Anti-Christian hate

The obese paranoid shut in welfare dependent loser loves to attack others for what he considers bigotry. But, in his cocoon based universe where he is the omnipresent deity, The Pillsbury dough-boy clone displays bigotry of his own. The attention seeking mentally unstable narcissistic tweets out attacks on Christians in America.

Joining in the Christian hate is Barry Schwartz who like his fellow Kapo, Aloutte hides behind his Jewish identity to bash Christians.

Who supports the state of Israel, it surely is not Iranian Ayatollah loving progressives like yourself or your master the human version of Howard the Duck.

Charles Johnson’s hatred of Christians puts him on the same side as ISIS. If the Charleston shooter was a Jihadist, you and your unemployed SSI collecting followers would have praised Dylann Roof. Nice tolerant attitude you have there Mr. Toot, you pathetic corpulent government dependent leech.

(Hat Tip: Because olo)

The final countdown!

Mr. Toot is harping about the launch of the new LGF front page as if the world is awaiting this historic moment.

LGF Front Page

The world will stop for the launch of the new LGF. Well actually, it will be us at DOD mocking him!