Charles attacks Greenwald for doing what he has done!

While the War of the Johnsons continues apace, Charles takes time to attack another old nemesis. In a hypocritical attack, the shut in goes after Glenn Greenwald for doing what the washed up guitarist himself has done to former associates.

Matt Taibbi Matt Taibbi2 Matt Taibbi3 Matt Taibbi4

What Greenwald did to Matt Taibbi is no different that what Charles has done to many former allies. Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Barrett Brown and Killgore Trout just to name a few can verify Charles Johnson’s hypocrisy.



46 Comments on “Charles attacks Greenwald for doing what he has done!”

  1. Doppel Milyo says:

    ruh roh
    CDC admits a sneeze can spread Ebola

    Charles Fuckface Johnson hardest hit

    • Bunk X says:

      A man with a genital yeast infection cannot spread it without a consenting partner, so Charles Johnson is a dead-end host.

  2. Minnow says:

    Having just spent the past eleven days in the hospital (most in the ICU) having had a near death experience, I can tell you with clarity that the world, and anyone with anything going for them, does not care about you Barry – or anything you think of as important.


    I am so glad to be alive.

  3. Because says:

    In other stalking…

    • trebob says:

      Oh no, this has made it into the “obsessions” folder and we will now be treated to it being regurgitated in the regular rotation with the “Greenwald owes me an apology”, the Rodan audio, why he parted his butt cheeks, PAAAM and all the rest.


      • Because says:

        He’s like a dog. All these chewy toys. The Pam one is in about eleventy bits all scattered over and around the bed. He just had a hell of a chew on the one with his name on it. But the Greenwald one was sitting in the corner, and he just noticed it. Just had to pounce and chew on that one, but then he remembered the one with his name, and got so wound up, he pooped his bed.

        Now he’s got to spend the night out in the garage with Gussy.

  4. Just poop says:

  5. Charles got maggots in the head, big ugly tits, fat ass , knobby knees, and shit for brains.

  6. Just poop says:

    He must wait for talking points from Media matters.
    The CDC Ebola sneeze story is going to be a problem for him

    expect lots of baby animal pics, and amazon playlists and wall to wall Greenwald stalking.

  7. Because says:

    Oh, we will, Chunk. BRC, I hope you’re keeping your correlator tools extended.

    • Doppel Milyo says:

      I’m sure it will be FASCINATING

      full of wild unsupported insults and a paucity of information.

      Chucky, good thing you are a shut in, since you can get ebola from a doorknob you know. at least that’s what the CDC says

      • Because says:

        Only if you stick doorknobs up your bumf.

      • Abu Get Out the Vote says:

        Not fascinating, but likely a pack of lies and half-truths. If Charles’ writings were of value, he would have no need to promote them in advance. Amirite? Few care what Charles Fuckface Johnson writes so why the heads-up? Maybe because his admired websites won’t print his crap: Huffpo, the Nation, MM4A, TPM, Daily Kosbowelmovement,…. Seems like Fuckface hasn’t thought this through. L.O.L.
        Every time Fuckface steps on his dick it gives this site reason to continue!

      • Doppel Milyo says:

        the heads up is because his head is up…..his arse.

        but really the heads up is because he got nuttin’
        waiting to be spoon fed his pablum of talking points from Soros , inc. and the law firm of ,Dewey Cheatem, and Howe

  8. Zeus Crankypants says:

    It doesn’t matter what Greenwald has done with his company. Greenwald has a company, Charles has a failed blog with 12 bottom feeders.

    Guess who wins?

  9. Voltaire's Crack says:

    It’s sort of like being banned, except there’s a paycheck involved.

  10. swamprat says:

    charles going with “Jazzy PonyTail” for a Halloween name is lame. I mentioned the ponytail thing as a counterpoint to the “Most Interesting Man In The World”s’ mustache having won an award, but I would rather critique charles on his stalking, hypocrisy, banning/gulaging and lies.
    Ponytails, cheetos and Mountain Dew references are not, in general, my preferred jabs.

    • OLT's Note: I Always Address "Stalker Charles" says:

      I prefer a balanced approach, personally, with a continued emphasis on NEVER GOING TO THE DONKEY SHOW.

    • kbdabear says:

      Fatass said that would be his Halloween nic as a way to piss on Breitbart’s grave. Didn’t quite make it, I think he expected many lol’s and RT’s.

    • Pakimon says:

      Critiquing Chunkles’ ponytail, Cheetos and Mountain Dew addiction as well as his ever increasing girth is reserved for the seasoned “booger flickers” at DoD.

      Normally I’d agree with you in taking a more intellectual and civilized road in regards to Charles but he’s such a contemptible, pathetic, sniveling dickhead, he doesn’t deserve it.

      Charles is a bloated, ponytailed choad waddling around the internet and Twitter in particular grunting out “turd blossums” for everyone to step on.

  11. swamprat says:

    uncomfortably ironic tweet of the day:

    Chris Fassbender ‏@RantdogEditor 6h6 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @ChuckCJohnson Why would you go on and on accusing someone of stalking you and then ACTUALLY stalk that person?

    yeah, charles, why would he do such a thing?

  12. kbdabear says:

    Uh oh, they’re risking the dreaded Fatass Block Button

    Because SCIENCE!

    What scientific knowledge Fatass possesses would fit on a windshield flyer

    • swamprat says:

      The demonization of our military men returning from Africa is coming from …?

      We have established that quarantining is anti_science and demeaning and and evil bad mean vile and

      why are we doing this to our military men?

      Do we hate them?

      • swamprat says:

        Let them be free! Free to bicycle where they wish! Free to go to bowling alleys, football games, take in a play, volunteer at the elderly food dispensary or work on the side selling hotdogs at the fair!

        btw, does anyone have enough history to remember the person known as “typhoid Mary”?



    • Because says:

      The anti-science left banned Ludwig. Own it, Jazzy.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      The Director of the CDC, who is Kaci’s boss, said it wasn’t a good idea for Amber Vinson to leave town and get on a plane. How is this remarkably different from the Gov of Maine telling her to stay away from people?

      Hint: It isn’t. It’s the same.

      And Chunky is playing this like a good stooge and spreading the meme that quarantines “stigmatize” (i.e., demonize) health workers. Which is insane.

      She and he nuts!

    • Bunk X says:

      “Vogon Mind-Ray”
      “Fluorescent Bats Flying Out Of The Mouths Of Republicans.”

  13. kbdabear says:

    Another day and the Great Follower Surge of 2014 still stuck at 11.3K

    Hell, most follower counts gain from keyword autofollows alone. He’s got to be losing a fair amount of followers to his gains.

    I guess the latest ICMI and “coming up tomorrow” drama isn’t keeping them glued to their seats. Even Chunky’s God-President is having problems keeping supporters from walking out early on his speeches

  14. Pakimon says:

    Gus is content being a Sterno swilling, unemployed, garage dwelling mooch and the bane of dishwashers throughout the Denver area. 😆