Charles Johnson off to a bad start this season


Of course our own Charles Johnson was always  how shall we say too “chubby” to be much of an athlete, hence his disdain for Baseball and Football. Our Charles Jonson aka The Race Detective is unemployed, on public assistance, embittered, and paranoid. Combine that with being a shut-in, and junk food addict, he is quite the catch for any lucky lady (who happens to be homeless I suppose).

Islam is growing!

LGF is not anti-religious as some of its detractors claim it is. It’s specifically anti-Christian and LGF’s comment section is filled with hatred of Christians. They do love other religions, especially Islam which they view as a cool, hip, 3rd World liberation movement and Progressive religion. The resident Islamist, The War Tardis  makes it very clear that Islam is rising in America.

Islam growing

The fools at LGF that think Islam is cool and hip.