Charles misleads about the Oath Keepers presence in Ferguson

To say LGF has a misleading headline is like saying water is wet. In his latest hysterical post, Charles makes it seem as if the Oath Keepers are in Ferguson to cause trouble.

Oathkeepers Oathkeepers2

Charles is insinuating that Oath Keepers are racists who are in Ferguson to shoot black protesters. Once again, linking without thinking, the actual article debunks the narrative Charles is trying to paint. The Oath Keepers are in Ferguson to protect Black businesses.

When night falls on Ferguson, Missouri, Sam Andrews gets to work.

Andrews – dressed in full camouflage and armed with an assault rifle and handgun – climbs to the roof of a dentist’s office to begin his nightly surveillance. He’s a member of the Oath Keepers, a group taking up armed positions on the streets and rooftops with the intent of protecting local businesses.

He says he’s here to defend “The best part of America, the creative part, the small businesses, the hardest working people in the United States of America. To defend them from arson.”

While some business owners are embracing the presence of Andrews and other do-it-yourself patrolmen with the Oath Keepers, many others – including police – are uncomfortable with the group’s mission.


Natalie DuBose’s bake shop, “Natalie’s Cakes and More,” was broken into and looted.

“I didn’t have the extra savings or extra money to replace everything that was destroyed,” she told ABC News following the vandalism. “The threat of not being able to take care of your children makes you feel like less than a human being.”

DuBose’s story caught Andrews’ attention. He was watching the news at home 40 miles away.

“I can’t even imagine a governor that would leave a woman like this and her business to burn, like they did,” Andrews said. “But I value this woman as much as anything I’ve ever seen in my life.”


“They were calling us the KKK, they were calling us the police. We were saying ‘We’re not the police, we’re here to defend you. We’re here to defend your rights,’” Andrews told ABC News.


St. Louis County Police declined an interview with ABC News, but confirmed that it is investigating whether the Oath Keepers are breaking the law by providing security without a license.

But Andrews says the Oath Keepers plan to stay in Ferguson for the time being. He said hundreds of volunteers – of all races – have passed through the St. Louis suburb in recent weeks. But many of them wish to remain anonymous, preferring not to show their faces.

“We will be here just as long as it takes,” he told ABC News. “That is just the way it is.”

Charles should read articles before linking them.


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  1. JimboXL says:

    “Hands up don’t smear.” They smear anyway.

  2. just poop says:

    A linker not a thinker

    hands up, don’t read

  3. Minnow says:

    Hands up! Don’t wipe!

    (Yet another vicious smear!!!)

  4. Octopus says:

    Of course you did! You and Ravi Shankar go way back. 😆

  5. Octopus says:

    This one goes out to the Ginger Man…

    • just poop says:

      his taste in music absolutely sucks

      artisanal grilled cheese, chimay ale and imogen heap.

      I call bullshit on his so called sophistication. the dude’s been in the same t shirt for 8 years

      • Abu penis penis penis lol says:

        Updingies, J. Poop.

      • Minnow says:

        ….and there’s a reason that Barry isn’t still on tour with some headliner band.

        -and that would be because Barry cannot keep a beat AND because all he really knows is some avant garde (spelled “p-s-y-c-h-o-t-i-c”) mind numbing riffs that never showed any cohesion with the music being played.

        His guitar skills are amateurish at best.

        -and have a nice day Barry!

      • Because says:

        That and the matter of the VW.

      • Bunk X says:

        And perhaps a little problem with the nose snow…

  6. Octopus says:

    Projection is your only friend, Dear Fatass. 😦

    • Arachne says:

      Suit yourself, dude. No one cares.

    • Dave Weigel is “fatass?”


      • Because says:

        Ballistic buttplug.

      • dwells38 says:

        He doesn’t exactly look slim. But you prefer Hideous One?

        Another fraud like El Chunko of LGF who masqueraded as a “classical liberal” but was actually a total liar and truly a far left Progturd. Although at least Weigl didn’t claim to be “misled” (weasel crooked politician term) by them or they changed but he didn’t or he’s a recovering wingnut. ie ridiculous bullshit.

