Massive fail: Kim Davis is a Democrat! Update: Mr. Toot responds

Mr. Toot goes on a rant slamming Republicans for the actions of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis.

Kim Davis Kim Davis2 Kim Davis3 Kim Davis4

One huge problem, Kim Davis is a Democrat!

Because she is an elected official, Davis, a Democrat, can’t be fired from the position for refusing to comply with the court order. 

This is a huge fail for Mr. Toot.

Update: 3 Hours after this post went up at 5:00 PM EST, Mr. Toot responds to the revelation that Kim Davis is a Democrat.


Remember, Charles does not read here!

(Update Hat Tip: Swamprat)

Pleading the 5th

The noose is tightening around the Great Mother (Hillary Clinton) over the email scandals. One of her IT staffers has now pleasded the 5th in the case. This is a very bad legal development for Hillary, but she clearly has nothing to worry about. The 2nd greatest legal mind of our age, after Lawhawk says this is no big deal.

Pleading the 5th

Mr. Toot has spoken!