Mr. Toot happy over Charles C. Johnson’s legal woes!

It’s pathetic when your whole existence is based on other people’s misery. Gawker has filed to dismiss Charles C. Johnson’s lawsuit and make him pay for any legal fees. Mr. Toot gets happy at Johnson’s woes and celebrates it on Twitter.







Mr. Toot is a miserable man and enjoys the misery of others.


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  1. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    Is Gawker still in business? Oh that’s right, they have until March to try and avoid paying $100 mil to Hulk Hogan for illegally releasing a sex tape they didn’t own.

  2. HaikuMan says:

    I heard you wanted
    A more recent photograph
    Of Charles F Johnson?

    • Octopus says:

      He is fully integrated into his furniture, but this guy is eating a far too balanced diet for Chunky’s tastes. Also, how are the meds entering his system?

  3. Hell hath no fury like a 63-year-old washed up jazz guitarist.

  4. Juan Epstein says:

    No one in the real world gives a shit.

  5. Octopus says:

    Chunky’s edict in this ongoing case is bad news for Gawker. The worst. They’ll be lucky if they aren’t tossed in prison, along with having to pay through the nose.

    • OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

      Their only hope is to take $20 and run like Hell is behind them to the relative safety and prosperity of Mexico. Here, take this Donkey and head for Tijuana!

      • Because olo says:

        Don’t tell him the donkey’s not a member of the Tijuana Sex Workers local 233. Let him find out what that means when he gets there.

  6. Arachne says:

    But…but….where are all the retweetsies? You’d think something like this would have put asshat at the top of the Twitter heap. Largely ignored as far as I can see.

    BTW Fatass – I seriously doubt you have any knowledge of the mechanics of SLAPP/anti-SLAPP affirmative defense vis-a-vis lawsuits.

    • OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

      Someone get the TAB (The Acronym Board) on the phone, stat!

      Personal Internet Management Protocol – Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or PIMP-SLAPP. This is a harassment tool for creepy, aging stalkers that find public forums owned by others to be too scary and mean, even with block buttons.

      Brave Islamic Terrorist Case Handler – Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation, or BITCH-SLAPP. How to sue all those horrible, racists Islamophobes and other Dominionist/Christianist/Crayshunist types that aren’t Progressive-approved religionists.

      • Arachne says:

        Those are brilliant. Really and truly brilliant.
        Wasn’t Gawker in some trouble not long ago for something they published?
        While I am not a big fan of the SLAPP suit, I think it is the only way we are going to get a second shot at New York Times v. Sullivan at the Supreme Court level. Defamation is defamation – malice shouldn’t even be a factor. It denies equal protection to a class of persons (public figures) against prohibited speech.

      • Chunky's Missing Brain says:

        Let’s not forget the Acrimonious Sociopathic Slut – Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation aka ASS-SLAPP.

  7. Because olo says:

    Oh, shit.

    Somebody let the EPA into Planet Unicorn.

  8. Because olo says:

    Let’s see whether Milo or Toot is right about Twitter. My money’s on @Nero.

    • Arachne says:

      I heard Milo on Breitbart Radio last Saturday. He was great. Talking about Shaun a la King.

    • Octopus says:

      Tech stocks did for me, and they’ll get you, too. Eventually. This article explains pretty well why they’re such a bad bet, unless you’re in the first rush of crazy over-valuation. Or, you get lucky enough to pick the one stock out of thousands that will survive long-term.

      • Because olo says:

        “Long-term” is relative. Gates and Allen were smart to sell off all their Microsoft stock. MS won’t be the dominant gorilla in 10 years. They’ll probably shrink and go sideways like IBM.

  9. Octopus says:

    And still no Twitter-love for Chunky. It’s almost like he’s operating in a vacuum. 😆

  10. Octopus says:

    Is he talking to the Nazis who hid out in Argentina after the war? Eichmann, and so forth?

  11. Octopus says:

    Don’t try to ruin the great songs, Garage Boy. Just finish your Sterno and go to sleep quietly.

  12. Arachne says:

    BTW – I do love how Fatass thinks he can read an answer to a complaint and glean how the judge will rule.

    Oh, and Ollie Obese – you might want to ask Lawhawk how common it is to file a Motion to Dismiss in answer to a complaint. Like ALWAYS – every federal lawsuit I’ve ever worked on answers with a 12(b)(6) Motion. I have a case going on since 2006 that we have yet to answer a complaint on. We file Motion to Dismiss, judge grants, we go to 9th Circuit, who remands, new complaint, new motion to dismiss, lather, rinse repeat.

    That would be NINE years ago, dumbass.

  13. Arachne says:

    Can anyone provide the case number and jurisdiction. I can view on PACER.

  14. Say where did the “Mr. Toot” thing come from?

    • Because olo says:

      Search for it. It was an entire thread.

    • Arachne says:

      Chen – we found a video about crazy name named Mr. Toot. Somehow it evolved.