        David “Dave” Weigel (born September 26, 1981), is an American journalist, currently working for MSNBC. Weigel began appearing on MSNBC in 2009,[3] accepting a position as a paid contributor in June 2010.[4] From April through June 2010 he wrote a weblog for The Washington Post website focusing on the conservative and Tea Party movements and the Republican Party’s preparations for the 2010 midterm elections.[5][6] Weigel resigned from the Post following the leak of several emails he had written on JournoList, a private “independent to left-leaning” listserv, that were critical of prominent conservative figures and the conservative movement.[7

  7. Because says:

  8. Octopus says:

    Eyes just rolled right out of my head, on that one. 🙄

    • swamprat says:

      I’m glad the Republican Party put an end to that slavery stuff, myself. White people fighting a war for the freedom of Black Americans.
      To Ta-Nehisi Coates:
      The next time you feel good about the Civil War, thank a Republican. We’re glad to have helped.

      • Because says:

        That’s one in his Avatar. Grant wasn’t exactly a nice guy to the Indians, but…

      • OLT's Stone The Unbeliever says:

        Stolen, tweeted, received shitstorm of Liberal angst in response. Do not question the sacred Law of the Southern Strategy. You Republicans are racist as of either 1950’s, 1960, or 1965 (pronouncements varied).

        All racists left the Dem Party on the same day and became Republicans. This is Truth, and it shall not be questioned. Never mind the actual facts, our Leftist college profs taught us this.

    • dwells38 says:

      600,000 dead. Neato!!! Time to move onto new challenges. Like actually paying rent for living in gammy’s basement.

      Thanks for playing lose-tard.

  9. Because says:

  10. swamprat says:

    So charles thinks that Oath Keepers believe Obama wants to turn American cities into concentration camps and that the Oath Keepers oppose this.

    Wouldn’t this mean the Oath Keepers are in support of Ferguson? Does charles WANT Ferguson turned into a concentration camp?

    So if charles quoted:
    “We say if America decides it’s time for a revolution, we’ll fight with you.”
    Then he thinks they are *against* the Ferguson protestors?
    Or is it that he supports turning Ferguson into a concentration camp?
    And why would a group that he says are tied to white nationalists want to protect Black Business?

    Sorry that this attempt to engineer a race war is getting side-tracked, charles.
    Maybe Obama could get Harry Reid to help out with his BLM militia.

    • The Oath keepers mention “giant concentration camps” and “detention camps” on their website.

      This is the long ago debunked “FEMA Camps” conspiracy theory that Glenn Beck played footsie with.

      These people are lunatics. Heavily armed lunatics.

      Heavily armed lunatics in a place like Ferguson is not a good thing.

      Yet you defend them solely because Charles denounced them.

      You people need help. Badly.

      • dwells38 says:

        The protesters and their Progturd and Muslim agitators in Ferguson have already been violent. And they’ve burned down their city and destroyed it’s future prospects for investment and prosperity if there ever were any. And they shot a cop too. And that’s after a grand jury exonerated the cop who shot MB. After six black witnesses corroborated the officer’s story. Why don’t you start worrying about those lunatics you dumbass. And stop smearing people who’ve done nothing wrong.

      • dwells38 says:

        And why do you put white space between every line. Are you a white supremacist?

      • Arachne says:

        Nope, we defend them because they’re being smeared by the Itchy Johnson Media Matters business model – take snippets out of context and claim it to be the fact.

        Now, shouldn’t you be lining up for chow at the sexual predator wing of the jail, there, Frankie? Gonna miss the PB&J.

      • swamprat says:

        My dear simpering sycophant:
        I neither defend the Oath Keepers nor denounce them based purely on the raison d’etre of our esteemed blog.
        I denounce the knee jerk smear of a man who has left reason behind in his breathless assimilation of all things leftwing and/or Obama-tastic.
        The Oath Keepers are not observably racist based on the simple fact that they are crowing about the black owned businesses they are, and will continue to, protect.
        If you go to their webpage (you have to high-lite the page to read the text!) you will see that they want to protect the lovely and quaint town of Ferguson from the evil Obama plan to turn it into a vile concentration camp run by foreign United Nation enemy combatants.
        They seem a bit zealous and perhaps more than a little paranoid, but I can’t see them as racist.

