A conspiracy theorist that the corpulent has-been blogger and his Trotskyite minions can get behind

Let’s see, Juan Cole blames Jews, Robert Spencer, Geert Widlers, Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes and Bugs Bunny for the Charleston massacre. Is he cribbing from Shiplord Kirel, Kragar (Proud to be a dhimmi), and Alouette?

by Alex Griswold

University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole wrote a blog post Sunday blaming “Islamophobes” and “far right wing Jews” for shaping the racist views of Charleston shooter Dylann Storm Roof, despite no evidence that was the case.

“The Muslim-hatred of the Geert Wilders and Marine LePens in Europe, for which Daniel Pipes, and Pamela Geller, and the whole Islamophobic network are cheerleaders and enablers, was a key influence on Dylann Roof, according to his manifesto,” Cole writes.

The problem is, Roof’s (alleged) manifesto doesn’t actually say anything about Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Daniel Piper, or even Muslims for that matter. Rather, Cole seems to just assume that because the Roof came across racist European sites, he must have been influenced by them in some way. But there’s simply no evidence of that.

“Ironically, some groups connected to the Islamophic Network are, like Geller and Pipes, Jewish,” Cole continues. “But their anti-immigrant, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim rhetoric backfired on them in Roof’s case, since he went on heartily to hate Jews, as well.”

“That far right wing Jews would be trying to teach white people to hate non-Christians boggles the mind, since nothing could be more injurious to the American and European Jewish communities,” he concludes. “But the biggest irony is that their agitation against European Muslims should have helped inspire Roof in South Carolina to kill 9 African-Americans.”

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      God’s Teeth!! How many postings on Twitter of this bullshit does hit make now? Seven?

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        When Fatso obsesses, he REALLY obsesses. I’ve never seen anything like this before. He needs a shrink.

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    Let the record show that Toot hates Bald Eagles. If any dead ones show up in Culver City, the EPA knows where to start asking questions.

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      One thing I’ve noticed that My Little Ponytail’s peeps who “reply” to his tweets are the biggest bunch of losers I’ve ever seen.

      So, he hates the preamble to the Constitution and apparently the two greatest symbols of the nation — the Stars and Stripes and the Bald Eagle.

      May I suggest a rowboat to Cuba, Fatso?

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        Don’t forget Greece’s contribution of “Molon Labe”. Isn’t that kinda like ‘never surrender’?

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      Next up, Mr Toot whines about being blocked by Chuck Todd

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    Kragar PROUD TO BE KAFIR got a stiffy when LGF was liked by owillis.

    “WILLIS LINKED TO LGF!” He says …..

    Fatso’s acceptance by owillis is almost complete.

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      If only TWITCHY would notice him!!

      By the way, what is Blobbo the race baiting hot air balloon congratulating them for. Did My Little Ponytail hit $3000 bucks on his “Please don’t make me get a job” page?

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    Toot the genius scholar thinks “MOLON LABE” is from a movie.

    First, it’s “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ” in the actual Greek, and it’s ancient. And it actually means something.


    What a diptwinkle.

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    And now for something completely different. Robots on sterno.

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      Cool! Upper middle class robot twits. They should have also tasked them with getting the bra off a manikin.

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    Yesterday, life was such an easy game to play…

    Now I need a place to hide away…

    You’re a very confused stumblebum, Gus. Sis still wants you to pay for the dishwasher, btw.

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      C’mon. Don’t deny him the joy of his pork chop-and-applesauce TV dinner. Today was a banner day at the dumpster.

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    ‘Tis a good thing Octo left the U of MI with such critical thinking skillz. Students today aren’t taught critical thinking, just PC groupthink, courtesy of Juan Cole and others.

    An aside: I work with a well established drummer who loses gigs because he challenges the music/leftist mantra. Stuck in an office because he won’t repeat the lefty talking points. He told me about his facebook “friends” and their worship of Obama. I reached for the aspirin. I’m proud to know him because he GETS IT.

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    Goos is a bum.

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    Or maybe you don’t know shit ….

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      Yeah, like Toot knows diddly snot about the DNS system…

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      I mean seriously? A “bad” server? Not an unsynced file?

      😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

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      Says an idiot who used to call himself a “code monkey”.

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    A new righteous rant.

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    Kids these days. God help us.

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    Hi, Gus. How’s Denver? I heard the weed is getting cheaper by the day.

