Noted Stalinist calls for censorship

The totalitarian mindset of Charles Johnson goes on full display for all to see. Displaying the Stalinist streak embedded within the washed up guitarist and fail blogger’s dark soul. The once influential now mocked blogger whose appearance resembles Bruce Jenner calls for media censorship. The overweight paranoid shut in demands that the media should not display Jihadi atrocities.

Charles would have loved Stalin’s Russia. The irony is that the Bruce Jenner clone would not survive the very system he do admires.

Whatever it takes to work off that fatwa.


140 Comments on “Noted Stalinist calls for censorship”

  1. Because says:

    Thank you, gods of Daedalus.

  2. Because says:

    Punch back twice as hard at the guys giving you nuke wedgies, or something.

    • poteen2 says:

      But if you ignore ISIS they’ll go away, huh Charlie?
      Doesn’t work that way,,, which is why we keep poking you. To make sure you haven’t gone away. 🙂
      BTW moron, the media response isn’t the one that matters.
      The administration response is the one they react to. Or ignore and keep killing.

  3. dwells38 says:

    Chunky’s motives are very obvious. Now that he’s a regular mocker of anti-Jihad bloggers and has denounced them all as racists, he has to work extra hard when the real ugly vicious face of radical Islam is shown. Because you don’t have to be very smart or informed to know that Islamic radicalization only works one way. From moderate to radical. It doesn’t go the other way. The libtard Progturds are trying to pretend as though all these “moderate” Islamic communities that have sprouted up in the West are going to become even more peaceful and patriotic to their new nation homes. But it doesn’t work that way. Ever. Eventually just like with the NC mosque the radicals come courting and remind them they are citizens of Islam. Not the US. Or France. Or Germany. Or the Netherlands. Those entities are actually enemies of Islam. And that it says in the Koran you’re supposed to fight them, deceive them and live like real devout Muslims. And not practice any Western values that conflict with Islam. In this last is where it all goes out the window: free speech, equal rights, sanctity of human life, respect for the law, etc…. Because Islam doesn’t give dick about any of that.

  4. dwells38 says:

    Note to liberals: you’re not going to defeat right wing lies by ignoring them.

    — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) February 16, 2015

    Because Chunky thinks he’s their leader. He’s starting to get mad that no one’s really jumping on his Quixotic one man crusade against the Ginger threat.

    • Because says:

      That comment got double digit retweetsies. Either he has found a new vein of fools, or a new net of bots. He already has a bott out in the open.

    • Pakimon says:

      The Chunkster doesn’t get mad, he gets peevish.

      If he was mad, he’d send out tweets typed in all caps.

      Instead he whines and snivels… the mark of true peevishness. 😆

  5. Because says:

    Sterno finished.

  6. Because says:

    Not a babby?

  7. Doppel milyo says:

    His real problem is that ISIS and their mass murders are knocking Vlaams Belang , the dominionists and Southern quilt knitting tea party grandmothers and their various nonviolent and patriotic mindcrimes out of the news

  8. Doppel milyo says:

    anyways everybody knows ISIS is the JV because Obama said so

    • Because says:

      And random. They’re like totally randomly killing Jews.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      Who cares if they beheading people on the beach in droves. They’re just a buncha brown people.

      The ginger/grifter/gadfly, however, is the mostest horriblest person in the entire universe and then some!!!! We must stop him!!!

      • dwells38 says:

        Ginger’s a monster doncha know!!!!

        Hey they had good reason to chop off those Christians heads in Libya. They saw an offensive video!!!!!

  9. dwells38 says:

    Ha. Just watched a CNN report about the Copenhagen shootings. The arab guy was in a gang. That’s the story. Nothing to do with Islam.

    • dwells38 says:

      Someone must have dropped a time and whispered to them they look like complete idiots. They’ve changed it to he wasn’t in a terror cell.

