Mr. Toot, Nobody cares about you.

Mr. Toot plays the self pity sob story when discussing his experience at the Daily Beast.



Charles, nobody cares about you, deal with it.


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  1. Arachne says:

    How long ago did he write a piece for the Daily Beast?

    • Daedalus says:

      It was 2013 I believe. Many from here went into the comment section and exposed Charles for what he is.

      • Captain Death says:

        His attempts to branch out and leave the protective cocoon he has at LGF where he can block and ban anyone has been an epic failure. He is a rotten debater.

      • Octopus says:

        He is immediately recognized wherever he goes for what he is, and it’s true: people don’t like Fatass.

    • “Nobody cares about you.”

      And yet you gimps spend EVERY day talking about Charles Johnson. Dolts.

      • Captain Death says:

        Charles get back to the Oreos box.

      • Arachne says:

        So what? We’ve always said that we’ll continue to care. It’s just the other 99.9999999999999% of the universe that doesn’t. YOU’RE the one who feels the need to visit this site and whine about it.

        And really – you asswipes need to get a new schtick. We mock Charles. We don’t pretend to do anything BUT mock Charles. What we’d all like to know is, since this is the “Stalker” site and Fatty monitors what sites you visit, we assume he has your permission to post here and WHIIIIIIINE about what we do. So essentially you get permission, like you’re five years old and not a grown ass man, to come here and WHIIIIINE on another grown man’s behalf.

        Not our problem, toots. If your high school yearbook lists “Failed Blogger’s Butt Boy” as your career goal, smile – you’ve made it!

  2. Arachne says:

    I believe that when he wrote an article for al-Guardian he was lambasted in the comments section as well, and that all of his Truth/Slant articles (two?) had an amateurish feel to the writing.

    I don’t think it’s trolls Charles. I think people genuinely don’

    • Daedalus says:

      Anyone who disagrees with him is a troll or stalker.

    • Captain Death says:

      “Amateurish” writing style is an accurate (and I am trying to be objective) description of his writing talents.

    • Chunky's Missing Brain says:

      He’s a dreadful writer and his “arguments” are always against some cartoonish strawman that he himself hastily and ham-fistedly setup in order to bash so he can then self-celebrate and high five his sad, confused and somewhat wary few remaining followers on LGF/Twitter.

      It’s his entire existence now. First assert that (insert object of hate : the GOP, the conservatives, the Tea Party, Glen Greenwald, Pam Geller, Ginger, pre ’09 LGF commenters, etc…) are all cravenly deranged racist criminals. Then appoint yourself the morally pure and preeminent opposition to them. Step three of course, GET A CHECK!!!.

      • Arachne says:

        Not only that, he is the arbiter of the parameters of what constitutes the particular behavior. He has decided that xyz is racist. 123 is sexist. He makes the claim that there are thousands of racist comments at Breitbart but HE’s defining racisim. If the comment says, for instance that Deray McKesson is an opportunistic conman, that, to Porky, is racism. It is not. It is an ad hominem attack. Saying you don’t believe Shaun a la King is even half-Black but rather a white man pretending to be black for financial advantage is NOT racism. It is an observation based on facts as known. He has produced nothing to to counter his birth certificate showing two white parents other than to say “my mom slept around and I have a black father.” Not according to the law you don’t.

      • Because olo says:


        at least half the comments in there with monkey references, etc. are Killgorish lefty Mobys. So even the worst of the worst don’t prove anything.

  3. Daedalus says:

    OLT’s It’s Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show
    August 28, 2015 at 9:34 am (Edit)
    He’s not Milo Unpronounceable Greek Name, that’s for certain.

    I bet you he pronounces it Milly-O!

    • Arachne says:

      Mill-yo has a weekly spot on Sirius/XM radio on Saturday.
      Fats gets a co-hosting job on a minor downloaded podcast.

  4. Because olo says:

    • Arachne says:

      Nobody. But he loves to jump in important people’s timelines on Twitter. We all do. But he’s the only one who think he’s actually being paid attention to.

