The final countdown!

Mr. Toot is harping about the launch of the new LGF front page as if the world is awaiting this historic moment.

LGF Front Page

The world will stop for the launch of the new LGF. Well actually, it will be us at DOD mocking him!

35 Comments on “The final countdown!”

  1. Octopus says:

    He’s still finding bugs, a week after announcing its imminent release. Oh, this will be a shitshow. 😆

  2. reformated pineapple says:

    Ooooh I’m so exited…. I can’t wait!

  3. Han Yolo says:

    Geraldo ‘Al Capone’s Vault’ level failure imminent.

  4. Because says:

    Be safe, Daedalus. Use Tor. He’ll think you’re a Thai ladyboy.

  5. Han Yolo says:

    We’re heading for Pannus and still we stand tall….’ cause maybe they’ve see us and welcome us all with Cheetos, yea……I’ts The Final Clowndown

  6. poteen2 says:

    Mouse-Ka-Mania 2.0?

    “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

    • Because olo says:

      Touch screen-ka-mania 8.2.

      • Abu;s Breathe into teh Brown Paper Bag says:

        Ewwwwwww! Dew bottles and shit.
        Sorry. I freaked thinking about touching McBikeShort’s screen. One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three,…

      • Because olo says:

        Touch the screen and the cursor turns into a mutating flamin’ hot cheeto.

  7. Octopus says:

    If I just keep telling the same lie over and over, people are bound to start listening to me. My blog will be popular, and I’ll have money for Chimay again. Yay!

  8. Because says:

    Well. No more flagtweeting. Back to Gingertooting.

  9. Juan Epstein says:

    Overhaul to justify the tin cup.

    Nice try.

    You don’t “work”, Dawg.

    • Because olo olololololo hahahahah pfffffft snort teeheeheehee says:

      It’s a labor of love. From the scientist of love.

      Try saying that with a mouth full of turkey stuffing.

  10. Because says:

    Out of the Obamaphones of hobos…

    Yeah, Goos. The Chinese didn’t hack the US govt. They weren’t even given the keys to the front door. They were invited in by the butler.

  11. reformated pineapple says:

    Poor baby……. everyone is fucking sick and tired of you deray you deserve every bit of push-back you are getting.

    Nobody likes a paid race pimp agitator.

  12. Octopus says:

    Speaking of professional race-baiters, it’s tough to top an old pro like Cornel West. Masterful use of the n-word, here. Bra-vo!

    • Octopus says:

      Meant to include this money-quote:

      Democrats and Republicans play on both of those parties in terms of running away from the vicious legacy of white supremacy until it hits us hard. Thank God for Ferguson. Thank God for the young folk of all colors. Thank God for Staten Island and fighting there. Thank God in Baltimore, now the precious folk in Charleston.

      Yes, thank God for black people being killed. Keeps you in business, right?

  13. windbag says:

    Talk about tweaking like made.

  14. Octopus says:

    That was probably your peak moment of the year, Gus. A star is born. 😆

  15. Because olo says:

    But islamophoba…

  16. Because olo says:

    How do you know it was somebody white? On the innernet, nobody knows you’re a sterno bum.

  17. Because olo says:

  18. reformated pineapple says:

    When I first saw this I thought it was the trailer for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.

  19. poteen2 says:

    The new look front page,,,,,, looks like NRO.

    Magik sez I.