Charles spotted in Halloween costume!

After years of hiding due to death threats from Nazis, Charles finally comes out and celebrates Halloween.


(Hat Tip: Octpus)


Charles attacks Greenwald for doing what he has done!

While the War of the Johnsons continues apace, Charles takes time to attack another old nemesis. In a hypocritical attack, the shut in goes after Glenn Greenwald for doing what the washed up guitarist himself has done to former associates.

Matt Taibbi Matt Taibbi2 Matt Taibbi3 Matt Taibbi4

What Greenwald did to Matt Taibbi is no different that what Charles has done to many former allies. Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Barrett Brown and Killgore Trout just to name a few can verify Charles Johnson’s hypocrisy.



LGF’s Favorite Jihad Boy is now a “festering sh*t spigot” for criticizing Communist Russia.

Yep. It’s true.

Long-time Little Green Footballs’ favorite convert to islam and unhinged junior jihadi “Pro-Life Liberal” dared to criticize communism, in particular Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, and got the Charles Johnson Hive Treatment right in the skivvies for speaking his opinion.

Pro Life Liberal Smackdown
The convo was both amusing and sadly pathetic to me. On one hand, there’s a mental defective who is arguing the right point; on the other is a group of mental defectives pounding him into submission.

And then there’s that bloated bloviating blog owner who’s pushing and supporting pure socialism and fascism for his own greedy reasons just like all obedient socialist tools do.
“I AM Little Green Footballs. It’s only ME.”

Charles, you’re a mess.

Unemployed Argentine parasite living in his sister’s termite infested garage channels his inner anti-Semite with a rant about “Likud wingnuts”

Gus goes on a Twitter rant


Gus you ignorant cocksucker, stop adopting your fellow cocksucker Andrew Sullivan’s cowardly attempt to mask your Jew hatred by throwing around the term “Likudnik”. Let me enlighten you a bit, the Likud Party is a legitimate parliamentary political party that has run in elections, won office, and surrendered office (all peacefully) when voted out.  It was the Likud who signed a peace treaty with Egypt (giving back the Sinai) foolishly signed the Wye Accords with Yasser Arafat, and withdrew from Gaza. Benjamin Netanyahu is not a hard core “right winger” but a parliamentarian coalition builder with diverse political parties such as Hillary’s favorite Israeli leftie i.e. one Tzipi Livni from Kadima in his cabinet. Why don’t you have the courage to just say “those damn Jews”?

Dr. Charles Johnson continues to opine on Ebola

One of the greatest medical minds known to man, Dr. Charles Johnson continues to downplay the threat of Ebola and condemn anyone calling for a quarantine of people coming from infected nations.

Dr. Chales Dr. Chales2 Dr. Chales3

The good doctor has not disclosed which university he received his doctor degree from. I have a suspicion that Dr. Charles Johnson just plays a doctor online and has no expertise in these matters.

Dr. Charles F. Johnson, BFD, Declares Ebola A Non-Threat And Dismisses Andrew Cuomo As A Retro-Alarmist.


Let’s look at Charles’ subtitles on the Ebola virus in sequence (and ignore that he stole and amateurishly modified the first image from “shutterstock”).

“When Blind Fear Determines Public Policy.”

Charles, when doctors and nurses, trained in fighting and preventing the spread of communicative diseases, are contracting an infectious disease with an unusually high mortality rate and a short incubation period, it seems that public policy is not determined by “blind fear” but by common sense and global septic practice.

“Pushing Back Against Ignorant Policy.”

When did the fight against disease become a left-wing / right-wing political battle?

“The Egregious Dishonesty Of A Right Wing Smear Merchant Continues.”

Did he reject your amorous advances, too? Damn, Charles. You just can’t win.

“The Walk Back.”

Oh wait. Cuomo’s a democrat. Must’ve been a typo, or maybe he’s just as nervous about an uncontrollable virus outbreak in a densely populated US city as the rest of us folk who were whelped with only one pair of xy chromosomes.


Q: Even the ulta-libs don’t believe what Dear Leader is telling us about Ebola (or anything else) so what does that make you, Charles?

A: A pantload.


2 Tweets that reflect hysteria

Charles has gone into fear mongering mode on Twitter. He is trying to convince his followers that the sky is falling and the end is near. The following 2 Tweets reflect the paranoid induced hysterical state of mind of Charles Johnson.

Charles is a deranged man.