Mr. Toot poised to repeat the Weinergate debacle

The Planned Parenthood video scandal is so toxic, that some on the left refuse to go near it. Always wanting to prove his progressive bona fides, Charles goes all in to defend Planned Parenthood by praising Nancy Pelosi’s attacks on the group that uncovered Planned Parenthood’s evil eugenicists mindset.

Pelosi-PP Pelosi-PP2Mr. Toot did not learn his lesson from Weinergate.



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  1. OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

    The Dems sure enjoy using their politicized DOJ as a weapon.

    I hope Nancy understands that you can only grip one end of the sword at a time, and if your opponent has the hilts … what am I saying, she’s set for life and does not give an aborted fetus liver (only $99.95, ask about volume discounts) about consequences of her political opportunism.

    • OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

      One day an evil RethugliKKKan will control the DOJ, and using it as a Party tool USSR-style will once again become unAmerican and treasonous.

    • Seems like the stalker fuckard blog has a total news blackout on the Lafayette shooting…
      Sorry to bother you. But I wet the bed yet again and I’m wide awake and need to annoy someone.

      • OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

        Stalker Charles would never do that to you. Go look again.

  2. Arachne says:

    Nancy Pelosi looks like an idiot for this. And the pushback she’s getting is pretty much a blogosphere ass-kicking.

    Look into the Center for Medical Progress’s political activity? Why? Because Planned Parenthood called you and said “no no we’re doing nothing wrong.” So did the IRS over the Lerner emails. So did the DOJ over Fast and Furious.

    There are disparities, Nancy? Please enumerate them.

    And Fatty McToot? You can holler, scream and yell deceptive editing till the cows come home. But it was always a Menu board.

    • Because olo says:

      I see a whole shirtload of IRS audit coming their way.

    • Seems like the stalker fucktard blog has a total news blackout on the Lafayette shooting….
      Still awake with a wet bed. And too stupid to remember that there’s a different blog for you guys that does actual news. Because my neocortex is actually the size of a walnut.

  3. Arachne says:

    BTW, since hospitals also are in possession of fetal “tissue” – both from induced and spontaneous abortion, perhaps Mr. Shitbag can do some investigation and tell us how much the hospital charges research firms. Do they have a price list as well?

    Oh, and why does it cost $100 to ship a “calvernium” and $50 to ship a liver but only $25 to ship muscle tissue?

    Why did HHS refuse a FOIA request for Planned Parenthood?

    Asking for a friend.

    And while I think of it – I imagine this organization knew full well, when this did this over a period of YEARS, that gruesome ghouls like Fatty McToot and Nazi Pelousy would pounce all over that.

    So where’s your big expose on all this, Rathergate boy?

  4. OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

    The calvernium is one of the crunchy parts.

    Get it down the birth canal without crushing it for big $$$. It’s like a crane game for eugenecists, or like “Operation” except it squirts real blood.

    And, speaking of the birth canal, it’s like a magic gateway. On one side, it’s a mass of fetal tissue dependent on the mother, basically a parasite. On the other side, it’s a child and any reduction of your rights is allowable as long as IT SAVES JUST ONE.

    That is a severe imbalance in the Force there, Luke.

  5. kbdabear says:

    While you’re doing your “research” of Freeper archives, Toot, see if you can dig up the ones from 2004 by “Buckhead” that you stole without attribution for your one big “scoop”.

    Oh, and it’s “research” when you do it, “stalking” when someone fact checks your fat ass

  6. Because olo says:

    Uh-oh. PROOF of TROOF from the OFFICE.

  7. Because olo says:

    Gus, meet Godfrey.

  8. Juan Epstein says:

    There you go again, trying to gain Twitter followers off the dead.

    This time dead babies.


  9. Arachne says:

    BTW has the Jazzy Foreign Policy Expert weighed in on the Iran Treaty?
    Or is he hiding in his “office” waiting to see which way the wind blows?
    Where’s his criticism of the Iraq Treaty hearings? His big new hero Seabiscuit was there, basically being told he was “fleeced” by the Iran negotiating team.

  10. Because olo says:

    Testy in the OFFICE.

  11. JimboXL says:

    It’s amusing to watch them fight a losing battle from such an indefensible position. Is that why they’ve switched to the birther issue now?

  12. Macker says:

    Hmmm…I wonder how many abortions selrahC has funded….

  13. Because olo says:

    Scream it LOUDER from the OFFICE.

  14. Because olo says:

    Web genius in the OFFICE.

    • rightymouse says:

      Fatso’s is such a moron. Lol!

