IOW “Christ, This Blog Is Fkked Up.”

“Liberal’ is an appellation derived from the word ‘liberty.’ Most democrats today aren’t liberals. They’re fascists.” – Jack Kelly, Columnist.


Yep, there’s a downding storm for any registered lizard-lapper who dares to complain about Charles Johnson’s tortured and buggy bandwidth-hogging crash-prone script, and even someone who addresses CJ as “Christ” gets no quarter.  Christ Foster Johnson has reinvented a poor man’s version of WordPress in Basic.

Now look what doesn’t get downdinged:

Hell 1

I’d say that’s pretty damn cold considering that the evidence alone exonerated both George Zimmerman and Officer Darryl Wilson as having acted in self defense. As for Dick Cheney, the accusation by LGF is vague and unspecific. (No idea what Jenner2 refers to. Maybe she can’t comprehend that Cheney still expresses unconditional love for his lesbian daughter.)

But then Charles chimes in, and gets updings for this:

Hell 2

Those comments are as they appeared on Little Green Footballs and have not been altered. We don’t do that here, so we wondered what in the name of Jesus H. Johnson might have happened. A few comments down, we know.

Chuck Fkk

You rock, Charles. We wouldn’t be here were it not for you.