How dare Major Garret question Obama!

Displaying his Stalinist colors, Commissar Johnson lashes out at Major Garret for asking Obama a question.

How dare a reporter do his job and question our great and fearless leader!


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  1. rightymouse says:

    Fess up, Fatso…

  2. As someone said on another blog:

    All that anger comes from the MFM knowing just what a stupid, lame-ass TFG really is.

    They actually get to see him unfiltered.

    It’s the bigotry of low expectations – Progtards figure that since he’s Black, Obama can’t possibly do better so they angrily defend him.

    The fantasy must be maintained.

    It’s like “The Emperor’s New Clothes” only at the end, the truth-telling kid gets beaten to death by the angry mob trying to protect the delusions of their retarded king.

  3. livefreeor die says:

    I don’t recall the press being respectful of Reagan, Bush 41 or Bush 43?
    And by the way, Chuckles, you are KING of going after people for self promotion (like tweeting Lord knows how many thousand times about getting the other Charles Johnson thrown off Twitter ring a bell?) so STFU.

  4. livefreeor die says:

    I love when Bammy tries to pretend he’s a bad a–. This deal is an atrocity. Even Carter got the hostages back.

    • Because olo says:

      Not really. They were released on Reagan’s inauguration day. A final insult to Jimmy. Strong horse and all that.

    • rightymouse says:

      Carter? I thought it was Reagan with a bit of help from Perot.

      • Arachne says:

        True. They released them on the day Reagan was inaugurated. The motivation was that they wanted to distract from what was essentially Reagan’s day. When asked about it once, I believe President Reagan said “fine with me. All I cared about was their plane landing in the U.S.” or something like that.

        All Carter did was stage a complete DISASTER of a rescue attempt.

      • rightymouse says:

        I remember Carter’s “rescue”. The helicopters were useless.

      • Because olo says:

        The Carter rescue failed primarily because he dithered and waited too long into the fall. The days were too short, and the crash happened in the dark. If Jimmy had said “go” when the Joint Chiefs proposed it, it probably would have succeeded.

  5. Arachne says:

    I always like seeing who hits “reply” to the dumbest man on the internet’s attention whore I’m Somebody Dammit” garbage.

    People with over 100K tweets and less than 1K followers and the ever present degenerate Allan Brauer, who lost his job when he tweeted out the hope kids would catch a debilitating illness and die.

    He’s being “retweeted” by the right wing, who is pointing and laughing.

  6. Arachne says:

    As far as Major Garrett “exploiting” the plight of the four Americans – please inform me, Shitstain of America, when Prezdint Putz has EVER mentioned them. EVER. Why didn’t he say something about them before being asked?

    And excuse me – concessions? Why didn’t Emperor Dirtbag just say “release them or we walk away from the table.”

    • ISpeakJive says:

      The Prez said asking for their release would’ve required us to give more concessions. Which shows exactly who had the upper hand in the negotiations. And it wasn’t us.

  7. Charles, your hypocrisy has hit a new low — never thought it could sink any further. You have your differences with the Right and conservatives, why not, everyone is entitled to differ. But you are only a worthless, intellectually dishonest opportunist.
    But you don’t read here.

  8. rightymouse says:

    Fatso loves him some Margaret Sanger. **retch**

    • Because olo says:

      Have you noticed how many of his tweets are of the form “the TRUTH about…”? Every day he sounds a little more like Alex Jones.

    • What. Ever.
      Please, waiting to hear your spin on this, Charles.

    • Refute these quotes, Charles.

      On blacks, immigrants and indigents:
      “…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.” Margaret Sanger, Pivot of Civilization, referring to immigrants and poor people

      On the extermination of blacks:
      “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” she said, “if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America, by Linda Gordon

      On eradicating ‘bad stocks’:
      The goal of eugenicists is “to prevent the multiplication of bad stocks,” wrote Dr. Ernst Rudin in the April 1933 Birth Control Review (of which Sanger was editor). Another article exhorted Americans to “restrict the propagation of those physically, mentally and socially inadequate.”