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    A day in the life…right, Garage Boy? Hey, I don’t judge. Whatever gets you by. 🙂

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    Okay, this is disgusting. Chunky is telling rumors about Ginger- Sex with a donkey, and I hate to even write this here, (apologies) Ginger tricking his girlfriend to let him pee in her mouth. 11 minute mark or so in the stupid podcast.


    Then he and the co-idiot host just howl like 13 year-olds.

    WTF is wrong with these guys???

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      Says the guy who pees in Mt. Dew bottles.

      BTW, it takes a pretty weeny weeny to fit in the bottleneck of a pop bottle, even deflated.

      Just sayin’.

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        I’ve tried using pop bottles, on long trips as a young drinker, and fuhgeddaboutit. Pee everywhere, only some in the bottle. I don’t know how Chunky does it, to be honest.

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        I can’t even get my deflatormouse in a milk jug. It ain’t easy being big.

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        Be careful how ‘mouse’ is used, m’kay???

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      What is love? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just something…where you pee in her mouth. NO! It’s not that. It’s beautiful, and sacred. Then scary, and horrible, and you give her most of your stuff to get away. Or, you work it out. I don’t know, I’m still working on it. 😯

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      Wow. Ginger poop. Ginger pee. Ginger with a Donkey. Why would Chuck Todd block the Tootman when he’s all over the news of the day?

      WTF wrong with Tooty and his pal Cesspool is called arrested development. I haven’t listed to the latest poop-pee cast yet but I know what to expect from the last one.

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      The podcast didn’t translate into any cash flow on the ol’ GoFundMe page.

      Guess that applesauce is going to have to wait.

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      Two retweets. No one gives a shit. What the world wants to know, CHUCK is why you weren’t’ to art of a more recent studio session involving Stanley Clarke and in spirit, George Duke.

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        And he really dates himself. Hardly anyone on Twitter even knows who those guys are. They are or would all be over sixty including Toot. Cobham’s 71.

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      And then he quickly parlayed that golden opportunity into permanent mediocre sideman-hood.

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    well at least now we know why Cesspool wanted CHUCK for a co-host. Anyone else with an ounce of intelligence or self-respect would have been insulted to be asked to be the second banana to what is essentially a junior high girls’ bathroom gossip fest.

  22. Octopus says:

    Getting back to the original post, it occurs to me that Juan Cole of Michigan was a very frequent target of LGF attacks in the Pre-Moronic Conversion era. Googled a few for youse:


    Say No to Juan Cole

    By Charles Johnson
    Blogosphere1/07/09 1:13:36 pm • Views: 1,453
    The “Best Middle East or Africa Blog” category in the 2008 Weblog Awards is currently being dominated by execrable terror apologist professor Juan Cole (“Informed Comment”), after he posted a whiny conspiratorial rant about “neocons” (his favorite demon, aka “Jews”) and begged his audience of leftist drones to vote for him.

    • Captain Death says:

      Charles would suck up to Jimmy Carter if Carter were not so senile and would say say to Chunkie “Who the fuck is Charles Johnson?”.

  23. Octopus says:

    A Call on the Clue Phone for Juan Cole
    By Charles Johnson
    3/10/08 6:32:51 pm • Views: 2,220
    Anti-American professor Juan Cole has rather famously claimed that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was “misquoted” in his infamous “Israel must be wiped off the map” statement. Search Google for that phrase and you’ll find tons of lefty and Islamist web sites eagerly promoting Cole’s obfuscation.

    So how will the malevolent Juan Cole and his useful idiot followers explain this?

    A woman walks past a poster featuring portraits of (L-R) Israeli military intelligence chief General Amos Yedlin, Mossad chief Meir Dagan and Defence Minister Ehud Barak during an anti-Israeli ceremony in Tehran. Iranian hardline students have offered rewards totalling a million dollars for the “execution” of the three Israeli military leaders. (AFP/Atta Kenare)

    • Chunky's Missing Brain says:

      Those are great examples of the Toot’s former self. Before his brain fell out causing him to decide to join the execrable terror apologists making him a self-described POS. Other words meaning the same as execrable are: appalling, atrocious, lamentable, egregious, awful, dreadful, terrible.

      Why would he decide to join with people like that only a few months after making those above posts? The real answer can only be found beneath the sweaty little rodent brow of the execrable Mr. Toot.

    • Because says:

      Just like Sarah Palin, huh?

