Aloutte’s KKK gear comes out of the closet

Nothing brings the hooded white sheets out of the closet from Democrats than a Black conservative. With the election of Mia Love in Utah, progressives are letting their inner racism show for all the world to see. LGF’s resident Kapo Aloutte goes on a digital cross burning binge at LGF.

Her first post on Mia Love, she calls Mia Love and Senator Tim Scott trophies.


This was tame compared to Aloutte’s next post in which the Grand Lizard of the KKK, oops I meant LGF promoted to the front page. The Kapo projects her own insecurities and implies Mia Love is not authentically Black. Her reasoning, becasue someone in the crowd had a Confederate flag.


Mia Love does not control what a flag a person in a crowd plays, not does she support the cause of the Confederacy. What is funny is that when it is reverse and a Communist flag appears at a progressive rally, the left gets upset and says you can’t judge them by one flag.

When Obama was elected back in 2008, a Communist flag was seen flown in a crowd of his supporters.


Does this mean Obama is a Communist? Aloutte and Charles would get angry and say no. Neither does a Confederate flag being flown during Mia Love’s speech imply she supports the cause of the Confederacy.

Aloutte is a racist who hates Blacks and has taken the KKK gear out the closet to attack Mia Love.