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Charles is a huge *ahem* fan of  The Walking Dead, no doubt, no question, as he seems to be engrossed with graphic violence these days. In that four minute clip he linked to, there is incarceration, implied torture, and a beheading, gentle reader.

Charles  Johnson is a 60+ year old with a magical jazzy pony tail who reads “Graphic Novels.” Most sentients refer to them as comic books, because that’s exactly what they are.

I’ll admit to reading “The Watchmen” decades ago out of curiosity, but it appeared to be a comic book series for 18 year old boys who had lost interest in Dungeons & Dragons and Atari games and had moved on. Charles Johnson is stuck in that mindset, and it’s reflected in his juvenile posts and tweets.

Charles, you’re a mess.

“you’re increasingly irrelevant culturally”

Charles C. Johnson has made the mistake of paying attention to the twitter version of Norman Bates. Thriving on attention, the deranged freak shut in hounds his name sake on daily basis. Chuck C. Johnson finally remi9nds Charles he’s irrelevant

Chuck C. Johnson should ignores the washed up guitarist. Even former band mates of Icarus do not give him any time of day.