      This shit’s comical. Wolf who just has perpetual clueless look has Peter Bergen on. Remember that British bitch who when asked what President Bush hoped to accomplish going into Iraq mewled glumly: “I have absolutely no idea”. Now he’s all revved up that Preezydunce Obungle is going get some folks together and have a good sit down talk about all these crazy people who randomly head chop, form giant terror armies and set people on fire on video that have nothing to do with Islam. Hot diggity! What does Preezy Obunlge hope to accomplish Peter?? Please do tell! He’s already purposely undone what Bush accomplished in secuing Iraq from terrorists. And then admitted having no plan for the Islamists taking over the country as Bush predicted. Methinks Petey has something against people who accomplish things.

  10. dwells38 says:

    Remember when the Pope tried to rationalize the Paris terrorists actions as “You say something bad about my mother and you can expect a punch.”? Essentially throwing the West’s free speech under the bus and throwing in with Islamist logic.

    ISIS (paraphrased): Nice trying to placate us but we’re coming to saw your head off you dumb infidel fucker.

  11. Octopus says:

    Sez the indigent asshole in the garage, with a degree in Lego architecture.

  12. dwells38 says:

    Ben Carson Calls for War Against ISIS With “No Rules”
    20 minutes ago

    Poor Chunky. So intimidated by successful conservative blacks. Lets see, Suge Night the Media Executive. Hmmmm where’s Ben Carson, famed neuroscientist, surgeon, author and motivational speaker? Who doesn’t commit manslaughter with his car.

    • Because weeeee says:

      • Minnow says:

        Barry, of course we believe YOU over BEN CARSON, M.D. Why wouldn’t we? He is a brilliantly successful and compassionate man. You are a self-centered narcissist with an obesity problem and no self-esteem.


      • Because weeeee says:

        And climate denial and shit.

      • Minnow says:

        Huh? What’s that? Oh yeah, and no college degree…..

      • just poop says:

        Charles attacks Carson out of straight up RACISM

        a black man can’t climb out of poverty on his own. Certainly the white man helped him and hes turning his back on well meaning liberals

        Charles can’t believe a black man can think for himself because CHARLES IS A 100% FUCKING RACIST

      • poteen2 says:

        I gave you a click Charlie and you know what? You are a liar. LIAR. Nothing about committing “war crimes” is ever mentioned. By Mediaite or Carson. You LIED.
        You’ve been bullied your whole life….. And your little punk ass deserves it.

  13. dwells38 says:

    Pretty funny watching the current CNN headline “ISIS EXPANDING AS TALIBAN REBRANDS”. After Preezydunce Obungle just said we’ve stopped ISIL (he seems to have some bizarre refusal to say ISIS) in their tracks.

  14. Minnow says:

    Hey Barrett – oops, I mean Barry, why haven’t YOU jumped on the “Scott Walker doesn’t have a college degree (sneer-sneer)” Band Wagon?

    Why don’t you pretend you know something and write a thoughtful ” (two sentence) piece on this?


    • Abu says:

      Actually C. Fuckface Johnson seemed to be a well-functioning high school graduate until he started claiming other’s accomplishments were his, which led to mass banning, which led to his hatred of God, which caused the bike accident, which caused the divorce, which caused the realization (rationalization!) he’d been “misled”.
      Or he’s always been a prick and none of us noticed. How could we miss all the signs? We have noted his weight gain, seclusion, increased cyber-stalking, hatred of wimminks,….

  15. Octopus says:

    Chunky thinking: “Why in the FUCK didn’t I think of this brilliant strategy back when I had thousands of readers, friendly and hostile, sending me tips non-stop? Damn, this kid is good.”


    Submission Fee*
    Price: $0.99
    What! You’re charging me?

    As you can imagine, GotNews has many detractors that are constantly attempting to fill our communication channels with intimidating messages and false claims.

    By charging a 99¢ fee to submit news, GotNews will eliminate a huge amount of spam and troll communication, and in a small way, you are supporting a good cause.

  16. Juan Epstein says:

    He’s Sally Kohn with a micro penis.