  11. swamprat says:

    The KKK would have been there, but they’re still trapped in the desert foothills of Sanford Florida amongst the cactus and coyotes.

  12. kbdabear says:

    And his timeline now has 3K more people reading it than yours, Fatass. Just before Election Day Fatass reached 11.4 where it sits today. Ginger was at 10.8 and now has smoked Fatass by 3K followers at 14.4 – I’d have to believe that Fatass is the one who needs to send up a distress flare ..

    • Arachne says:

      And yours is just one complete and utter envy fest.
      You – 11.4K followers
      Ginger – 14.5K followers
      (and a reminder that he was something like 2.5K BEHIND you when all this started, so he’s essentially 5.6K followers AHEAD.

      Update – Ginger 14,612; Itchy 11,386 Ginger gained 21 followers and Itchy gained 3 since our last report from the Follower Front Lines

      Remember Itchy – YOU started the war.

    • Octopus says:

      The projection is…staggering. 😆

  13. dwells38 says:

    And the shoes start to drop. Sad. As predicted businesses/services flee. Even I could predict it and I have no special business or investment acumen.

    Owner of Dellwood Market in Ferguson: I Won’t Rebuild, I’m Too Old, I’m Planning to Get Out (Video)
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 10:30 PM
    The Dellwood Market in Ferguson was looted three times since August.
    Twice in August and once in November.

    Mumtaz Lalani told Sean Hannity tonight that he will not rebuild his store after his business was looted for the third time in three months last week.

    Sean Hannity shared new video of the dozens of looters, young black men, pouring into the Dellwood Market after the grand jury released its decision last week.

    Mr. Lalani said that it cost him between $50,000 and $100,000 to rebuild and restock after each time the store was looted.

    Lalani said he did not want to own a business in Ferguson any longer. He did not feel safe.

    The Dellwood Market owner also lashed out at Governor Jay Nixon, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

    “This time the governor promised that there would be National Guard and that we would be taken care of and secure. I was very much disappointed. All they had to do was put one National Guard Humvee parked in front of each store. There were 20 to 30 stores. They could have prevented these things… They did everything wrong from beginning to the end…

    …The thing is that Martin Luther King if he was alive he wouldn’t have appreciated the way those leaders have handled the case. Like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they’ve been to St. Louis a couple of times. They could have talked to those demonstrators to do a peaceful demonstration. Not just destroy the neighborhood.”

  14. dwells38 says:

    Wow. The whole business community is now failing since August and you still have idiots featured in this article going bankrupt yet still support the protests. It seems to have only dawned on some of them now that lawless rioting might actually hurt their business. Oh well. Like I give a shit.

    Griffith cuts hair at Prime Time Beauty and Barber Shop, on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson. His shop was one of the few businesses open on Black Friday (another excerpt from Griffith’s interview is included in this post), but he said the economy in the area has tanked since August when the protesting began. That put Griffith in a difficult spot because he supports the protests but also has a family to support.

    “I can’t tell you what’s going to happen,” he said. “I can’t tell you that people’s going to want to come back here. I can’t tell you that it’s not going to be a continuous war zone for the umpteen months to come.”

    Really? Well then I can’t tell you that people are going to want to come to your fucking business, idiot. No seriously though, keep sticking it to the white man. He’s fucking you over and your failing business and inabilty to pay your bills is really kicking his ass. I’m sure you’re making it up in drunk rioters biz though. You should franchise that genius.

  15. dwells38 says:

    .@ChuckCJohnson’s timeline is one long pathetic cry for help tonight.
    2 hours ago

    Chunk pathetically cries on Twitter tonight.

  16. dwells38 says:

    He doesn’t have time for such nonsense questions because he’s too busy fighting for the poor. OK hint: it’s one dollar more than 9999 dollars a month. But hey he has expenses. He has to pay for limousine rides around town while he burps hatred upon Fox News hosts and conservatives. It’s all for the little people and the socialist vision doncha know?