      • Octopus says:

        Knowing how wrong he gets everything, every day, all day, it’s frightening to think of him tinkering with complicated code. Luckily, it’s just his own shitty blog that he continually dicks around with, and then boasts of accomplishing simple tasks over weeks and months that any competent high school kid would knock out in five minutes. 😆

    • kbdabear says:

      Fat men shouldn’t wrestle ..

      • Octopus says:

        That is one handsome man. I’m not afraid to admit it. Fat Bastard is dead sexy, and he knows it.

  15. kbdabear says:

    White supremacists, IR Porn fetishists, and Toot’s divorce lawyer …

  16. kbdabear says:

    OK Toot, I’ll bite ….

    • dezes157 says:

      Which fat pasty white ghoul will be the 1st to glob onto it for blog hits?

    • kbdabear says:

      Curious reporting right now… the shooter is dead, bomb squad has been called due to “suspicious package” in his car … yet the shooter’s name hasn’t been released.

      Toot and his pro-jihadist cult will complain that the MSM isn’t releasing the name because the shooter is a “white supremacist” whose car has all sorts of rebel flag stickers, not because the shooter’s name ain’t exactly common in small town Louisiana

    • kbdabear says:

      Lafayette Louisiana is the capital of Cajun Country, so if the name isn’t French, he’s not a local

    • Arachne says:

      Which Democrat and liberal shitbag will be the first to use the corpses of these victims to libel all gun owners in America and the second amendment? Oh wait. Already happened.

  17. Because olo says:

    Pouting from the OFFICE.

    • pineapple click gotnews! says:

      Stop eating.

    • Because olo says:

      Stompy stomp stomp!!! 😆

      • kbdabear says:

        “Women’s health organization” my ass. Toot loves to believe that’s what it actually is, that 99 percent of their work is cancer screening and prenatal care and 1 percent abortion, not the other way around.

      • Arachne says:

        Fatty is furiously sending out shit hoping Twitchy will notice him and post his idiocy.
        You don’t get it, dumbass. For Twitchy to notice you, opposing tweets have to appear in your timeline. You block everyone that disagrees with you, so no opposing tweets.

        Besides, Twitchy knows attention whores when they see it. They have important people to skewer.

  18. pineapple click gotnews! says:

    I’ll be anxious to read Dr “turd brain” Matt’s new “Deep Thoughts” post in the morning.

    • Because olo says:

      Not I. I’ve seen sewage lift stations. Seen one muffin, seen ’em all.

    • Professor Pakimon PhD says:

      I don’t know if we can withstand the onslaught of his “superior intellect”.

      Comments along the lines of “Your all stupid and Ive vanquished you!!” are really crushing.

      Strangely, his comments seem to make more sense after Arachne creatively edits them. 😆

  19. Because olo says:

    Meanwhile, Goose is making sense. Must be an accident.

  20. Octopus says:

    Please to keep destroying Chunky’s will to live while we are saving the Greek economy. 🙂

    • swamprat says:

      Wow! Beautiful.

    • Professor Pakimon PhD says:

      If you go on a boat cruise while you’re in Greece and the captain offers to let you “take the helm”, remember two things:

      1) Go easy on the Ouzo

      2) Port means Left and Starboard means Right

      Otherwise… bad things may happen. 😀

  21. pineapple says:

    Off to watch a movie……

    On this slow news night I’ll leave you with this.

  22. swamprat says:

    Posting this unseemingly long comment because it is a flounce

    • swamprat says:

      Questions Arise Over Released Texas Video of Sandra Bland Arrest

      7/22/2015 9:17:27 pm PDT down -5

      You actually have a point there. I shouldn’t have taken your bait in the first place with your insinuations that I approve or condone police misconduct. With my last post, I will post my theory of the case.

      Sandra Bland is mentally unstable. This is obvious from her videos, and I’m not talking about her admission of depression, I don’t think that means anything. Her driving record includes 2 dwi charges and 1 conviction, a drug offense conviction, driving without insurance (very serious), driving while suspended (also includes jail with multiple offenses) and a host of other stuff. She’s over $7,000 in debt to the State at the time she passes away.

      Reports are mixed. Some say she had a job in Texas, some say she was going for interviews, others say she was made job offers. I’m going to assume that she probably didn’t include her criminal record on her applications. So she’s leaving Chicago and getting away from the mess she’s in to start a new life. A new job so she can pay off her debts and a new life in a new state.

