Nope. No Kangaroo Court here.

Freddie Gray and Marilyn Mosby 1

Proven guilty by an indictment? That’s not how it works, Charles, and Mosby was not vindicated for her racist grandstanding either. You’ve become quite the mouthpiece, Chuck, as have your little lizard lappers:

Freddie Gray and Marilyn Mosby 2

No aberration of justice there, right Herr Johnson?

There is one additional point to be made regarding Decatur Deb’s Comment No. 4. Apparently she believes that she’s helping poor people by building them houses for free, but she ignores the fact that Habitat For Humanity undermines the local construction industry and puts masons, carpenters, plumbers and electricians out of work by donating free materials and labor. It does nothing to fix the problem – that all poverty and famine is created by government. If a government is corrupt, there is no amount of freebies that can change the plight of the impoverished.

People like Decatur Deb don’t work for free to help the poor, they do it so that they can wave their sanctimonious self-righteous flags in your face, have a great back-slapping celebratory dinner, and then boast about it on Little Green Footballs.

[BTW, how full is your tin cup these days, Charles?]