Rightwingconspirator: “I’m embarrassed as an American.”

The former “Rightwingconspirator” now known as the Great White Snark claims to be ashamed of being an American. He is angry that some people think Obama is a Muslim.

Great White Snark

For the record I do not think Obama is a Muslim and view that idea as ridiculous. Without question, Obama is an Islamophile who views Islam as a 3rd world revolutionary force. This sympathy towards Islam, is why the accusations of Obama being a Muslim stick.

As for “Rightwingconspirator” feeling ashamed at being an American over some views of Obama, this is a Republic where freedom of opinion is allowed. Maybe the Juche regime of North Korea would be more towards Mr. Ballard’s liking. There everyone worships the dear leader as the Great White Snark wishes Obama was treated like a god-king.

Update: Charles complains about Progressives on twitter who demand purity.

CJ upset

Charles got a taste of his own medicine.