      But when she gets to Texas she loses her cool with a cop and ends up in a jail cell for days, charged with assault on a police officer and has to call home for bail money. That’s probably the end of her career at a college. Are they going to hire a dwi, drug possession, assaulting a cop applicant?

      She was probably in that cell thinking that her life is over and she’s going to have to slink back to Chicago and move in with her parents. One report said she asked if the she could call home that morning but never made a call. Maybe she was contemplating a last phone call. It’s sad, but there is nothing heroic about this situation. A messed up girl ran into a douchebag cop with a disastrous result. For you uber libs advocating for free speech rights when a cop pulls you over – there is a man standing outside your window with a gun on his hip, you idiots. Go watch YouTube. There’s one video where the girl is running away in handcuffs and the cop pushes her down from behind, her head hits the ground and she’s immediately dead. I’ll bet when a cop pulls you over, you put the cigarette out before the cop even gets to your window.

  23. Arachne says:

    Dr. Incontinence is rather pathetic. Too dumb to realize that we don’t post the news stories here – we post the mindless unintelligent ramblings of his fearless leader. We have the mother ship for hard news discussion. In addition, check out Correspondence Committee or Weasel Zippers, dipshit. That’s where we also go to discuss actual news stories pretty much under our Blogmocracy names.

    Now go wash out your sheets and underpants and put on a Depends, for crying out loud. Because the fatass you worship will be getting up pretty soon and will need your head planted back up his ass.

    Oh, and while we’re at it, Dummie, I must have missed the stories Fatty McToot posted about cops being killed in ambushes. There’s been several in the past few days.

    Hey, since the Swamp is an actual news site, did the Fat Social Justice Warrior post anything on this?

    • OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

      CC isn’t free and open to trolls like this friendly little blog.

      • Arachne says:

        Not to comment, but he’s certainly free to read it.
        Of course, the walnut neocortex might explode being bombarded with facts.

      • OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

        How many “stalker blogs” do you think Stalker Charles will let him read?

  24. pineapple's welcome wagon says:

    Dr Matt, a man of seemingly very low intelligence thinks that this is a “breaking news” type blog or something.

    Our mother ship as Arachne noted, is “The Blogmocracy”. Talk about mass murdering scumbags of varying skin color there.

    This blog is dedicated to boobies, and the mocking of Fuckface “Mr Toot” Johnson. Apparently you want to share in the mocking now. Hey, if Fatso doesn’t mind, we’re in.

    Just an FYI here Matt….We happen to like our misspelled words, and we love avoiding “certain” news stories that don’t fit our agenda, especially when it pisses you off.

    You being a member of LGF can totally understand that concept right?

    Thanks for injecting a little extra fun around here Matt. I mean that.

    • Arachne says:

      And D(oor)r. Matt – if you ever want to come here and actually discuss an issue regarding the the Duplicitous Dipshit like a rational human being, the red pen stays in my pocket. But five posts in five minutes that essentially say the same thing but add a word each time? Really? That’s like rabbit turds across the cage. Also not a sign of mental health.

      However, it DOES remind us of a certain Hefty Harry blogger and his incessant “ICYMI” tweets.

      • pineapple's welcome wagon says:

        Matt is not capable of civil discourse. Too much political hatred in that guy.

        It might sound silly to us, but Matt’s measure of self worth is in “karma points”.

      • Arachne says:

        I checked Matt’s Twitter. He’s another one that follows more people than follow him back. Never a good sign.

  25. Arachne says:

    Turns out the shooter in Alabama was a member of “TEA Party Nation.” Look for Charles to shit all over himself and proclaim that at last the TEA Party is showing itself for the violent organization it is – a branch of the KKK!

    However, remember that when it’s someone affiliated with Islam that’s killing people, it’s a “lone wolf” trying to discredit a peaceful religion.

  26. pineapple's welcome wagon says:

    Glenn Beck said Planned Parenthood is totally unnecessary. Every community has a free clinic to provide the same services they do.

    If you read their timeline it’s difficult to find anyone in support of them. The deluge of negative responses are very clever I must say.

    Acorn is begging once again, “hurry up PP” it’s lonely over here in “Yesterdayland”.

  27. pineapple's welcome wagon says:

    Shillary, Planned Parenthood support maybe something you should avoid for now? On second thought, you should make it a major issue in your campaign…… just say “women’s rights” a lot.
    That will be your code word for “crunching babies”.

    • OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

      Hillary: Grabbing them by their crunchy bits and squeezing out that money

  28. pineapple's welcome wagon says:

    Talk about being racist, Jeff Furballington is a good example of one.

    When a person of color is a conservative, all bets are off in libtard land.