Unemployed Argentine parasite living in his sister’s termite infested garage channels his inner anti-Semite with a rant about “Likud wingnuts”

Gus goes on a Twitter rant


Gus you ignorant cocksucker, stop adopting your fellow cocksucker Andrew Sullivan’s cowardly attempt to mask your Jew hatred by throwing around the term “Likudnik”. Let me enlighten you a bit, the Likud Party is a legitimate parliamentary political party that has run in elections, won office, and surrendered office (all peacefully) when voted out.  It was the Likud who signed a peace treaty with Egypt (giving back the Sinai) foolishly signed the Wye Accords with Yasser Arafat, and withdrew from Gaza. Benjamin Netanyahu is not a hard core “right winger” but a parliamentarian coalition builder with diverse political parties such as Hillary’s favorite Israeli leftie i.e. one Tzipi Livni from Kadima in his cabinet. Why don’t you have the courage to just say “those damn Jews”?

Dr. Charles Johnson continues to opine on Ebola

One of the greatest medical minds known to man, Dr. Charles Johnson continues to downplay the threat of Ebola and condemn anyone calling for a quarantine of people coming from infected nations.

Dr. Chales Dr. Chales2 Dr. Chales3

The good doctor has not disclosed which university he received his doctor degree from. I have a suspicion that Dr. Charles Johnson just plays a doctor online and has no expertise in these matters.