus is a big racist AND anti-science.

  12. kbdabear says:

    Poor Ollie, you and the other obese idiot who desperately wants to be your bestie don’t get the recognition from Twitter for your powerful influence

    • Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

      Once there were giants who walked the land. Chunky and Ollie were never among them, except in physical girth and weight. Couple of nobodies, firing barbs at each other. 😆

      • OLT's Hands Off the Car, Asswipe says:

        Remember when Stalker Charles used to smear ol’ Ollie with fat-shaming labels?

        Pepperidge Farms does.

      • Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

        Faygo remembers, too.

        Try the “Moon Mist,” Chunky! Cheaper and mo’ bettah than Mountain Dew. 🙂

  13. Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

    This is for Furious Burka, who might be Chunky’s most-spurious creation, or else is just an ignorant fool. Note, a very regular feature at LGF, prior to the Moronic Conversion, were the posts entitled “Moronic Convergence,” which showed the Left in full-on grope-fest mode with Islamist doctrine. Because he was misled. For 8 years. 😆

    From SDA:

    The Left’s Latest Flirtation: Islamism
    By Robert on September 29, 2015

    First there was Fascism: 50,000,000 Dead
    Then there was Communism: 100,000,000+ Dead

    Now there is Islamism. How many millions will have to die before Leftists throughout the West wake up to the fact that these folks are not just “misunderstood? Until that future tipping point, Leftists will continue engaging in their never ending culture wars with anyone who dares disagree with them on even the slightest point. When the death tolls do start stacking up, do you think any Leftist will reflect for a moment to look at the blood on their own hands caused by their continual efforts to stop politicians from putting an end to Islamism? Highly doubtful.

    Around one minute into the video, pay close attention to this slide:
    Islamism opposes
    Free speech

    Free enterprise

    Freedom to practice, or not to practice, any religion

    Freedom of assembly

    Free press

    Fundamental human & civil rights

    Any regular reader of SDA will be aware of countless examples every month of Leftists attacking most of these things with full conviction & righteousness. Mere coincidence? Sure, the techniques to attack these freedoms might be different but the end effect is the same.

  14. OLT's Hands Off the Car, Asswipe says:

    I’ve got this great picture of an LGF’r waiting on his gubmint check.

  15. Arachne says:

    Remember when I made a joke on the other thread about the NASA announcement about water coinciding with the movie about “The Martian” being released.

    Holy shit! Limbaugh mentions today that they had this information MONTHS ago – about the flowing water – because they always knew there was water on Mars – they have ice caps! – and even Yahoo is speculating that it’s not coincidence.

    • Because yooge olo (•Y•) says:

      Penance for waring a girly shirt?

    • kbdabear says:

      Toot hops on the wrong bus again, because Rush never said that the MMFA/Politico hacks claim he said …

      • Arachne says:

        Here’s the pull quote (from Ace; I listened live so I know precisely what he said)

        “OK so there’s flowing water on Mars. Yip yip yip yahoo. Hey, you know me, I’m science 101, big time guy, tech advance it, you know it, I’m all in. But, NASA has been corrupted by the current regime,” Limbaugh said on his show, according to Media Matters. “Don’t know how long it’s going to take, but this news that there is flowing water on Mars is somehow going to find its way into a technique to advance the leftist agenda.”

        In fact, Rush pointed out that they claim that perhaps the reason water may have disappeared was a “catastrophic” event.” How do they know? Watch and wait for the argument on Climate Change to start weaving the words “which is possibly what happened on Mars” into the argument.

      • Because yooge olo (•Y•) says:

        Hanson’s always yammering about Venus Venus Venus lol.

      • Octopus ¯\_(''-)_/¯ says:

        I’m not a big Rush-guy, but he’s 100% correct on this. The Climate Chaos OMFG!!1! people will assuredly work Mars into future doomsday scenarios. No question about it. 😆

        Oh, and Fatass? NASA has been corrupted for many years now, by the gross hucksterism and charlatan-snake oil being peddled by James Hansen, under their formerly-proud emblem. You know this as well as we do. Unless you’re truly insane, instead of just fat-headed and stupid.

  16. kbdabear says:

    PP is a “Women’s Health Organization” like Auschwitz was a refugee camp

    • Arachne says:

      Why don’t you TELL us how all the videos were deceptively edited, Mr. .GIF?
      Find the deceptive edit and describe in detail how it is a hoax.
      We’re waiting.

      Meanwhile, no one cares about your role in Rathergate. Damn your big claim to fame and no one mentions it anymore. However, they DO still mention Powerline and Buckhead. Funny that.

    • pineapple says:

      I watched the Congressional hearing on Planned Parenthood that happened today.

      The CEO Cecile Richards is one slimy bitch.

      She got her ass handed to her by the right. She looked like a fool.

  17. rightymouse says:

    Give up trying to be funny, Fatass. You’re not. Live with it.

    • rightymouse says:

      Your “Gimme Money Begging Bowl” has cobwebs. Know why? LGF sucks.

      • Because yooge olo (•Y•) says:

        And Toot’s the main reason why. Remember the old days when he’d make two or three comments a day, and the blog ran itself?

      • rightymouse says:

        Yep. And he was noted favorably in the press and by big names like Rush.
        Now, he gets thrown bones by no-names like Bob Cesca.

  18. pineapple says:

    A woman had a pretty creative idea … deliver a huge batch of yellow dahlias — the Mexican state flower to protest Donald Trump at his doorstep.

  19. Because yooge olo (•Y•) says:


    • livefreeor die says:

      He’s hoping that he can ride even a shadow of Limbaugh’s coattails.

    • trebob ( . Y . ) says:

      Limbaugh has 20 million listeners and according to Forbes will rack in $79,000,000 this year. You, on the other hand, have 12 real bloggers, hundreds(?) of non-bot twitter-twits and one unemployed sterno bum in Colorado reading your ad/donation button filled blog and can’t manage minimum wage.

      I’ll take Limbaugh’s kind of stupid over yours every day of the week.

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