      You just don’t know better, I believe.

      • ISpeakJive says:

        According to that article, Sanger had to pretend to go along with eugenics theories and goals to remove the stigma of birth control in the 20’s.

        Process that one for a moment.

      • Because olo says:

        That’s convenient.

      • Arachne says:

        Nothing beats lefty shitbags trying to re-write history. Like calling a video tape a “hoax” when, uh, bitch is smacking her lips over salad while she talks about the “menu” for baby parts.

      • That’s another Marxist totalitarian trait: shove everything down the memory hole, rewrite history, hope those who actually know shit will die before they can set everyone else straight.

  9. Captain Death says:

    Soon the smelly douchebag will claim that Shepard Smith is a “wingnut”.

  10. Because olo says:

  11. Because olo says:

    • Arachne says:

      Isn’t Choudary the human stain that Fatass makes excuses for these days?

      • Captain Death says:

        Anjem Chowderhead is the one.

      • Chunky's Missing Brain says:

        Yep, the one he got all pissy about with Kalegore about “associations” vs. “affilations” to the Brit soldier killers, lost the argument and then called Kalegore a dick or something.

  12. Because office office office lol says:

    Notice he didn’t say “office”?

  13. pineapple says:

    If the fugitive drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman can make it to San Francisco he’ll be safe.

  14. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    Here’s why the Progturds are so sensitive about MG’s question:

    Trump said, “He dealt from desperation and he shouldn’t have been desperate. First of all, we’re giving them billions of dollars in this deal, which we shouldn’t give them.We should have kept the money. Second of all, we have four prisoners over there. We should have said let the prisoners out. They shouldn’t be over there. One’s in there because he’s a Christian. He’s a pastor. One’s in there, a writer. I mean, they shouldn’t be in prison. So he should have said, we’re not doing anything, let them out. They would have let them out in two minutes if the right messenger delivered the message. They should have been out at the beginning of the negotiation. Who would think we would do a negotiation and have four prisoners.”

    He added, “You know the Iranians are going to cheat. They are going to cheat. They are great negotiators and you know they’re going to cheat.”

    • Octopus says:

      Of course they’re going to cheat. It’s in the Koran, that you can and should cheat the infidel at every turn. The mullahs couldn’t control their snickering, when this deal was signed by the affirmative action Presidunce.

  15. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    The guy who made the bogus Planned Parenthood video is friends with Chuck Johnson (LGF had this news 2 days ago)
    26 minutes ago

    So you means someone at LGF researched the guy to find out his friends and associations? Isn’t that why you called Ginger a stalker countless times??

    • Arachne says:

      You can call the video bogus till the cows come home, Fatty McToot, but it still doesn’t turn a menu board into a laptop.

      Personally, I think he’s working overtime to get his foolish fat butt mentioned on Twitchy. I mean Twitchy even mentions NOBODIES, for goodness’ sake. Why won’t they mention MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    • What’s bogus about the video? The conditions under which the interview was granted, or the words coming from the MD?

      • Chunky's Missing Brain says:

        Because those are the orders from Progturd central command:

        And I don’t think a lot of libtards, Mr. Toot well among them actually reads the whole article. Like where it says

        The “sting” unfolded over three years, Daleiden said, because it takes time to build up a front as a biotech company and gain access to Planned Parenthood executives. The lunch, he said, is just the beginning: The Center for Medical Progress plans to release a new video every week for the next few months.

        Like where they said the ACORN videos were a hoax at first, then more and more came out.

      • Octopus says:

        They are confusing a sting with a hoax. 😆

        Burn in hell, bitches. Talking to you, too, Fatass. 😈

  16. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    Board Member of Right Wing Group That Made Planned Parenthood Video Believes Murdering Doctors Is “Justifiable”

    So then Mr. Toot must believe abortions should stop, right? They offend Christians and might incite them to violence. That makes anyone who does them irresponsible like Pam Geller, right?