    Hey someone’s gotta do it. It’s a sacrifice!

  17. Juan Epstein says:

    You’re not there, Yoghazi, are you?

    You could’ve stopped hammertime.

  18. Because olo says:

  19. dwells38 says:

    Wow. There must be something they make you take to halve your IQ when you become a Dum-o-crat. That must be why Chunk’s a low-grade moron now compared to when he “serviced” the right wing on his knees daily pre ’09.

    Megyn Kelly: “How is it about race when every witness who testified Michael Brown was charging that cop was African American?”

    “Well because African Americans can make mistakes, too,” Green said.

    “All of ‘em? All six of ‘em?” Kelly challenged.

    Or maybe he means they made a mistooken and fuhgots to railroad that Poe-leese.

    Just think what a POS Johnson is for teaming up with these dirtbags.

  20. dwells38 says:

    I actually thought MB’s step father was pretty admirable for urging calm before the riots. But then of course, he urged a riot when he didn’t get his way. He all saw-y now tho.

    So just putting a few things together:
    Brown’s mother beat his grandmother over T-shirt money.
    Brown’s step father goes ape shit and helps incite a riot that burns the town down.
    Brown himself is really into hanging out with gang criminals, fighting with his fists and writes violent gansta raps and robs people.

    And six black people back Officer Wilson’s version that MB came back at him. Yet the Progturd narrative continues that the cop’s a racist. And that a cop defending himself with his gun should be illegal! OK who wants to be a cop now?? Who wants to start a business in Ferguson now? Which cop wants to answer the next robbery call there? Or home invasion? Or carjacking? Or stick up? What will Darrell Wilson do now? He requires constant police protection and of course, police work is out of the question.

    Chunk Johnson is the worst human on the planet for consciously joining this ilk and playing along with what he must know are completely wrong lies which are badly hurting people and ruining lives.

    • trebob says:

      Where’s the uptwinkle button? Need to press it, lots.

    • Arachne says:

      BTW – that whole “stepfather” moniker is total BULLSHIT. Not only is this shitbag NOT married to Brown’s mother, but neither of them were raising the delinquent – he had been raised and lived with his Grandmother. Whom these two prize DNA donors physically ATTACKED when then caught her selling t-shirts with Brown’s picture on them, breaking the grifter’s first commandment of “thou shalt not steal profits from the make-a-buck parents while the iron ist “hot”.

    • dwells38 says:

      Jesus H Christ. This guy’s a heartbeat a way from the Preezy-duncy. You can see he’s really focused on important matters of the country.

      • Dudebro says:

        Picking his VP was the first big decision that President village idiot made as a candidate. A perfect predictor his train wreck of a presidency.

  21. Octopus says:

    Looking forward to your Racist Detective attacks on the good doc, Fatass. Don’t forget to call him a “Trophy Black,” and maybe throw in a “Porch N—-” for good measure.

    • dwells38 says:

      And don’t forget he’s:

      filthy rich
      brilliant and acclaimed
      loved by all
      gentle and affable
      handsome and slim black man
      distinguished 60ish

      IOW El Chunko Johnson, he’s your EXACT OPPOSITE.

      • Octopus says:

        Carson, to me, seems like a man who is actually too good to be president in this era. Not an experienced pol, he’s likely to be eaten alive by the primary process, which is vicious and unforgiving of even the smallest slips, especially if you’re a Republican. And then you’d have the national election, if you survive. Seriously, I don’t wish that fate on Dr. Carson.

      • Because says:

        I’m sure Rolling Stone is working up an “I was raped by Ben Carson” story as we type. I haven’t heard this many allegations of black guys raping white women since the Elvis was the rage.

      • rightymouse says:

        Carson walks with God. I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

      • Arachne says:

        Because —
        I’m sure Gloria Allwet is even now soliciting dirt on the good doctor.

    • dwells38 says:

      Oh and writes his own content.

    • Bunk X says:


    • ISpeakJive says:

      Maybe Viscous Grandma can do a photoshop with him wearing overalls holding a shovel in a field of tobacco or something.
      Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t have to!

