Another Slow Day In The Swamp.

“They can’t deal with external reality, so they’ve created an alternate one, the walls of which no amount of logic or reason can penetrate. They can’t afford to let anything over the wall because it’ll cause their carefully constructed fantasy to collapse, then they will collapse, or so they fear.” –Curious Lurker on Radical Islam

Believe it or not, that’s currently the most up-dinged comment at the swamp, and yeah, it’s cherry picked and out of context. Furious Burka was referring to the attendees of a rally in support of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, not radical islam. Some, and perhaps all, of the several hundred attendees appear to be members of a Christian evangelical sect (The Salt And Light Brigade, based in Hebron, Ohio) and those are the people that the lizard-lappers at Little Green Footballs focus on. Here’s the post as it appears:

Furious Burka on Christianity

Like the title says, it’s become amazingly difficult to find much of interest in The Marsh Of The Echoes. Since I already had the BRC wet suit on, I set the WayBack Machine for 2009 and took another plunge.

Charles on Labor Day 2009

By that time he’d already turned the corner and had driven LGF over the precipice at high speed, but didn’t realize that it was about to go into freefall. A couple of months later he would cut his own parachute with his petulant tome “Why I Left The Sane.”

And as they say, “the rest is Mockery.”