  17. just poop says:

    Charles Fuckface Johnson. the same one who uses paypal info to out people is having a go at ginger for gathering info on donors

    oh sweet

    • Abu's: Sterno ain't cheap, shit. says:

      Aannddddd, for $79.95 you can surf LGF without Asian bride ads. Yet, given the all-time record thin content at LGF (according to my hockey stick) one might want to save the $80 and stock up on Banquet Pot Pies for a sock in a garage in CO, lol.
      Sideways, Fuckface!
      / glad he doesn’t read here

  18. Minnow says:

    What a burn. Hey Barry, whassit feel like to get burned by a better?


  19. dwells38 says:

    Poor Chunky Boo Hoo. He want’s to send Ginger a news tip that he’s the worst monster on the planet but he only has .61c left in his debit account. Carp! Drat! Foils! Eyes the dusty, long unused bass guitar sitting in the corner.

  20. Pakimon says:

    You know the Sterno is kicking hard when Gus farts out 10 retweets in a row. 😆

    I can’t fathom the pathetic existence of being an unemployed, garage-dwelling, Twittered addicted moron.

  21. Pakimon says:

    Meanwhile, the rotund. ponytailed Twitterwarriorimbecile is obsessing on the Ginger Chuck yet again.

    He just…can’t…let…it…go.

    Doesn’t he realize the concept of overkill?

    I imagine even the most sycophantic and moonbatted of his “followers” are growing weary of his latest obsession.

    I really think Chunky is taking out his rage and frustration over our endless mocking and ridicule of him on the Ginger Devil.

    It’s much safer then trying to take us on since every time he tries, he ends up looking like a complete fool and jackass that has wandered into a buzzsaw.

    Of course he he’s got stabby/franksinclair but that particular scheme hasn’t worked out too well… 😆

  22. windbag says:

    We should all jump on the Peace Train.

  23. JimboXL says:

    I find it quite amazing that we have the Islamic Klux Klan actually creating a scenario where Middle Eastern and Western nations, along with Russia, could actually be allies. Yet here our smacktard griefer Pestilence of the U.S. Obola is instead trying to start a war with Russia over a land dispute in Russia’s back yard. Every instinct a normal American would have to make decisions that would benefit our nation and people, Obola always, always always has the opposite.

  24. Octopus says:

    It’s just nice to think of a time in the future when this shitbird won’t be president. Even Shrillary would be a huge improvement.

  25. kbdabear says:

    Hobo lit a fire to keep warm, fire got out of hand. There goes another “hate crime” that Fatass was hypertweeting that is a big fat red herring

    • Octopus says:

      You’d think Chunky would know all about hobos and their risky warming-fires, given his close association with the perennially freezing-to-death Garage Boy. Chalk up another “L” for the fat man! 😆

  26. Because penis penis penis lol says:

  27. Because bearback mountin' says:

    • dwells38 says:

      Nothing like a good strawman to try to deflect criticism of the Preezydunce acting like an idiot while terror armies rampage, chopping heads and lighting people on fire for fun.

  28. Because says:

    • Octopus says:

      They always break their hands towards the end of the row. As a person who has broken a lot of boards and knows what it feels like when the thing don’t break, I guarantee you this guy had his hand in a cast the next day.

  29. Octopus says:

    Just when I thought Dear Fatass was going to have a Twitterwar sidebar without one breathless tweet about Ginger, he goes all giddy and faints over an amusing little swipe at Journolist-pissant turned Voxplainer Ezra Klein. Gosh, Chunky…can’t stand a little humor? 😆

  30. Because meathead says:

    • Octopus says:

      They don’t get irony, our swamp-twits. 😦

    • dwells38 says:

      WTF? Um is he trying to say that it’s ironic that a disease that comes from one of the dumbest animals aflicts the very organ that makes the smartest animal on the planet so smart and able to domesticate and consume the former animal? If so, why didn’t he just say so?

  31. dwells38 says:

    RT @liguy743: “@GotNwes:Why did #ChapelHillShootings victim get hassled by the police 12 six times?”CCJ cant read @G…
    9 hours ago

    LOL! Chunky smears the cops instead of asking why the Chapel Hill Muslim shooting victim, had 12 run ins with the police?

    Its clear Chunk hates the cops and will smear them as bigots with no evidence any chance he gets.

