Obsession is an Ugly Thing

During the past few years, Charles has gone through numerous periods during which the posts at LGF have reflected his obsession with one perceived enemy or another. Past targets of this attention include, in roughly decreasing order of posts devoted: Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Pam Geller, and Glen Greenwald.

In recent months, 3 major events have dominated the US news cycles: the Michael Brown shooting, the presence of Ebola in the US, and the midterm elections. What makes the LGF coverage of these events unique is how Charles effortlessly cuts straight to the heart of these complex issues, namely, how someone else is covering them.  Lately he has singled out two individuals for his special attention, Jim Hoft of thegatewaypundit.com, and Charles C. Johnson of gotnews.com .

Between August 12th and November 29th,

  • LGF had 105 posts about Ferguson, 28 (27%) of these focused on Hoft or CC Johnson.
  • LGF had 46 posts concerning Ebola, 12 (26%) of these focused on Hoft or CC Johnson.
  • LGF had 64 posts (out of 376, 17%) focused on either Hoft or CC Johnson.
  • LGF had 12 posts (3%) focused on the midterm elections.

It wouldn’t be a statistics post without a chart, so here’s what may possibly be the first Venn diagram in the history of DoD.


The War Of The Johnsons Resumes!

The washed up shut in continues his jihad against Chuck C. Johnson. In a vicious exchange, Chuck makes an allegation about the online wannabe comic book hero’s sexual orientation.

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Charles begs for money

Charles is hurting for money and issues a cry for help.

I need money I need money2

This is pathetic

America is a scary place!

It always bugs me that when things go wrong in the world, many nations expect America to do something. When we do something, the US gets blamed and vilified hence why many Americans like me no longer care about global problems. Even worse with this mindset is when foreigners opine about American politics and make ignorant statements.

Canadian LGF poster Romantic Heretic says American conservatives scare him. He claims conservatives are revolutionaries and seek to export this revolution around the world.

Romantic Heretic

If Romantic Heretic finds American conservatives scary, well then stay in Canada and mind his own business. As for exporting revolution other than the nation building loving Neocons who are not conservatives, I do not know anyone on the right pushing to export revolution. No one is forcing this Canadian to follow American politics. He should stick to watching hockey.

Ferguson MO: The World Awaits Charles Johnson’s Verdict [Updated]

Have at it.

Update: Just as predicted. Here’s the short version:

Ferguson Announcement

Charles makes more comic book comparisons

The most interesting character in the new Batman universe series, Gotham is Oswald Cobblepot better known as the Penguin. As we know Charles is obsessed with comic books. He compares Trey Gowdy to the Penguin.

Charles thinks life is a comic book.

Only at LGF would a pedophile be defended

Just when you think LGF has sunk to the lowest possible depths, it gets even worse. It is known fact that Roman Polanski was pedophile, hence why he fled the country. Despite this, he is viewed as an icon in Hollywood and for that he gets defended at LGF.

Roman Polanski

I have no words for this and felt like throwing up.