Charles denies calling Bush a racist

Yesterday Charles had this post up at LGF.

Bush is Racist Bush is Racist2

Anyone reading this post knows Charles is implying that Jeb Bush is a racist. A commentator named GeorgetownPress called Charles out on this absurd accusation.

Bush is Racist3

Playing the man under siege role, Charles denied that he accused Jeb Bush of racism.

Bush is Racist4

As much as Charles is trying to deny it, he did accuse Jeb Bush of being a racist. LGF loser EPR-radar understood what Charles was getting at and accused Jeb of being a racist.

Bush is Racist5

I am no fan of Jeb or any other member of the Shrub mafia, but to accuse him or any other Bush of racism is BS. Charles has no scruples and no shame in his smears.