Immigrant Gus calls America a backwater country

The Argentine free loader and all around loser Gus gives his opinion on America and the 2014 elections.

Nobody is stopping Gus from leaving this backwater.

(Hat Tip: Pakimon)


Dr. Luba gets hysterical; Update: Charles blames Greenwald for the Democrats defeat!

Last night’s Republican victory reinforces the irrelevancy of Charles Johnson. The shut in goes on twitter making it seem as if he can change the course of an election. Once again, he was shown to be a non entity.

The comments section has been in meltdown mode since last night. One loser known as dr. luba goes on a apocalyptic rant.

dr luba

Dr. luba really needs to find a hobby!

Update: Charles blames the Democrat defeat on Glenn Greenwald.

Blame Glenn

If Greenwald was able to influence the election, then this is more proof of the irrelevancy of Charles Johnson.