While taking a short slog through The Swamp recently, I was amazed at how utterly inane it’s become. Commenters can’t stay on topic, regurgitate Media Matters propaganda while Charles posts little more than his own TwitterFails. Then I found something interesting, and it may have originated with this Tweet:

BRCX7 Guilty Tweet

Nothing particularly newsworthy there [Daedalus covered it already] but a few days later Charles The Stalker™ took note of something most people would ignore, only because it’s important to Charles.

Stalker Suspended

I agree with “thedopefishlives” but for a different reason. Twitter refuses to address repeat offenders who abuse the “Block and Report” function, as is well known to the denizens of #TwitterGulag who are targeted repeatedly for specious reasons (like Mr./Ms. @BRCX7).

But that’s not what this post is about. The subsequent conversation on Little Green Footballs is.

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