Mr. Toot continues his Jihad against the Ginger

Not since Hitler vs. Stalin or the current ISIS vs. Iran match up have 2 despicable cretins gone after each other with a vendetta. Mr. Toot is a paranoid Hard Left loon and the Ginger is a clown. Both are despicable characters that should be shun by society, instead thanks to the internet we have to deal with their garbage.

Mr. Toot today ties the Ginger to some posters mocking a fake rape victim in NY.

Little Liar Little Liar2 Little Liar3 Little Liar4 Little Liar5

What Mr. Toot thinks he’s accomplished with this post is beyond me. The petty squabble between the 2 midgets of the internet continue.


Mr. Toot keeps harping on busting the Ginger.

Does Mr. Toot think he’s going to win a prize for this?