  32. trebob says:

    Why is a parody site worth quoting and linking and we are evil right-wing, nut job stalkers?

    Just a question.

  33. dwells38 says:

    Obungle’s state dept thinks ISIS are just mad about not having jobs.

    I guess the dumbshits are too stupid to realize our own country has high unemployment, wage stagnation and the only jobs are low skill/pay. There are no terror armies of Baptists or Catholics or Jews. These pustules will say any idiotic retarded thing other than admit Islam is dangerous, invites and results in radicalism and hence violence and death. Plus ISIS has plenty of dough and even jobs selling oil on the black market.

    Nice crowd of lying shitheads you decided to join up with Chunky.

  34. dwells38 says:

    Fox’s Fake Psychoanalyst Dr. Ablow: Obama Sees America as “Bigger Threat” Than Terrorism
    1 hour ago

    That’s right Chumpy McFartpants. Read it and weep. Because it’s true. And yeah it’s broadcast to millions and millions of viewers that agree with it and think Progturd lying shit like you suck to hell.

    And really it’s a toss up between America (as a world power), Climate Dumth, the GOP, and real actual conservatives. Terrorism’s probably not even on Obungle’s short list.

    • dwells38 says:

      Must’ve hosed up the close quote. Me talking after 1 hour ago.

    • trebob says:

      Uh, let’s see:

      He graduated from Brown University in 1983, magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science degree in neurosciences. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1987[citation needed], and completed his psychiatry residency at the Tufts-New England Medical Center. He was Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology in psychiatry in 1993 and forensic psychiatry in 1999.

      Where do you get off calling this guy a “Fake Psychoanalyst” you know nothing, G.E.D. carrying, washed up failure of a guitar player? He’s got toe fungus that’s smarter than you are you worthless fat piece of shit.

  35. dwells38 says:

    Because ya know, he doesn’t want to take sides. He’s like Chunky. ISIS can’t be all bad. They really irritate anti-Jihadists like Pam Geller and Robert Spencer. After all those are the real bigots.

  36. rightymouse says:

    What a peevish, whiny a-hole. Gahhhhhhh! No woman I know would ever put up with his pitiful ass.

  37. dwells38 says:

    Although ISIS is a terrible, monstrous group and it’s truly tragic the result of their hatred and sadism, I do find one tiny bright spot in the fact of their reign. And that is that Chunky McDumbth never in his wildest nightmares ever anticipated this happening when he turned libturd fucktard. After having chamioned anti-jihad for almost a decade and then dropping it and then turncoating and calling it “racist” he now is faced with the comically absurd task of trying to pretend, while terror armies run amok and Western cities are under onslought of murderous assaults targeting free speech and Jews, that it’s just Islamaphobia of racists. And the Preezydunce is correct in pretending Islam isn’t all about convert or die and honor the prophet or die, but they just want a job making fast falafels or something. Lefty libs left in the position of defending their own certain demise is some pretty funny shit. Monty Pythonesque.

    Way to go Chunky. Have fun validating the murderers and their useful idiotis.

    • Octopus says:

      He chose so badly, back in 2009. Took the wrong side of every issue. Cratered his blog, destroying what would be a goldmine by now. Forced to run Thai Ladyboy ads, and beg for pennies from indigent failures like himself. 😆

  38. rightymouse says:

  39. Octopus says:

    Yeah, that’s the biggest prob in America. People being mean to Muslims, and people they think might be Muslims. You are a social justice warrior, Garage Boy.

    And then there’s this:

    Police say Muslim man stabbed two others over religious beliefs at a Southfield bus stop

    SOUTHFIELD, MI – Southfield police have arrested a 39-year-old man who allegedly stabbed two other men multiple times at a bus stop near Northland Mall in Southfield Saturday night.

    Terrence Lavaron Thomas, of Detroit, will be arraigned on charges of two counts of assault with intent to murder, one count of carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent and one count of possession of marijuana.

    Thomas’s bail was set at $1 million cash or surety bond.

