Mr. Toot is now a Social Justice Warrior.

Social Justice Warriors have become the biggest irritant on society. They are preachers of the gospel of Marx and seek to dictate how people should live. Mr. Toot joins this movement hoping it will give him relevancy again.

Charles picked a fight with Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet to prove his social justice bonifides.

Mr. Toot has found a new calling in life!

What a load of crap

As someone who has traveled in the South, I call BS on this tweet that Aloutte posted at LGF.

Shaun King

I’ll let the readers rip this crap apart.

Mr. Toot continues his Jihad against the Ginger

Not since Hitler vs. Stalin or the current ISIS vs. Iran match up have 2 despicable cretins gone after each other with a vendetta. Mr. Toot is a paranoid Hard Left loon and the Ginger is a clown. Both are despicable characters that should be shun by society, instead thanks to the internet we have to deal with their garbage.

Mr. Toot today ties the Ginger to some posters mocking a fake rape victim in NY.

Little Liar Little Liar2 Little Liar3 Little Liar4 Little Liar5

What Mr. Toot thinks he’s accomplished with this post is beyond me. The petty squabble between the 2 midgets of the internet continue.


Mr. Toot keeps harping on busting the Ginger.

Does Mr. Toot think he’s going to win a prize for this?

Mr. Toot back in the limelight

After years of obscurity, Mr. Toot is back in the spotlight in the wake of the permanent banning of Chuck C. Johnson. Bob Cesca interviews Mr. Toot about his personal vendetta against Charles C. Johnson.

Proof That Charles Johnson Is Not Obsessed With Charles Johnson.

CroMagnon CJ vs CJ Tweet

CroMagnon’s Tweet speaks for itself. Here’s the full monty below the break. If you want to peruse Charles F. Johnson’s stalking & harrassment of Charles C. Johnson (aka CFJ’s blatant violations of Twitter’s TOS) in a more legible format, click the image below, then click it again when it opens.

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Nope. No Kangaroo Court here.

Freddie Gray and Marilyn Mosby 1

Proven guilty by an indictment? That’s not how it works, Charles, and Mosby was not vindicated for her racist grandstanding either. You’ve become quite the mouthpiece, Chuck, as have your little lizard lappers:

Freddie Gray and Marilyn Mosby 2

No aberration of justice there, right Herr Johnson?

There is one additional point to be made regarding Decatur Deb’s Comment No. 4. Apparently she believes that she’s helping poor people by building them houses for free, but she ignores the fact that Habitat For Humanity undermines the local construction industry and puts masons, carpenters, plumbers and electricians out of work by donating free materials and labor. It does nothing to fix the problem – that all poverty and famine is created by government. If a government is corrupt, there is no amount of freebies that can change the plight of the impoverished.

People like Decatur Deb don’t work for free to help the poor, they do it so that they can wave their sanctimonious self-righteous flags in your face, have a great back-slapping celebratory dinner, and then boast about it on Little Green Footballs.

[BTW, how full is your tin cup these days, Charles?]

Charles Johnson Would Agree With Susan Milligan

Who is Susan Milligan you might ask? She is a Hillary flack who works at U.S. News & World Report (I was shocked  that that magazine was still in existence) who spins Hillary’s lack of accomplishments at the State Department by defining the role of Secretary of State as “making sure nothing goes wrong on his or her watch” and agrees with Chris Matthews that it is “too bad that she was not tough enough on Benjamin Netanyahu” (who  happens to be more pro American than anyone in the Obama administration  or at Little Green Footballs for that matter). Maybe Susan Milligan and Charles Johnson ought to get together for dinner – come to think of it given his finances and personal hygiene that is not a good idea.

Good News, Hillary’s No Longer Running on Experience

by Daniel Greenfield

The “Hillary’s Accomplishments” question really gets under the media’s skin. It’s why Hillary is running a corporate branding media tour instead of an actual campaign. The latest media talking point tries to flip the narrative around, but only makes it worse [2].

U.S. News & World Report’s Susan Milligan wildly spun for Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton on the May 20 edition of Hardball when she insisted that the fact that her supporters in a recent focus-group survey by Bloomberg TV cannot name a single accomplishment of hers as Secretary of State is, well, “unfair.”

Indeed, Milligan insisted, the job of Secretary of State is essentially to make sure nothing major goes wrong on his or her watch.

Does the word “Benghazi” ring a bell? The Reset Button with Russia? The Middle East going up in flames?

Milligan wants Hillary to take a Mulligan, but that still doesn’t work. If Hillary is to be measured by things not going wrong on her watch, that’s actually worse than trying to find her accomplishments in a haystack.

MATTHEWS: Hey, Obama didn’t have a big accomplishment before he got elected.

BACON: Exactly. You already know what she’s for.

Sure. Let’s use the most unqualified guy in the Oval Office in history as your example. But Hillary’s whole gambit was claiming experience. So now we’re dropping experience and trying to sell Hillary as another Obama?

And even better, “we already know what she’s for.” Like gay marriage. Or the Iraq War. Or any other issue she randomly switches sides on.

MATTHEWS: I wish she hadn’t left it to John Kerry to stand up to Netanyahu, though.


MATTHEWS: A little tougher on him would have been good for the country.

The one thing Hillary didn’t do right was not be anti-Israel enough. There’s a campaign slogan in there somewhere.
Back to the original questions [Briareus]:

1. What has Hillary accomplished besides ascending Mount Everest, and

2. Who is Susan Milligan?