  17. pineapple says:

    Wow. hard to believe………but that’s funny.

  18. pineapple says:

    All the lapdogs at LGF must be sitting on the edge of their chairs praying that the shooter is a WHITE man. If that’s true, a collective “PHEW” will be heard coming from there.

    • Arachne says:

      Near as I can tell from reports at ZIP, it was a White guy” – but since he shot at cops and military personnel, my best guess says it wasn’t a member of the TEA Party.

    • pineapple says:

      • Arachne says:

        Oh dear…….How long before Fatty and the Losers tell us that the fact that its an “Arabic” name doesn’t mean anything? You know, rush to judgment and all that bullshit.

      • pineapple says:

        They are already attacking Pamela Geller for the article she hasn’t written yet.

        Predictable libtard fools.

      • kbdabear says:

        As we speak, Toot is scrubbing all blatherings about Confederate flags causing the Chattanooga shootings

        Next up; “My timeline is filling up with right wing hate for muslims”

      • pineapple says:

        Furiuos_Burknut should arrive soon, lashing herself bloody to alleviate her guilt.

        She will get updings out of pity..

      • rightymouse says:

        Imagine that. A muslim.

      • Because olo says:

        Abdulaziz isn’t just any muslim name, it’s Saudi. And if I’m not mistaken, Saudi royalty.

        Of course it could be an adopted name by some yank, I suppose.

  19. Minnow says:

    A sad day for our nation.

    RIP soldiers, and thank you for your sacrifices.

    • pineapple says:

      Sad day indeed.

      “Gun free zone” status for military bases needs to be abolished NOW.

    • Octopus says:

      I second that. Moderate Muslims will be speaking out all over the place, condemning this atrocity. Nyet.

      • pineapple says:

        Libs will be screaming “see? see? we need more gun control!”, missing the message like they always do.

  20. Octopus says:

    Just going to put this here, to perk things up…

  21. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    Although Mr. Toot will insist it’s obviously GUN NUTz! There’s no longer any doubt who it is. ISIS TWEETED YES TWEETED it moments before it happened.

    Complete with grammar errors “You Americans Dogs”

    Ginger could not be reached on Twitter for comment. Nor could Twitter management.

  22. Juan Epstein says:

    Someone’s about to have a bad day at the…………..OFFICE!

    Enemy of your enemy, Al-Charles.

    • Because olo says:

      You know what I’d hit the tip jar for? Watching Toot taking orders from Michael Scott. At the OFFICE.

  23. Juan Epstein says:

    But but but Chrsitians!!


    Nice try, Office Boy.

  24. pineapple says:

    He’s not even trying anymore…… his anger is so uncontrollable it makes him type really dumb stuff.

  25. pineapple says:

    You would think the liberals would be thrilled that it was an ISIS inspired Muslim shooter.

    It will divert energy away from their Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, and Iran deal disasters.

  26. Minnow says:

    Unbelievable that we, as a society, are pretending that we don’t know what happened in Chattanooga today.

    Work place violence? A random criminal act?

    The motherfucker took out four infidels in an act of war.

    End of story.

    Now, what are we going to do about it?

    Probably wring our hands and listen to a bunch of idiots explain to us fourteen different excuses.

    What horseshit.

    Four innocents, slaughtered by an animal.


    • KGB says:

      President Obama is probably penning a personal letter to the family of the dead muzzie scum as we speak, bemoaning the fact that white bigots let them all down. Jen Psaki will announce at a press conference that if only we had more jobs for jihadists we would have fewer terror attacks. These people are just as much the enemy as the Islamists; they seek our demise just as fervently.

