Shiplord Kirel writes a paranoid post

The Alex Jones/Justin Raimondo set has been spreading conspiracy theories about the upcoming Jade Helm exercise in Texas. Sadly some conservatives have fallen for this nonsense  due to their legitimate mistrust of the Obama regime and have sounded the alarm over this exercise. Elected officials in Texas has since reassured these people concerns. Shiplord Kirel however, thinks something is amiss.

In a paranoid and conspiratorial rant that makes Alex Jones or Justin Raimondo appear sane, he makes some crazy allegations. Kirel claims that Rightwing militias are prepared to to an uprising and confront the US military. He warns that progressives will be killed by these militias until order is restored.

Kirel Paranoid Kirel Paranoid2

Shiplord Kirel really needs a new set of friends if he thinks there will be some massive Rightwing uprising in Texas. He is either going by what some his Alex Jones/Raimondo type buddies are saying or making it up. I really believe Kirel is lying and trying to preach to the choir at LGF.

Kragar goes even further than Kirel.

Kirel Paranoid3

LGF is nothing more than a Leftwing dime store version of infowars.