  22. dwells38 says:

    NYPD Officer Who Killed Eric Garner with a Choke Hold Will Not Be Charged
    21 minutes ago

    No Charges in Eric Garner Chokehold Case for Officer

    Wait you just said that.

    • Arachne says:

      It’s murky on that one. I’m not all that sure the GJ got it right. And hell, they HAD video.
      However, here’s a thought. When the police ask you to stop and get on the ground, just effing DO IT. Don’t resist. Sort the shit out later.

  23. Because says:

    Heheheheh. He said ‘smear merchant’.

  24. rightymouse says:

    I remember one of you suspecting Gloria Allred regarding the Cosby allegations. Lo & behold. She’s involved.

  25. Because says:

    Hmm. Culver City hacker. If Chunk stops begging for money, we’ll know what happened.

  26. Arachne says:

    Reason No. 73 on why it’s not always wise to eat lunch at your desk:

    You leave your purse open on the floor and an errant meatball from your sandwich drops into it.

  27. Because boink says:

  28. Because says:

    • swamprat says:

      Looks like there is an effort being made to turn every possible tragic police incident into an opportunity to engender a race war.

      Law enforcement would do well to review policies and training.
      Thankfully our Uniter-In-Chief will help us trough these difficult times.

  29. swamprat says:

    Charles Barkley getting flak for saying what used to be said by Cosby.
    I wonder what gauntlet he will undergo.

    • Because says:

      How many quatloos you wanna put up that he’ll be accused of raping some white woman?

      • Octopus says:

        She thinks Cosby is going to waive the statute of limitations, so he can be tried before a jury and judged “saint or sinner?” Oh, my. The chances of that happening are about the same as Chunky McDumbth winning this year’s Tour de France.

        Another gal came out today and said she is suing Cosby, for molesting her in ’74 when she was 15. Ho-hum. It’s getting to be repetitive and tedious, all these accusations. I mean, how many drugged girls can one comedian rape, if a comedian rape-raped drugged girls? 😯

        Another nail in Cosby’s coffin: Various women in entertainment have said their agents warned them against ever being alone with Cosby, for reasons that have become all too disgusting. I wonder if these women would ever be willing or allowed by a judge to testify, if any of these cases end up in court.

      • Because says:

        You and I know they’re fishing for settlement. And we also both know if he settles with one, the dam will break, and he’ll be swimming in rapeage.

      • Octopus says:

        If he did what they say he did, and can get him to admit it somehow, the settlement numbers are going to be asstrocomical. He ain’t never gonna admit nothin’. No way. Not unless somebody has ironclad proof, which is difficult to envision after all this time.

      • swamprat says:

        “all this time”
        something stinks
        Jimmy Savile molested underaged girls and a few boys for 40 years and not a single name has emerged that I know of. The man is hardly in a position to silence his accusers seeing as how he is no longer living.
        Cosby would seem to have been drug-raping several women a year and they are lining up to be heard.

        Both situations are strange.

      • Octopus says:

        “Something stinks”…maybe it’s the corpses Savile was having sex with? Just a hunch.

        Dead men tell no tales. 😯

      • Octopus says:

        Seems to me, if Cosby was innocent, he’d have slammed these women with defamation suits by now. But that would put him on the stand in court, which could backfire like a mutha if he’s guilty as charged. Innocent people fight to clear their names. Cosby has already settled one of these cases, and had to backtrack on his lawyer’s recent denunciation of the pack of accusers and exempt the woman he paid a large sum of money.

        I don’t see this as a racial issue, though it’s being turned into one. It’s a human issue, and a celebrity/power issue, most of all. And a sick-son-of-a-bitch issue, if true. You think all these women are lying, and making up these creepily similar and detail-filled stories? That’s a lot of conspiratorial stuff going on.

        It’s a hideous situation, no matter how you slice it. Hideous for Cosby and his family, for the country that practically worshipped him, and for the women who had to go through such vile experiences.

