This is a sick mindset!

The follow exchanged was repulsive.

This is sick, but Mr. Toot’s excuses for Planned parenthood is worse.

There’s going to be violence!; Update: A spot on observation

The progressive movement is in an uproar over the sting videos showing the contempt for human life members of Planned Parenthood have. Rather than be angry at this callous view of life, the Left is lashing out at anyone who is disgusted over these videos. Being a Libertarian, I am not a hardliner on the abortion issue or other social issues for that matter, but these videos make me sick.

Rather than be upset at Planned Parenthood, Shiplord Kirel worries that the video may lead to violent attacks on abortion clinics.

Kirel abortion

Kirel, what is ugly is the evil mindset of Planned Parenthood.

Update: A good observation has been made about LGF’s blackout on the Chattanooga attack.

Chattanooga Update

The answer is obvious. Mr. Toot sympathizes with Islamic terrorists.