    According to police, Thomas attacked the victims, a 52-year-old man and 51-year-old man from Detroit, after he “made several comments about his religion and asked the victims about their religious beliefs just before the assault occurred.”

    • JimboXL says:

      It’s quite obvious that the most dangerous people for a Muslim to be around today is other Muslims.

    • kbdabear says:

      Uh oh, time for Itchy and Scratchy to quintuple tweet the NC killings and insist that the hobo who lit the Islamic Center fire in Houston was a muzzie hater, not someone who ran out of sterno.

      Intersperse liberally with harrassing tweets at bloggers far more successful than he is while whining that Twitter won’t ban those “stalkerzzzz”

  40. Octopus says:

    Of course Saddam had WMD’s. Everyone knew it. A lot of people lied about it, to discredit President Bush. Imagine if ISIS had these missiles, right now, what they would do with them.

  41. dwells38 says:

    That ain’t raht. It was that Boosh feller. He done made it all up ’bout the WDMs! Jon Stuwert, he done sed it. It’s whut he done sed and he’s a smart feller.

  42. Octopus says:

    Sterno is the best tonic for the brain, pa derp. Blind now. What?

  43. Octopus says:

    Have we seen the darkest times of this administration? I don’t think we have. I think it’s going to get worse, in the next couple of years.


    FEBRUARY 17, 2015 6:25 PM
    Lucy and Ethel Take Foggy Bottom

    State’s hapless PR duo aren’t up to the task of putting a serious face on an unserious policy.
    By Ian Tuttle

    Never in the history of public relations have an institution and its representatives been so mismatched as at the current U.S. Department of State, where, tasked with articulating America’s position toward Middle East terror outfits, Russian aggression, and the world’s other vicissitudes, are Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, currently in the midst of an interminable Lucy-and-Ethel routine as Foggy Bottom’s spokesperson and deputy spokesperson, respectively. In an administration that has always given the distinct impression of being directed by second-year poli-sci majors from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Psaki and Harf are the only two under the impression that Legally Blonde was a documentary — one that they are apparently trying to recreate, with little success, at Foggy Bottom.

    Start with Harf, who apparently fell back on government work after losing out on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” anchor job. Talking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews this week, she proclaimed that, since “we cannot win this war by killing [Islamic State fighters] . . . we need in the medium- to longer-term to go after the root causes that lead people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs, whether . . .” Matthews interrupted before she could offer another possible motive, but we can assume it was not going to be “whether . . . they are Islamic fanatics who enjoy murdering in the name of the world’s second-largest religion.” No, clearly driving the recent spate of beheadings and burnings-alive is the absence of a neighborhood Gap store. That is, it seems, the wisdom bestowed by a master’s degree in foreign affairs at Mr. Jefferson’s University.

    Harf has had a difficult time when it comes to the Islamic State. Appearing on Fox News to discuss the administration’s strategy on “extremism,” Harf noted that “there are other forms of extremism that are also important.” Fox host Martha MacCallum asked for examples.

    Anyone? . . . Anyone? . . . Bueller?

    And discussing the Islamic State’s rise with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in September, Harf argued that “everyone — us, the Iraqis, even ISIL itself, probably — was surprised by how quickly earlier this summer they were really able to take territory in Iraq.” Even those ISIS folks didn’t know they had it in them! Gee whiz! She explained why the U.S. was caught off-guard: “The capability is one thing you can assess, but the will is a tough thing to assess.” Televised beheadings did not tip them off?

    But Harf is only half of Foggy Bottom’s PR problem. She is joined by Jen Psaki, whose response to Vladimir Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine was to tweet out a picture of herself holding a poster that read “#UnitedForUkraine,” flashing a thumbs-up, and smiling like this was actually a good idea. If only Churchill had thought of it! “#StandWithTheSudetenland.”

    If Harf seems helpless, Psaki veers toward the downright sycophantic. “The president doesn’t give himself enough credit for what he’s done around the world,” said Psaki in a press briefing last May. Reporters in the room laughed out loud.

    And in October, asked whether there were “flaws” in President Obama’s strategy to “degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL,” Psaki said that she “wouldn’t say that.” (Ask Egypt’s Copts about Obama’s “flawless” strategy.)

