Ok, to the issue at hand.  I need to stop posting here, at least for a while.

It’s been a fun seven years.  Like many people, I came here seeking a community in the desperation following Dubya’s reelection.  And back then I found it.

Since then I’ve written about science, history, both sides of the Obama wars, porn, and so many other topics.  This was my first diary and I still think I had a good idea!


I need to say that I have interacted with some extraordinary people here.  People who are true citizens and mensches in the highest sense of those words – well informed, brilliant, open minded, and passionately active in the causes and issues that matter for our world.  I can only highlight a tiny fraction of the many – blue jersey mom, beach babe in fl, Red Sox, kalmoth, unitary moonbat, and all my friends from RKBA and Team Shalom.  But there are countless others, and I’m sorry that I’m not making a mile long list right now.  Thank you for all of the conversation, support, and general wonderfulness.

I am going to seriously miss you guys.


However, recently there is a marked trend toward the site becoming more dominated by the irrational, the CTers, the Paulbots, the Israel-Derangers, and the Iran-regime-lovers.

In the past, I have been fond of saying that I am a vegetarian atheist academic whose bike is worth more than my car, so if I think you have gone off the loony left, you had better take notice!  Well, a lot of you here, especially newer users, have gone so far to the left that you came out on the far right.  I hope you can find your way back to some sanity.

Then there are a few people who are outright liars, hucksters, and con-artists. The Troubadour, dark daze, Dont Call It, Brecht, and a number of others.  You can get bent.


But I could handle the con-artists and the Paulbots, the Israel Derangers, and the Iran-regime-lovers – I could stay and keep pushing back against them and relish doing so.

The reason I have to leave is that Markos has been a hypocrite and a liar to me, and I can’t in good conscience continue to give him clicks and page hits.

It started when he promoted – on his front page – the work of insane homophobes, truthers, and antisemites, and it went downhill from there. I don’t have the stomach to rehash the whole disgusting episode anymore, but if you want to do some clicking you can see what happened.  Yesterday I made an honest mistake which I apologized for, and 10 good people got ruined for it, while the usual trolls and obvious zombies got off the hook yet again.

Needless to say, it’s a shame that I will miss interacting with my friends, but since this is how Markos treats his loyal seven year users, I can’t be a part of his scam anymore.  Say hi to MSNBC for me, Markos.


For those who want to keep up with me and keep on exchanging ideas, in approximately February I’ll be joining an awesome new blog which you definitely need to check out.  Until then, I’ll be at The Progressive Zionist.

Goodbye to all my friends.
– fizziks