  5. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    When I wrote a piece drooled some retard and howlingly refutable dumbth for @thedailybeast it was swarmed gleefully destroyed by horrible truth telling trolls former LGF comment regulars almost immediately. Nobody Everybody seemed to care get that I’m a whining pussy who can only dish it out.

    — Charunkles McJohnFartson (@Green_Footballslushbiles) August 28, 2015Everyday

  6. Arachne says:

    Remember how Fats was talking about how the PP videos had been debunked in our prior thread? Here’s the web page for the organization:

    Uh, show me where they claim they are experts in forensic video ANALYSIS.

    In contrast, JurisPro gives a listing of forensic video analysts who have given actual expert testimony on the subject. Oddly, Fusion GPS does not appear on their list. Can’t think why.

    • Arachne says:

      And BTW, PP keeps threatening a lawsuit. And threatening. And threatening. CfMP has released 8 videos, roughly one a week. Why hasn’t the complaint been filed? PP has had surrogate organizations run into court requesting a TRO. Why hasn’t PP done it themselves?

      Oh and PP – if you’re thinking of using the Fusion GPS gang as your “expert”, remember one thing – experts must be “qualified” by the Court. In Federal Court, this is known as the DAUBERT standard. Yeah, and good luck with that.

  7. Because olo says:

    • Arachne says:

      I’m starting to think Sterno has given Gus multiple personality disorder.
      Some days he’s Chuck
      Some days he’s anti-Chuck

      • Chunky's Missing Brain says:

        Actually I realized recently his anti-Chuck sounding Tweets are his attempts at sarcasm and humor. Yeah. Sad.

      • Arachne says:

        Oh is that it? Yeah, as Fatty said on the other thread – some people shouldn’t try to be funny.

      • Chunky's Missing Brain says:

        And some are funny when not trying, clueless Fatty and his hapless LGF bunglers being among them.

    • Because olo says:

      Goos is really asking for it. One of these days, he’s going to let out a snarky tweet about SJWs. Then Toot’s going to have no choice but to roll the bum.

  8. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    Republicans Sneer At Obama’s Perceived “Narcissism” — So Of Course Trump Is Their Frontrunner
    1 hour ago

    Chunk on the other hand knows better than to sneer at Obungle’s narcissism?

  9. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    @GlennF But giving good technical tools to people who care about dealing with abuse is the key.
    11 hours ago
    @GlennF To a certain extent, it does come down to having people who care about keeping a comment section troll-free. No magic tech solution.
    11 hours ago
    @GlennF Yes, that’s a concern. Revealing everything publicly risks giving the trolls too much info.
    11 hours ago
    @GlennF But email confirmation is a weak protection against trolls because there are so many throw-away email services.
    11 hours ago
    @GlennF Yes, email confirmation is required.
    11 hours ago

    Or you could just use a blanket disclaimer and allow all points of view. And when someone tries to blame you for an anonymous comment point out that they’re obviously a pin-headed fucktard trying to blame you for an anonymous comment.

    • Arachne says:

      Everyone else just lives with the possibility of trolls.
      You would think the king of debate crushers would welcome the opportunity.

    • Octopus says:

      Calling the rainbow flag a “hate flag” is stooping to Chunky-eque flag-freakout, imho. 😆

      It’s a gay pride thing. They’re here, they’re queer — deal with it.

      • Arachne says:

        Sally Kohn called it a “flag of love and inclusion” yesterday.
        To which we replied – so are those lawsuits against bakers and photographers based on LOVE? or INCLUSION?

      • OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

        Bah, I think it’s funnier than South Park’s Satan/Saddam queermance.

        I take great pleasure in mirroring the Left and then smashing their hypocrisy. It’s the same sick feeling of joy one might get from shooting fish in a barrel. It’s all too easy, but you do it anyone.

