Another day of crushing dissent

The overweight Stalinist shut in can’t stand contrarian views. He brags on twitter about blocking people.

Even Charles Johnson’s jokes are lame.

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  1. kbdabear says:

    Let’s hear another bout of endless whining about how people Chuck harasses have him blocked and just can’t stand the light of Chucky’s truth or debate him like a man!

  2. just poop says:

  3. just poop says:

  4. kbdabear says:

    Gus needs to put the blunts down

  5. kbdabear says:

    Aaaannnndd, like a lawn slug comes out after it rains …..

    Do you think anyone bothers to listen to that audio?

    • Dudebro says:

      There should be a warning on that tweet that going to a link takes you to a terrorist enabling website & you get shitware (including computer viruses?) as a door prize.

    • ISpeakJive says:

      He just tries and tries and tries……..LOL

    • Bunk X says:

      What’s funny is that Rodan has no twitter account, and why Charles and Gus are discussing this website makes it all the more amusing.

  6. Juan Epstein says:

    White, non-ethnic European is not a race.


  7. Pakimon says:

    I told you guys not to touch that green goo!

  8. Pakimon says:

    We know for sure that Gus_802 isn’t married. Seems that “chicks” don’t “dig” the unemployed garage dweller life. 😆

  9. Pakimon says:

    “Obsessed in a very unhealthy way”?!

    Are you kidding me?

    This coming from an obese ponytailed clown that compulsively and endlessly tweets about Jim Hoft, Glenn Greenwald, Pam Geller, etc.

    I can’t even… 😆

    Speaking of “mental illness”, what would you call spending every waking moment of your life on Twitter?

    Chunkles and Gus have to be two of the most obtuse and self-unaware people on the planet.

    Un-frigging-believable. 😆

  10. Pakimon says:

    Could this be it?! Is Chunky on the fast track back to relevancy with this monumental scoop?!

    Just look at those “social shares”!

  11. Octopus says:

    Wait…you mean to tell me Fatass McDumbth is pointing a trembling finger of j’accuse at someone else, for attempting to remove embarrassing comments? Wouldn’t such oblivious projection blow up da owl and Irony Meter?

    Chunky, you sure are a card. 😆

  12. Octopus says:

    Notice how Stuck-on-Stooped’s new go-to insult is claiming that everyone is “linked to Stormfront?” 😆

    Maybe it was the time I posted a link to the Weather Channel, showing the Winter Storm Watch we had late last March, which ended up putting us over the all-time annual record in snowfall for this region. I mean, you never saw so much whiteness. I even posted a pic of my driveway, at the Eagle’s Nest I like to call home sweet home. The piles of whiteness were 8′ tall, at the lower-end. Teh Warmening!

    • Pakimon says:

      Chunkles would say 8′ tall piles of whiteness is racist.

      On a different note, Both my Eagles and Jaguars lost yesterday. 😡

      I think it’s because I neglected to post the Sunday Eco-friendly cheerleader tribute.

      I will rectify that mistake next weekend. 😀

      • Octopus says:

        As bad as Saturday was for me, with the Wolverines humiliating themselves and the Tigs losing, Sunday was a day of wonderful sports manna from Heaven, with boobs on the ground to roll in like autumn leaves.

        The stress-level amps up again on Thursday, in the beisboru playoffs. Oy!

    • Doppel Milyo says:

      I had no idea this was a site associated with stormfront.

      OK fess up, which one of you is the skinhead? LOL

      I do know for a fact that http://www.littlegreenfootballs and Charles Fuckface Johnson are linked /mentioned dare I say ASSOCIATED with Anders Breivik

      so gus/Charles put that in your Nazi pipe and smoke it

    • Because says:

      Stormfront? Is that linked to climate change, like extreme weather and shit? BURN THE CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER!!!!!11

  13. Pakimon says:

    “da owl and Irony Meter” didn’t stand a chance. 😆

  14. Doppel Milyo says:

    when a garage dweller is your best buddy on twitter, and probably in your whole life you know you are fucking up big time

    well done Charles!