  24. Octopus says:

    Steven Vincent’s Wife Responds to Juan Cole

    By Charles Johnson
    8/22/05 4:42:59 pm • Views: 1,270
    The execrable creature who goes by the name “Juan Cole” picked the wrong person to libel when he went after Steven Vincent, the journalist murdered in Iraq—because even though Mr. Vincent can no longer defend himself against Cole’s vicious smears, his wife can, and did: ‘It’s called courage’. (Hat tip: Amy.)

    Yes, Steven was aggressive in criticizing what he saw around him and did not like. It’s called courage, and it happens to be a tradition in the history of this country. Without this tradition there would have been no Revolutionary War, no Civil War, no civil rights movement, no a lot of things that America can be proud of. He had made many friends in Iraq, and was afraid for them if the religious fundamentalists were given the country to run under shari’a. You may dismiss that as naive, simplistic, foolish, but I say to you, as you sit safely in your ivory tower in Michigan with nothing threatening your comfy, tenured existence, that you should be ashamed at the depths to which you have sunk by libeling Steven and Nour. They were on the front lines, risking all, in an attempt to call attention to the growing storm threatening to overwhelm a fragile and fledgling experiment in democracy, trying to get the world to see that all was not right in Iraq. And for their efforts, Steven is dead and Nour is recuperating with three bullet wound in her back. Yes, that’s right – the “honorable” men who abducted them, after binding them, holding them captive and beating them, set them free, told them to run – and then shot them both in the back. I’ve seen the autopsy report.

    You did not know him – you did not have that honor, and you will never have the chance, thanks to the murderous goons for whom you have appointed yourself an apologist.

    Do not miss this. Cole is a disgusting human, and Lisa Ramaci-Vincent absolutely rips him a new one.


    Read more at http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/17177_Steven_Vincents_Wife_Responds_to_Juan_Cole#ZOlskg6ifZ25U6vh.99

    • Chunky's Missing Brain says:

      Cole was on the forefront then of the SJW shit can anti-American movement we see everywhere now. And Chunky McToot dropped everything in ’09 to join this execrable movement I guess so he could be execrable with them. Now he can’t understand why he can’t make money on the interwebz anymore. Boo hoo Mr. Toot. I’m sure the answer is going on Poocasts with Bob Cesspool.

  25. Octopus says:

    There are many more Juan Cole items in the archives. Chunky was “misled.” 😆

  26. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    It’s so pleasant on Twitter without Chuck Johnson perpetrating all-night racist/misogynist hate binges.
    9 hours ago

    Farty McToot continues to stalk Ginger calling him racist/misogynist. This from an execrable POS that laughted for a week at part Native American Bristol Palin being thrown to the ground by drunken men.

    • Arachne says:

      Of course this is Fatass’s favorite modus operandi. Attacking someone in an avenue where they have no ability to respond.

      • Because says:

        If Toot gets that gig again, somebody needs to pass the number to Ginger.

        Or maybe he did call, and was screened. I don’t think Toot v.s. Ginger would be a fair fight, even with half Ginger’s brain tied behind his back. And Ginger’s not that swift.

  27. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    Another great accomplishment of the SJWs, the BLM turds and the Obungle Administration’s State Dept. headed up by the Herman Munster look-alike flip-flopping idiot. http://www.weaselzippers.us/227489-kerry-bashes-america-during-annual-human-rights-report-u-s-cannot-help-but-have-humility-given-racial-discord-and-unrest-in-america/

    The total dismantlement of any moral authority on human rights of this free country over totalitarian shitbag countries.

  28. Chunky's Missing Brain says:


    British And Irish Tourists Die In Hotel Terror
    A gunman is believed still at large after the gun attack on hotels packed with tourists left at least 28 people dead.

    Another day another several 28 people murdered by Islamists. Oh well so much for Tunis tourism trade. Come for the sun and beach. Stay to get beheaded!

    Oh well at least we’re safe in Western countries. Oh wait!


    This guy murdered an decapitated his boss and tried to blow up the factory. He just happened to be Muslim and an ISIS fan. Nothing to see here folks.

  29. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    ISIS blows up a mosque of Shiites. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3140525/Suicide-bomb-rips-Kuwaiti-mosque-Friday-prayers-killing-13-worshippers-ISIS-claims-responsibility.html

    Because you’re NOT DOING ISLAM RIGHT. Sorry you have to die.