  27. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    And maybe you’ve forgotten the many terror attacks carried out by anti-choice fanatics in recent years. @rsmccain
    20 minutes ago

    Wow. Is he serious? Checkout Wikipedia. Six murders between ’93 and ’09 (Tiller). Since then none. A few dozen acts of violence or attempts over a 30 yr period from the early ’90s to about 2 years ago. Maybe 3 or 4 in the last 5 years.

    Compare that to 5 dead in America just today!! from Islam inspired murderers. And tens of thousands a year worldwide.

    Per Wikipedia, 2015 alone so far up to June 26 so yeah, some are missing including today’s:

    France January 7–9, 2015 – A series of 5 attacks in and around Paris kill 17 people, plus 3 attackers, and leave 22 other people injured.
    Nigeria January 8, 2015 – 2015 Baga massacre. Boko Haram attacks town of Baga in northern Nigeria killing at least 200 people. Another 2000 are unaccounted for.[73]
    Lebanon January 10, 2015 – In the 2015 Jabal Mohsen suicide attacks 9 people died and 30+ were wounded.
    Egypt January 29, 2015 – January 2015 Sinai attacks. 44 killed, several wounded.
    Pakistan January 30, 2015 – Suicide bomber kills at least 55, injuring at least 59 in a Shiite mosque in southern Pakistan.[74]
    Pakistan February 13, 2015 – Heavily armed militants killed at least 19 people and wounded more than 40 after they stormed into a Shiite mosque during Friday Prayer in a suburb of Peshawar.[75]
    Denmark February 14–15, 2015 – 2015 Copenhagen attacks. A gunman opened fire at the Krudttoenden café and later at the Great Synagogue in Copenhagen, killing two civilians and injuring five others.[76]
    Nigeria March 7, 2015 – Five suicide bomb blasts leave 58 dead and 143 wounded in the 2015 Maiduguri suicide bombing.
    Pakistan March 15, 2015 – Suicide bombers kill at least 15 people in attacks on two churches in Lahore.[77]
    Tunisia March 18, 2015 – Bardo National Museum attack. Militants linked to ISIL attack the Bardo National Museum with guns, killing 21 people and injuring around 50.[78]
    Yemen March 20, 2015 – 2015 Sana’a mosque bombings. 135 killed in bombings on several mosques by ISIL.[79]
    Libya March 25, 2015 – ISIL affiliates, The Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries in Libya carried out suicide bombings in the city of Benghazi. Twelve were killed and 25 wounded. Five additional dead during attacks with a local militia.[80]
    Somalia March 27, 2015 – Makka al-Mukarama hotel attack. 20+ dead 28 wounded.
    Kenya April 2, 2015 – 148 killed in Al-Shabaab’s Garissa University College attack.[81]
    Saudi Arabia April 8, 2015 – In the city of Riyadh two policemen are shot dead. ISIL is blamed to be behind the attack.[82][83]
    Somalia April 14, 2015 – Militants of Al-Shabaab attack a government building in Mogadishu in the 2015 Ministry of Higher Education attack. 17 dead 15 wounded.
    Iraq April 17, 2015 – A series of bombings by the ISIL occurred through Baghdad. 40+ killed 59+ injured.[84]
    IraqIraqi Kurdistan April 17, 2015 – A car bomb exploded at the entrance of the US consulate in Erbil, Iraq. ISIL took credit for the attack. 3 killed 5 wounded.[85]
    Afghanistan April 18, 2015 – A suicide bomb detonated in front of a bank in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. ISIL claims responsibility. 33 killed 100+ injured.[86]
    France April 19, 2015 – A 32-year Frenchwoman is murdered by a gunman whose plot to attack a church is foiled shortly after.[87]
    Somalia April 20, 2015 – A minivan of UN workers was bombed by Al-Shabaab in the Puntland region of Somalia. 9 dead 4 injured.[88]
    Bosnia and Herzegovina April 27, 2015 – At the Zvornik police station terrorist attack in the city of Zvornik, Republika Srpska, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an armed member of a wahhabist movement opened fire on the police. In the shooting, a police officer was killed, two others were injured, and the attacker was killed by police.[89]