    When the very next day she declared that “there have been, certainly, gains made by the Iraqi Security Forces in Iraq,” and offered to “go through some of those for you, if that would be useful,” the assembled reporters watched her flip awkwardly through her briefing binder before saying, “Um. Well, I’ll find these.”

    Last September Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly remarked, in a segment on his show, that “that woman [Psaki] looks way out of her depth over there — just the way she delivers, it just doesn’t look like she has the gravitas for that job” — a comment that earned him a Twitter rebuke from Harf, who later called O’Reilly’s language “sexist, [and] personally offensive.” Setting aside the obvious facts that 1) the official spokespersons of a government agency have no business singling out for criticism a media personality, and 2) those same spokespersons probably have more productive ways to spend their time, Psaki and Harf have not come in for criticism because of their “gender identity,” but because of their Delta Nu approach to diplomatic relations, as if Putin is carefully watching their Pinterest accounts and Islamic State terrorists are following them on Twitter. People in Foggy Bottom’s communications shop really seem to think that those enslaved Iraqi Christians are super-interested in Jen Psaki’s Instagram.

    But a crew is only as good as its captain, and the captain for the last six years has been leading not “from behind,” but from a chaise lounge on the lido deck. If Psaki and Harf are often chuckleheaded cheerleaders, it’s in large part because Barack Obama has confused being commander-in-chief with being quarterback. Why wield the sword against Islamist lunatics when you can wield a selfie stick? Don’t these people know who they’re dealing with? This is the preezy of the United Steezy! He’s been on BuzzFeed!

    Sure, it is easy to be hard on the Obama administration’s press people. The have the undesirable task of putting a serious face on an administration whose conduct is usually laughably unserious. But if Foggy Bottom seems particularly hapless recently, blame it on the Department of State’s dotty duo.

    — Ian Tuttle is a William F. Buckley Jr. Fellow at the National Review Institute.

  44. Minnow says:

    Honestly, these two Bimbos are setting women’s rights back about twenty years. This is the truth and they have been put into these positions by MEN full well knowing this is the case. You can call me a misogynist etc. etc. but that doesn’t change the tripe that emanates out of their mouths daily.

    These two are an embarrassment to women.

    And, frankly, by extension, an embarrassment to this Administration – and (further) an embarrassment to this country.

    Funny how that happens when the JV is running things.

    (How’s that 3-point hoop shot going ni6 boy?)

  45. Abu Objects to Pakimog Being the Referee says:

    Off topic:
    To Octo,
    Your Wings invade United Centre, tomorrow. A good gauge of East conf vs. West. Not a perfect test, but a good snap-shot. As always, smiles.

    • Octopus says:

      Should be a good one, Abu. Wings were playing very well with the rookie goalie while Howard was injured, but haven’t won with him back. Played well against Montreal last night, still lost to the cursed Carey Price and a fluke goal. Hockey sometimes gives me hives. 😉

  46. Minnow says:

    thats how important it is

  47. Octopus says:

    Something about Sweet videos on Youtube makes me smile. 🙂

  48. Minnow says:

    I see that political correctness has even infected this site.

    • calo says:

      The stupidity of this tweet by Fatso says something different.

      • Bunk X says:

        Not at all, fuckface. It’s ISIS who wants the US to jump in with a ham-strung military, get the administration to mealy-mouth it’s way out of it before it’s over and done. It would rally the radicals & moderates, and eventually become a political victory for them.

    • Octopus says:

      We’ll put a stop to that right quick, Minnow.

  49. swamprat says:

    Random beachplace violence; how Bush and Republicans can stop it.

  50. swamprat says:

    If you’re suddenly contacted by ‘dolphincatcher,’ ‘LizardStomp’ or ‘lozerdoid,’ I’d appreciate it if you’d report them for harassment. /2


  51. swamprat says:

    The guy who stalks Ginger Johnson, Pam Geller and the metaphysically-challenged blogger Andrew Beitbart, is upset.
    People stalk him.