      • dwells38 says:

        He obviously has raped some black and white women. In some cases it seems only technically in that they weren’t even opposed to letting him have his way but were disturbed by the way he went about it. But in others it seems to be outright drug/rape and show ’em the door after they wake up. But I guess due to the craziness of Hollyweirdness and celebrity power only one ever tried hard to get him arrested. And he just paid her handsomely to go away.

        So at this point they don’t even have a blue dress or anything on Cos. I see him just fading away at this point.

    • Bunk X says:

      Remember when Charles Barkley took on Barney?

  30. Because I'm impress says:

  31. Octopus says:

    Ace had a thoughtful consideration of the Garner case this evening. Compare and contrast with the knee-jerk idiocy of Our Chunky. 😆

    Are we still not allowed to mention that the number of blacks killed by white police officers is tiny, compared to the number killed by other blacks? Is the criminal behavior of a certain segment of the population totally off-limits for general discusssion?

    A: Yes, stupid.

  32. Pakimon says:

    Chunky has a warning for all his enemies! Be afraid stalkers! Be very afraid!

    Note that Chunkles takes credit for this post when in reality, it’s just another cut n’ paste job by one of his sycophants.

    What a putz. 😆

  33. dwells38 says:

    Another case of Progturd viciousness. As suspected Lena Dunham fabricated her supposed rape by a “conservative” and Republican fellow college student.

    In the end Breitbart News could not find a Republican named Barry who attended Oberlin during Dunham’s time there who came anywhere close to matching her description of him. In fact, we could not find anyone who remembered any Oberlin Republican who matched Dunham’s colorful description.

    Under scrutiny, Dunham’s rape story didn’t just fall apart, it evaporated into pixie dust and blew away.

    She might as well say Rush Limbaugh raped her while Shawn Hannity held her down. Very much like all Progturds, they make up lies to justify their general hyperbole about groups like conservatives or gun owners or white males. Eric Holder and other wealthy black elites pretending they’re discriminated. Sorry guys, that’s called paranoia. The cops aren’t that nice to me either. Or Oprah dreaming that a Swiss store clerk in a posh handbag store snubbed her somehow. When the facts come out they want to change subject.

    There surely are some white racists out there but most of what’s being called racism lately is really class rejection. I don’t care what color you are. But if you jump around on a stage and spew violent rhetoric, gush about how awsomely bad you and how you roll and pose and posture on social media like you’re in a gang or involved in criminal activity and violence I’m not going to like you. I don’t think that’s classy or cool in any way. Call it middle white class values if you like. But it’s not racism.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      Yes, This new cultural landscape of endless victimization and gendered everything and constant rape is making me feel like a serious OLD FOGEY. 8-(

      I don’t like it not one iota! Not one speck!

      WTF is going on with the human race? Serious navel-gazing, which has been a recognized problem since Plato, I guess.

  34. Because Boobies!!! says:

  35. dwells38 says:

    Wow it’s victimhood as far as the eye can see:

    Michael Sam: I’m not in the NFL because I’m not gayood

    • Arachne says:

      Dear Michael – the ONLY reason you ever made it into the NFL orginally was because you WERE gay. Being drafted in the 7th round, third from the bottom, should be a good indication to you that no one, but NO ONE, really wanted you and it was only the media keeping your NFL “dream” afloat. Face it, dude, you only came out because you knew that you weren’t good enough – especially according to the scouting reports – and you figured you could SHAME an NFL team into drafting you through media pressure and shouts of “homophobia.” The fact that you weren’t even good enough for a practice squad should tell you everything.

      • trebob says:

        Thank you! It’s a shame Michael won’t see it.

        Truth, like surgery, may hurt, but it cures.

        -Han Suyin

  36. Doppel Milyo says:

    Name that LGF basement dweller. I have a few sure things

    “I like video games” = Dork Falcon
    “I like samurai things” = Lidane
    “I like coats ” = ProLice libtard
    “I like padlocks” = Jimmuh
    “I like weaponry and adorable dogs” = Obdocut
    “I like bananas and current affairs” = Iceweasel
    “I like sheep and pointing” = Jimmy shitloadkirel from Lubbock
    “I like motor bikes and cold steel” = Hoosier hoops