10 years later

10 years ago at this time, Charles Johnson was a Bush loyalist. He supported Bush to the hilt and went after critics of the President. 10 years later, he’s still a loyalist, although now one of the current President Obama. Trying to distance himself from his past support of Bush, Charles attacks him for his criticism of Obama’s Iran policies.

What a difference 10 years makes!


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  1. Octopus says:

    There was a time when Fatass supported American and international efforts to stop Iran from getting the Bomb. Now that Obama’s fine with it, he’s more than okay with it.



    Iran’s Manhattan Project: “At All Costs”
    image: http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/icon/charles.sm.0000000067.jpg

    By Charles Johnson
    3/09/04 8:04:57 pm • Views: 464

    According to an Iranian exile who has proven reliable in the past, Iran is on an all-out race to get nuclear weapons as soon as possible: Iran Moves Uranium Enrichment to Secret Plants.

    VIENNA (Reuters) – An exile who has previously released key nuclear information about Iran said on Tuesday Iranian leaders decided at a recent meeting to seek an atom bomb “at all costs” and begin enriching uranium at secret plants.

    Alireza Jafarzadeh, who disclosed in August 2002 that Iran had a hidden uranium enrichment facility at Natanz and a heavy-water plant at Arak, told Reuters his new information came from the same “well-informed sources inside Iran.”

    He was a spokesman for the National Council of Resistance of Iran before the United States, which lists it as a terrorist organization, closed the NCRI’s Washington office last year.

    He said the Islamic republic’s top leaders, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, gathered after the father of Pakistan’s atomic weapons program, Abdul Qadeer Khan, admitted leaking nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea.

    “At this recent meeting, they decided to join the nuclear (weapons) club at all costs,” Jafarzadeh said, adding that the leaders decided it was “vital for the survival” of the country.

    “They set a timetable to get a bomb by the end of 2005 at the latest,” he said, speaking from Washington.

    And remember that cheat-and-retreat cycle I’ve been harping about?

    Jafarzadeh said the Iranian leaders also agreed at their secret meeting to adopt a generally “aggressive and confrontational approach” with the IAEA before “muscling their way to the finish line to get the bomb.”

  2. Juan Epstein says:

    The. Program. Started. Before. Boosh.

  3. Chunky's Missing Brain says:

    Today in stupid liberal tricks.


    Because nothing says come visit our city like accommodating mob violence and mass destruction of public property.

  4. Pakimon says:

    Reviewing the Chunkster’s record since “He Parted Ways With The Right™ “, it’s been one ham-handed fuck-up after another as well. 😆

  5. Voltaire's Crack says:

    Will GWB take the bait and respond to CJ’s tweets?

  6. just poop says:

    I was for America, before I wasn’t
    -Charles Fuckface Johnson

  7. just poop says:

    given his obesity and absolute sedentary lifestyle, odds are this time 10 years down the road Charles will be worm food

  8. Juan Epstein says:

    The. Ghetto. Defendant. Of. Culver. City. Is. Not. In. Baltimore.

    He. Is. SItting. On. His. Ass. Tweeting.

    That. Does. Not. Count. As. Doing. Something.

    Get. Out. There, Dawg!

    • just poop says:

      yeah Charles. Come on, buy two seats on southwest airlines and fly to baltimore and help the blacks break shit

      • Bunk X says:

        Meet with them. March with them. Tell them you know Olliver Willis, and then play your funky surf guitar licks, Barry.

  9. JimboXL says:

    I just love the new precedent set by the oh so lawful Obola–just do whatever you want and then watch and laugh as Congress has to try to vote against your madness in both houses and then get even more votes to overturn your veto. I think he should just say he no longer needs Congress to pass laws and they must vacate the Capitol, then watch Boehner and Mitch the gobbler get up and say they don’t have the votes to stop Obola’s dismissal of Congress and they’ll be leaving office for good. It is amazing to behold.

  10. trebob says:

    This girl makes Charles’ soulless 70s noodling seem laughable and she’s only 18. How come Charles doesn’t put out some guitar vids for everyone to see. You know, from professional musician’s standpoint. Wish one of the swamp critter would ask him. 🙂

    Anyway enjoy and although she gets little artsy up front, stay with it. By 3:00 she’s playing all the band’s parts.

  11. Voltaire's Crack says:


  12. pineapple riot says:

    re: #173 lostlakehiker

    The intemperate rhetoric, by now almost constant, the hatred that imbues almost every post here, hatred of hundreds of millions of your fellow Americans


    Well friends that was lostlakehiker last post on LGF. He just got done punking everyone with a clever couple of posts. It was brilliant.

    Come on over lostlakehiker the water is just fine.

    I’ll post how he fooled them on the next post.