        If the Left wants to play by Marquis of Queensbury rules, then they need to start doing so. Until they do, it’s finger pokes in the eyes and incessant atomic wedgies.

      • Arachne says:

        Or as that silly blogger called it at Democratic Underground during the Valerie Plame affair:


      • Because olo says:

        Yup. Moe Howard rules. Doink.

  10. pineapple nunca visto univision says:

    “No offense to Milo, but we do manufacture some very very superior wines in Northern California. In fact the FRENCH came here to get pointers on Cabernet Sauvignon.”

    Arachne, I saw your above blurb on the last thread about Milo dissing California wines. You are absolutely right, California wines can hold their own…. period. I think Milo was trying to further ridicule the liberal California elites on the train by doing that, and he got it wrong there.

    Even though “Sideways” is the “go to” wine movie and is very very good, may I also suggest a lesser known movie called Bottle Shock.

    It’s based on a true story in 1976 about a California vineyard entering an elite wine competition in France. The wine that the vineyard ships over for the contest gets mishandled in flight (bottle shock) which turns it cloudy.

    It’s on Netflix if anyone wants to watch it, it’s pretty good. I gave it 4 out of 5 pineapples.

    • Because olo says:

      Pineapple wine? Ew.

    • Arachne says:

      Sounds good. BTW, Cold Warrior over at the Mother Ship was advocating for a California wine from, of all places, Modesto – Dark Horse winery. I managed to snag a bottle of their 2012 Cabernet and it was absolutely delightful.

      (Psst….a sommelier gave me a “general guide” – always go with even years for the California reds and odd years for California whites.)

      • Because olo says:

        California wine is mass produced donkey piss. The good stuff comes from Washington and Oregon.

      • pineapple nunca visto univision says:

        So… mass produced donkey piss from Washington and Oregon is the good stuff?

      • Arachne says:

        But….do they have a BIG SIGN for the tourists to snap pictures with and overpriced restaurants and art galleries. That’s the real test. Can they make more money from gouging the tourists than they can from selling the wine?

        Although, I have to admit…..the drive on Hwy 29 through Oakville, Rutherford, St. Helena, Calistoga to Sonoma County line – absolutely beautiful country.

      • pineapple nunca visto univision says:

        Drove into Portland with the family once (California plates) and some dude passed us and gave us the finger. I felt so welcomed there.

    • Octopus says:

      As entertaining as “Sideways” is, I found the elitist dismissal of merlot and the raving about pinot grigio to be rather silly. Wine comes in all varieties, and there are good and bad examples in every category. Blind taste-tests continually make a mockery of all ratings applied by “experts,” just as they do in tastings of whiskey, Scotch and beer. You can pay through the nose if it makes you feel better about things, or you can enjoy a nice cheap bottle of something delicious. Not that all expensive stuff is bad, or cheap stuff good — it’s all over the map. Meaning also, no region or country has a monopoly on good wine. I’ve had awesome wine from Michigan wineries. Also some swill.

      • Arachne says:

        I’m a Merlot and Sirrah girl from way back. I like Cabernet, but it’s usually pricey for the good stuff.

      • pineapple nunca visto univision says:

        I love Merlot. I guess it’s looked down on because it’s a wine that doesn’t lend itself to improving much as it ages.

        I learned a long time ago that price isn’t an indicator of how good a wine is. The “two buck chuck” at Trader Joe’s is a fantastic wine for the price.

      • Because olo says:

        Cabernet makes me think of the Nazi beer garden scene.

      • Octopus says:

        Merlot is usually very tasty. Sorry, but I like it. Not sorry. 🙂

        Had my first draft Smithwick’s beer last night. Damn good. I had another, the first one was so tasty. Very big in the Auld Sod, I’m told. More popular than Guinness.

      • Arachne says:

        Maybe, but when it comes to red wines, Cabernet? Oh man oh man oh man….
        But I don’t understand why the put down of Merlot either. It is a great wine. I have more Merlot in my stash than anything else.