    Iraq May 3, 2015 – Two car bombs were detonated ten minutes apart in Baghdad, Iraq. Nineteen were killed and an unknown number wounded. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.[90]
    United States May 3, 2015 – Two gunmen attacked the Curtis Culwell Center during a ‘Draw Muhammad’ cartoon art exhibit in Garland, Texas . 2 dead (perpetrators) 1 injured.[91][92][93][94][95]
    Afghanistan May 3, 2015 – Taliban militants overran checkpoints in Warduj, killing 17 policemen.[96]
    Afghanistan May 4, 2015 – A government bus was attacked by a suicide bomber in Kabul, killing one person and injuring 15 others.[97]
    Iraq May 10, 2015 – Two car bombs were detonated ten minutes apart in Baghdad, Iraq and surrounding towns of Taji and Tarmiyah. ISIS claims responsibility. 14 were killed and wounding 30.[98]
    Afghanistan May 10, 2015 – A bus carrying Afghan government employees was attacked in Kabul by a suicide bomber, killing 3 people and injuring 10. Taliban claimed responsibility.[99]
    Pakistan May 13, 2015 – A bus carrying Shia Muslims was attacked by six armed gunman who rode up in motorcycles. Several Islamist groups claim responsibility. 45 dead 13 injured.[100]
    Afghanistan May 14, 2015 – A hotel that was hosting a cultural event was attacked by Taliban fighters in Kabul leaving 14 dead including an American, an Italian, and 4 Indians.[101]
    Afghanistan May 17, 2015 – A Taliban suicide attack near the entrance of Hamid Karzai International Airport targeting a European police training vehicle. 3 dead 18 injured.[102]
    Afghanistan May 19, 2015 – A suicide car bombing detonated in the parking lot of a Justice Ministry building in the diplomatic section of Kabul, killing 4 people wounding 42.[103]
    Libya May 21, 2015 – A suicide bomber detonated his explosives at a military checkpoint outside of Misrata killing himself and two guards.[104]
    Saudi Arabia May 22, 2015 – A suicide bomber attacked a Shia mosque during prayer in the al-Qadeeh village. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. 21 dead +90 injured.[105]
    Afghanistan May 25, 2015 – Taliban militants killed 19 policemen and six soldiers during a siege at a police compound in Nawzad District of Afghanistan.[106]
    Kenya May 26, 2015 – Al-Shabaab militants attacked two police patrols which turned into a gun battle north of Garissa, 5 police officers were injured but they were able to kill both of the attackers.[107]
    Iraq May 28, 2015 – Two car bombs were set off minutes apart targeting the Cristal Grand Ishtar Hotel and the Babylon. 10 killed and 30 wounded.[108]
    Saudi Arabia May 29, 2015 – A suicide bomber attacked a Shia mosque in Dammam detonating the bomb in the parking lot. 4killed, unknown injured.[109]
    Iraq June 1, 2015 – Three suicide bombers in humvees attacked an Iraqi police station in the Tharthar region in Northern Anbar Province. 41 dead, 63 wounded.[110]
    Iraq June 13, 2015 – Four suicide SUV car bombs went off in an Iraqi police station in the Hajjaj near Tikrit and Baiji. 11 dead, 27 injured.[111]
    France June 26, 2015 – Saint-Quentin-Fallavier attack – Beheading in a factory near Lyon, head marked with Arabic writing and Islamist flags. Gas canisters planted provoked a fire. 1 dead, 11 injured. [112]
    Kuwait June 26, 2015 – 2015 Kuwait mosque bombing – 27 people killed in explosion at Shia Imam Sadiq mosque in Kuwait City, medical sources tell Al Jazeera. Claimed by ISIS
    Tunisia June 26, 2015 – 2015 Sousse attack – Attack in Tunisia against two tourist hotels, over 28 people died.
    Somalia June 26, 2015 – Battle of Leego (2015) Attack on AMISOM base in Somalia with a car bomb, assault rifles and RPGs, causing over 30 military deaths.
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  28. Because olo says:

  29. windbag says:

    We must do a better job of accommodating the immigrants. This poor guy in Chattanooga apparently couldn’t read the gun-free zone signs.