  15. Because says:

    • dwells38 says:

      Hopefully anyone on Twitter who just saw him call us Nazis will realize that yeah….then he just said that. Not exactly a reliable and serious source for anything. Then again this is someone who used to wash his socks and underwear in his sister’s dishwasher while living in her garage. Now he lives in Denver where he attempts to save money by forgoing heat in the winter and then grousing about journalists in Sochi who don’t know how good they have it with no running water or sewage disposal.

      Yes. A guy who, when you do the math is actually Tweeting once every 9 minutes per day. Counting sleep!!

  16. dwells38 says:

    The Diary of Daedalus website is a neo-Nazi website with ties to Stormfront. //

    — Gus (@Gus_802) September 29, 2014

    You mean like Little Green Footballs from 2001 thru 2009 ran by brainwashed loser, fool Chunky Boo Hoo Johnson who viciously mocked and derided all websites and politicians on the left as useful idiots to radical Islamists? The one with all the racist nazi commenters?

    You mean like that?

    • Because says:

      The LGF website is a neo-Nazi website with ties to Andrers Breivik.

      • LGF: extremist, radical Commie pinkos for Chaves, Castro and Obungle says:

        Well it was. But Chunky Boo Hoo has to do everything in extremes. Now he’s turned LGF into a far, far left Communist pinko leftist Progturd website that calls for censorship, one party dictator rule, and claims that any views to the right of Hugo Chaves are Nazi.

        Chunk’s made it clear he admires the Chicoms, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Che Guevera and other vicious mass murderous regimes of the 20th century. And he wants Preezydent Obungle to be dictator for life. He and Gus are truly insane leftists that most normal Demoncrappers even would disown. They claim crazy things like the US is a militarized police state that murders black men every day. That the NSA should be allowed to spy on Americans and our allies to any extent they like. They believe only the far left wing hold valid views. They think private ownership of guns for any reason should be outlawed and all of the legal and law abiding gun owning citizens should be disarmed and/or jailed. They think Capitalism should be outlawed to save the environment.

        LGF is an insane radical extremist left wing Communist website with comically absurd and childishly neo-hippy political views.

    • Arachne says:

      I find it rather ironic that Fatass will continually make excuses for mature adults who have “modified their opinion” yet insists on resurrecting that audio of a teenage Rodan as proof of what the adult Rodan believes.

      And I wouldn’t keep directing people to this site, Fatass. Because even though you and Gus are doing retweet fellatio calling us Neo-Nazi and Stormfront affiliated, your delusion will not be shared by anyone who takes five minutes to read it.

      • LGF: extremist, radical Commie pinkos for Chaves, Castro and Obungle says:

        He obviously doesn’t care a whit for any accuracy or truth in his Tweeted statements. And is of course, out of infantile spite purposely distorting Daedalus’ views and the purpose of this website. The latter of which of course, is to mock the idiotic Chunky Johnson who tried to change his stripes from right wing anti-Jihad to mindless leftwing lemming while trying to blame it on his pre2009 commenters and taking zero responsibility for creating and participating in it the entire time. And then being so comically stupid as to think he could rewrite the true past with him being the helpless victim of the right wing without appearing to be either 1) a spineless lying fraud or 2) a spineless idiot chump moron. And more probably both.

        But that’s the kind of thing treacherous frauds do. Crap on their “milleu” while comically pronouncing it on TV as mil-yo. LOL!!

      • Doppel sekrit Nazi Milyo says:

        this still makes me laugh every time I watch it

      • Arachne says:

        I want the one with the girly shoulder shrug. It’s so….so….it’s just PRECIOUS!

      • Because says:

        It’s diverse. That’s all I’m saying.

  17. ISpeakJive says:

    He just called us racists? My feelings are hurt. I must examine my entire existence now. Bummer, I had other things to do today…..

  18. LGF: extremist, radical Commie pinkos for Chaves, Castro and Obungle says:

    Chunky espouses the very same opinion as this comical joke of a host on AMESSNBC that no one takes seriously.

    MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry: OK Beheading Is “Workplace Violence”

    MHP has said parents decide when life begins (in defense of unregulated abortion). She wears tampon earings (used or unused? not sure – I don’t watch that station). She said Detroit is what happens when government is too small. She pronounced the Marine Corps motto Semper Fi as “Semper Fee”. Yeah really. She became a Tulane professor somehow and a TV host yet never heard of this term.

  19. Doppel sekrit Nazi Milyo says:

    I’m pretty sure this is a neo-Nazi flag

    um Charles, that’s the Tennessee state flag

    but I am really really sure this teabagger guy is a confederate general. Look at the hat.

    um Charles, that’s US army air cav

    but I’m really sure this flag is stormfront

    um Charles, that’s the Puerto Rican flag

    Diary of Daedalus. That sounds Nazi to me

    um Charles, that’s Greek

    Nazis, Greeks, they all look alike

  20. LGF: extremist, radical Commie pinkos for Chaves, Castro and Obungle says:

    It’s no surprise that Obungle is Chunky’s most favorite Preezydent evah!!! Obungle also tries to rewrite history and the truth to hide his own culpability and instead blame it on someone else.

    Obungle: Those intelligence guys really got it wrong and made me look like I think the ISIS mass murderer/rapists taking over Iraq is no big deal and none of our business.
    Chunky: Those racist right wingers took over my blog and made me look like I think Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

  21. OLT's Tennessee Turd Walk says:

    We’ll be neo-Nazi/Stormfront related when/if Killgore Trout starts posting here.

    Stalker Charles and Killgore spent lots of time on that site. I’ve never been there.

    Why? Well, I’ve never toured the sewage plant, either, but I have a damned good idea how shit goes down in both places.

    ps – apologies to Jack and Misty. I still have your albums.

    • Because says:

      I’ve toured many sewage treatment plants. You wouldn’t believe how many ways there are to get rid of sludge; some of them legal.

  22. Spittle spewers short on meds agree: Limbaugh is Teh Racist!!! says:

    Comedian John Fugelsang Makes Limbaugh Fans’ Heads Explode With Racist Limbaugh Quotes
    2 hours ago

    I tell you what, these has-beens are thick as thieves. Chunk calls Fugelsang a “comedian” which implies he was ever funny. Generous to say the least. His only claim to fame is the WORST two years EVER of America’s Funniest Videos. I looked him up on Wikipedia and it goes something like…appeared in something in 2007, failed at something in 2013. And appeared on Politically Incorrect as a rabid moonbat idiot (no doubt).

    He and Chunky are two pees in a pot. They each gave up moderate success to pursue their aspirations of being Progturd moonbat cranks.

    Oh well at least Flugey rated a bitch slap from Twitchy. Something Chunky’s never been able to achieve.

    • Arachne says:

      I seem to recall when Rush was trying to buy the Rams with a consortium, Chuck quickly reposted on the front page at LGF an article detailing the evil raaaacism of Rush Limbaugh. None of the quotes were authenticated to a date and hour, and it was found later that the attributions were indeed false.

      Chuck’s excuse? Oh well, he’s probably said stuff like this in the past so my reposting of a libel against him is okay.

  23. windbag says:

    “LGF Headquarters”…sounds like when I was 8 years old and tried to sound all secrety spy like. Maybe that’s what happened with Pam? She has cooties and wasn’t allowed in the clubhouse. What a sad turd this clown is.

  24. Octopus says:

  25. rightymouse says:

    He just doesn’t get how stupid he looks with his endless retweets of the same effing thing, does he? 🙄

    • Arachne says:

      It’s also a violation of Twitter’s policy about tweeting same thing over and over again. A lot of people do it, though. It’s rather annoying, actually.

  26. OLT's Tennessee Turd Walk says:

    I’m more than a little worried about Gus. His Twitters haz gone silent.