        I’ve always found Zinfandel a nice “gulpin'” wine, if you get my drift. Never had much use for Burgundy.

  11. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    Chunky’s boy Shaun King has come down in favor of his pale half black be-freckled psychopathic brotha and concludes: It ain’t the brotha’s fault. Honkies needed to die.

  12. pineapple nunca visto univision says:

    Hey Fatso, how does it feel to know that WE PREVENT you from writing anything outside of Twitter and your tiny POS blog?

    Don’t try it again.


  13. Arachne says:

    Charles really, really HATES it when he cannot control the narrative. He knows that if he were actually challenged on an issue, he really cannot debate from his own knowledge – he has to run to TPM or MMFA.

    Witness everything on the PP videos. He just waited to see what the other blogs said and parroted them and looks like a fool in the process.

    Bandies the block button as if anyone really gives a shit whether they can view his tweets or not. Dude. People. Don’t. Give. A. Shit. If they can bug you, fine. But if they can’t they go on. Perhaps I should give those who dislike you OUR web address since we don’t have a Twitter account. Then they can come here and you can’t do a thing about it except post that we’re the closest thing to Storm Front on the web. Oh, and that ridiculous audio of Rodan as a teenager.

    The trouble for you, Chuck, is that when people do come here and they see all we do here is make fun of you, they ask you where’s the right wing hate? And you have no answer.

    • Captain Death says:

      Hey the fat fuck stood by Little Anthony’s Weiner’s (aka Carlos Danger) long after the Left abandoned the little guy.

  14. Octopus says:

    Just another day at the orifice…

  15. Octopus says:

    It’s like Fatass has a twin!

    Vester Lee Flanagan, the crazed gunman who executed on live morning TV two local journalists who worked at his former station, was told before being fired by the station to seek help for possible mental health issues — then lingered in Roanoke, Va., for more than two years, living in a squalor amid publicity photos of himself, porn and sex toys.

    That Flanagan thought he could get away with murder is less surprising in light of the “arrogant” description of the gunman provided by the neighbor. Someone who lived in Flanigan’s apartment complex told the Mirror that Flanagan was “rude and arrogant to everyone and anyone” and would sometimes throw cat feces at the dwellings of neighbors he was in disputes with.

    Flanagan had posted a video of a cat to his now-suspended Facebook page on Aug. 20, with the description “I miss my cats!” Police found no sign of the felines at Flanagan’s apartment, according to the Mirror. The manifesto Flanagan sent to ABC News shortly after he committed the murders suggests that he killed the cats.

    But cops did find gay porn and sex toys. In a lengthy manifesto he sent to ABC News after the killings, Flanagan said he was bullied at work because he was black and gay.

    The differences between Vester’s life and Chunky’s are trivial details. 😆

  16. Because olo says:

    Toot furiously… 😆 😆 😆

    • Arachne says:

      Uh, Dumbass? He WAS a heckler and an activist. He starts by saying “YOU CANNOT” after NOT being called on. Where’s the question? I seem to recall you snotting at a journalist who had “the noive” to ask the President of the United States, who should be answering to the people of this country, a question on a pressing topic.

      And excuse me, but Obama is vindictive and that is conduct unbecoming a President of the United States. But it’s okay with you, I’m sure. You’re a sniveling vindictive little pussy as well.

  17. Arachne says:

    And kudos to the mod wielding the red pen on the Doormat above. (Wasn’t me this time guys!)

  18. Octopus says:

    More upsetting to Left than the white reporters killed.

  19. pineapple nunca visto univision says:

    Um…… because……. he did in his manifesto?

    Just a wild guess.

    • Because olo says:

      Begs the question. Why should we pay attention to the manifesto of a crazy guy? You should be worried about the uncrazy guys like Dylan Stormroof.

    • Arachne says:

      I seem to recall when an equally mentally unstable racist gunned down people in Charleston, all of White America and the Confederate flag was blamed for it.
      But you keep talkin’ dumbass. And then marvel that you get trolled.