Charles Johnson and David Duke are allies

The Progressive propaganda media paint David Duke as Far Right. Nothing can be further from the truth in respects to Duke’s ideology. He is a man of the Left who has admitted as such and openly supported Occupy Wall Street. He is as vehemently anti-Israel/Pro-Iran as Charles Johnson and his LGF crew. David Duke, echoed the washed up guitarist’s sentiments on the letter Republican Senators wrote to Iran.

Former Klansman David Duke was on radio with me Wednesday night, and he didn’t hold back from blasting the Jewish takeover of Hollywood, banking and the media. And he says he might run for office, challenging Rep. Steve Scalise.

DUKE: The difference with people like Scalise and myself is that I don’t sell out, I stand up, and he apologized for going to my group, well, he might as well apologize for the people of his district.
COLMES: Are you saying that he changed his view or that he’s lying about his view in order to be more acceptable?
DUKE: Well, I’m just saying he’s a sellout. I just think whatever he said obviously he just said it to get elected. He didn’t really mean it…

COLMES: What’s you reaction to the letter of 47 Republicans to Iran to get in the way of this negotiation between the Obama Administration and Iran and a bunch of other nations, multilateral negotiations to have a nuclear deal.
DUKE: Let me say they should go to Israel, and if they’re not circumcised, they should get cut. Because they deserve it, this is insane. The whole thing’s insane. By the way it’s not like Obama vs. the Jews or the Jews vs. Obama, it not about that at all. No President ever has bent over more backward for the Jews…(The 47 Republicans) should become a Jew, put on a yarmulke because they are not Americans, they have sold their soul to the Jewish power in this country.

As much as the bloated marshmallow man clone wails about Nazis, he is openly allied to one in the form of David Duke.