  27. rightymouse says:

    **cough** Breitbart **coff**

  28. Doppel milyo says:

  29. JimboXL says:

    How many ICYMI’s for the Islamic Klux Klan member beheading the woman here? Zero? Instead do some more tweets about harmless middle age journos on tv making comments, or harmless “right-winguurshh” tweeting about family values or Ronald Reagan.

  30. swamprat says:

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 2m2 minutes ago

    .@DanteAtkins @ChuckCJohnson @Zachy224 Kind of amazing how he just repeats the lie even when it’s right there in black and white.

    yes but then there’s this

    Charles Johnson ‏@Green_Footballs 9h9 hours ago

    Right Wing Parrots Launch Into Fear-Mongering Bigoted Frenzy Over Oklahoma Workplace Murder

    money quote:

    And by the way, here’s another detail from this story that seems to be omitted from the right wing’s shrieking fear frenzy:

    According to the department’s database, Nolen had “Jesus Christ” tattooed across his chest…

    Really? So would it be fair then for me to label this as an act of “Christian terrorism?”

    Of course not. And that’s the point.

    Stay classy charles.
    How many beheadings did Nolen do before he converted?
    So if one of the 911 hijackers had worked in the towers before the towers fell, would it have then been a “workplace accident?” Did Micheal Brown get killed in a “workplace accident seeing as Darren Wilson was on the clock?
    Dishonest argument much?

  31. swamprat says:

    one of charles’ retweeting dudebros:

    FromtheMorgue ‏@From_the_Morgue 5h5 hours ago

    @Green_Footballs @BeautyBind I’m conservative and even I view this as isolated incident of one man
    Conservative ? Really?

    FromtheMorgue ‏@From_the_Morgue 21 Jun 2013

    “@RealDLHughley: If the food network lets Paula Dean go, I’m sure there will be a place for her at Fox News!” She & Fuhrman make gr8 duo…

  32. swamprat says:

    doublethink; saying terrorism is doubleplusungood

    116 Charles Johnson Sep 28, 2014 4:19:51pm 1

    re: #115 Roger S

    “Inspired by ISIS?” Who knows? Maybe; beheadings have been all over the news lately, so maybe he was copycatting what he saw on TV. But “terroristic?” Not even remotely. He was a disgruntled ex-employee with a violent criminal record, and he took out his anger on his co-workers. That’s not “terrorism,” it’s crime.

    Inspired by ISIS but not terrorism

    • swamprat says:

      Charles Johnson @Green_Footballs · 24m 24 minutes ago

      I don’t know why, but I still get slightly amazed when people deny facts that are right in front of their eyes.

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  34. Abu Milyo says:

    “You might try adding a video or a related picture or two to get people excited about everything’ve written. Just my opinion, it would bring your website a little bit more interesting.”

    Longtime DoDers know who this reads like.

    / wasn’t me

  35. Octopus says:

    Here’s hoping our favorite Garage Boy is just taking a therapeutic day off from tweeting, to get his bearings, as it weren’t. If he suffered a Sterno-related health issue, here’s hoping he gets the medical assistance he needs.

  36. Octopus says:

    Abortion est verboten by Islam!

    Do not speak of this, Chunky. You might lose your enormous fat head. 😯

  37. Minnow says:

    Barry, with the emotional maturity of an eleven year old girl…… on display, yet another day.

    Tonight, Barry rants and rambles about Pam Geller again.

    Here, Barry makes claims about Geller’s motivations regarding an ad campaign that used James Foley’s beheading (apparently): “and she obviously did not care about anyone’s pain or suffering”.

    Says the King of Caring About Anyone’s Pain or Suffering, because (of course) he would know all about caring for other people (on any level!!!).

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Barry passing judgement on Pam Geller. That’s a knee slapper.

    Too bad she is so much smarter than you are Barry. Too bad you were left in a cloud of dust suckah. Maybe you should have tried a bath and some mouth wash before you started shooting off your big fat mouth… As if!!! Hahahahahahahaha……..

    (You’re killing me heah babe…..)