    • Octopus says:

      Mr. Toot also stumbled upon a winning formula, like Chunky McDumbth. Like our fat friend, he also got a big head and flew too close to the sun. Nobody got on board with his new direction. His riffs and facial expressions while playing bore a marked resemblance to the young Icarus. Mr. Toot disappeared from public view, however, the instrument of his early success was picked up and used to great success and acclaim by younger Toots. Nobody knows or cares about what happened to Old Mr. Toot — except us. 😆

      • Because olo says:

        Here’s the quantum zen version: The Old guy, the Young kid, and the guy with the big beard are all Mr. toot, at different phases of his life. There is only one Mr. toot, and in his dotage, he’s reduced to trying to bring back his glory days by saying “bu-bu-bum”.

        Deepak Chopra told me this.

      • Octopus says:

        Some have posited that the Old Guy saying “bu-bu-bum” is Gus. Others have argued that Chunky and Gus are one and the same bum. Nobody knows for sure, but this song remains an intriguing allegorical re-telling of the LGF Saga, from obscurity to wild popularity, and back to even greater obscurity.

    • Daedalus says:

      Mr. Toot is a song by the group Ylvis. The same ones who did the Fox.

      • Octopus says:

        Ylvis is a Norwegian comedy duo consisting of brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker. They debuted as professional variety artists in 2000 and have since appeared in several countries in variety shows, comedy concerts, television shows, radio shows and music videos.

  15. Because olo says:

  16. Because olo says:

    Your garage possum?

  17. Octopus says:

    Sad, but great. Tell it, woman.

  18. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    @Maggyw519 I know. But Boyle and Johnson’s story was about underage prostitutes, and they have no evidence proving this.
    1 hour ago
    I’m seeing people jump the gun on this story who should know better.
    1 hour ago
    I’m not trying to defend Menendez, by the way. He seems like a scumbag. But this report does NOT vindicate Boyle and Chuck Johnson. At all.
    1 hour ago
    What they “corroborated” was witness testimony that Menendez was at a party that included prostitutes. This isn’t proof of anything.
    1 hour ago
    At this point, the DOJ has no proof at all that Menendez solicited prostitutes, only circumstantial evidence.
    1 hour ago
    Uh, people saying the DOJ “corroborated” the underage prostitute allegations against Menendez: that’s not correct at all. Read the articles.
    1 hour ago

    Ha! Chunky’s in major damage control in abject fear that Ginger is proven 100% right in his reporting on Menendez from back in March. In looking that up I came across the below gem in bold re: a GoFundMe effort by Ginger that was a smashing success:

    Naturally I wanted to find out the answer about Menendez’s alleged mistreatment. And, as I have never written about before, I sent an ex law enforcement operative to the Dominican Republic to obtain a document form a police station that confirmed Menendez was under investigation for the sexual assault of underaged girls. The knowledge that I have this document in a safe deposit box probably explains why Menendez hasn’t sued me for libel. By the way, in a victory for crowd funding I raised the money to send that operative using the crowd-funding platform I needed about $5,000 and wound up with a lot more which I poured back into the research and other projects.

    Of course I turned over all of my research to the Bureau after I spoke with one of my contacts there. They could be pinched any day now. Menendez has reportedly spent over a million in his legal defense—not exactly the sort of money innocent men spend.

    Poor Chunky McToot. No one pays him for his all his gut works.

    • Arachne says:

      Actually, I believe the underage prostitution story had its genesis over at The Blaze.

      And frankly, Fats, I don’t think the DOJ runs around making allegations based on Ginger’s investigator. Nor would they release details and allegations based on another’s allegations. But you keep dreaming, Chubby – you keep dreaming. .

      • Because olo says:

        There are other parties in higher places than Toot who want Menendez’ scalp.

      • Arachne says:

        I may be spit ballin’ here, but if Menendez says he’ll vote for the Iran Deal, his problems will “magically” disappear.

      • Because olo says:

        Oh, you’ve seen this movie before too, eh?

      • From the very same movie:

        “… It is also, however, hard to ignore the Justice Department’s conspicuously timed releases in relation to Menendez’s corruption case. Menendez spent the month of March, a crunch period that the P5+1 negotiators spent conceding to Iranian demands in order to emerge from talks in Europe with a framework nuclear deal, telling pro-Israel groups that he would oppose the proposed accord. Along with Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker, Menendez sponsored legislation that provided Congress with a period in which they could review and eventually vote on the nuclear accord. On Wednesday, April 1, the DOJ disclosed to the public the indictment against Menendez. On April 2, the administration revealed that it had finally established the framework outlines of a nuclear deal.”

  19. Octopus says:

    Speaking truth to Fatass? That’s pretty bold, Gustavo. 😆

  20. Because olo says:


  21. rightymouse says:

    Fatso’s begging bowl hasn’t been refreshed in 26 days. Pathetic.
    I bet this guy makes more in a day than Icarus’ average.

  22. Minnow says:

    Donald Trump is going to win the election by a landslide.

    I cannot wait.

  23. Octopus says:

    The murderer played the race card. Lay this one directly at the feet of all the race-baiters of society. Chunky, here’s your share. You disgusting fat pig.

    Fatass will spend all day shrieking about racist comments on Breitbart, like yesterday. Today will be “the worst racist I’ve ever seen, in all my years of keeping track of racist.”