    What’s it going to take to resurrect common sense in this country?

  30. Juan Epstein says:

    When you get to your office could you explain to me why planned parenthood would apologize for a bogus, heavily edited right wing terrorist video?

  31. pineapple says:

    Here’s the Muslim shooter at his graduation in front of an American flag and in front of some sort of KKK Nazi type flag that I can’t identify.

  32. rightymouse says:

    Fatso’s on his high horse going totally mental….

  33. Because olo says:

    Obsessed at the office.

    Here’s the proof that Chuck C. Johnson is using @RonReaganLives – he bragged about it on Facebook.
    2 minutes ago
    Folks, you need to file a report with Twitter about @RonReaganLives. It’s Chuck C. Johnson back again, tweeting links to his site.
    3 minutes ago
    Banned racist troll Chuck Johnson is back on Twitter as @RonReaganLives. #SandraBland @deray
    26 minutes ago
    Proof that Chuck Johnson is using the @RonReaganLives account:
    28 minutes ago
    Chuck C. Johnson continues using the @RonReaganLives account, tweeting a link to a racist article at his site.
    29 minutes ago

    • OLT's It's Fucking BRIGHT Outside The Donkey Show says:

      At least Pam’s bewbs are getting a break.

    • Pakimon says:

      Ginger Chucks must be destroyed! 😆

    • trebob says:


      Meanwhile, in the real world, a brutal terrorist organization tweets in advance of the killing of 4 of our finest Americans. Not just Americans, Marines. But that’s just social tweeting to Charles the idiot. Let’s not complain about them using twitter.

      He knows he stepped in it with that ignorant tweet to McCain and now has to clear his timeline and ignore the responses. Plus, stalking ginger Chuck makes his little special place tingle.

    • Arachne says:

      Ginger is allowed to be on Twitter, dumbass. He is not allowed to open his own account anymore. This account has been opened since 2011.

  34. JimboXL says:

    Another Muslim, yes Muslim killer. Have any of the anti confederate flag keyboard warriors called for the banning of Islam yet? Clearly Islam and these continual Muslim rampages are linked.

  35. rightymouse says:

    NOBODY get on their HIGH HORSE!!! Because…Christian!!!!!

  36. Juan Epstein says:

    Your boy Breviek is still the champ, Office Boy.


  37. pineapple says:

    I’m confused, in this Iran deal we hand them $150 billion dollars?

    Some of which may/will be used against us?

    If Iran abides by the terms of the deal, at some point we will unfreeze their monetary funds?

    Why can’t we just unfreeze some of their funds that equals $150 billion dollars now?

    Some other things that I’m learning about this deal.

    It’s bad folks.

    1. We must give them 24 day notice before inspection.
    2. No representative of the United States will be allowed to join in the inspection.
    3. The organization that will inspect are mainly Muslim countries who are allies with Iran.
    4. We must train them to prevent sabotage of their nuke facilities.
    5 We failed to include the release of our citizens being held by Iran.

    I fear this is the tip of the iceberg of this deal.

    Susan Rice calls terrorism “bad behavior” now.

    I’m sad for our country, especially the youth.

  38. Pakimon says:

    You know what else is ghoulish?

    Sponging off your sister for months and thanking her by stuffing her dishwasher full of shit smeared underwear.

    That’s ghoulish.

  39. Because olo says:
  40. Juan Epstein says:

    Nazi Lizards hitting the phone lines.

  41. Because olo says:

    Put the rheumatiz medicine down.