Open Letter to Killgore Trout


You’ve provided much fodder and entertainment for this blog considering that you’re one of the last contrarians at Little Green Footballs, someone who spoke his mind, tolerated the inane downding system and suffered the unnecessary verbal abuse typical of that website.

Many former loyal supporters of Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs have passed through this half-way house to bigger and better things: Cato the Elder, Albusteve, Walter, and even *ahem* Barrett Brown.

Truth is, for as loyal as you were to Charles and LGF, he and others back-stabbed you in front of the world. Here’s your chance to let loose, to vent, to tell The Diary of Daedalus to fk-off and leave Charles Johnson alone, or just to say “Hi” and chill.

Killgore, write it up. Give it a shot, speak your mind, and we’ll post it here unedited, verbatim, and with no commentary added. We’re honest, while you eventually found out that Charles Johnson and his flying monkeys are not. Send it via a throw-away email account (you’ll need to prove your authenticity – how to do it is up to you) and leave a comment at:

Meanwhile, your backstabbing buddies at Little Green Footballs are scratching their furry little heads trying to figure it out, even though most of them participated in your smackdowns:

Dork Falcon On Killgore Ban

Killgore, give us a holler. At least this blog won’t ban you for your opinions,  won’t post your personal information, and if you want to stick around, fine. If not, no sweat. We have fun here, believe it or not, and nobody cares about the Opie & Anthony Show.

Beers are in the fridge.

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  1. Al-Cheezeera says:

    A full one-fifth of the threads were spent on smacking down KT? Wow Dork Falcon, it’s like you’re unintentionally saying how thin the content is at that advertisement-ridden malware site!

    • Octopus says:

      Tell your story like a man, Trout. You may take some lumps over here, but they’re only virtual lumps. Good for the soul. Plus, think of the immense glee to be had, as the swamp-critters go even more bonkers, discussing your turn to the Dark Side.

      Possible topics include:
      –The Iceweasel Methodology, from an insider’s perspective
      –Chunky’s wartime correspondence, during the Great Purge
      –The Truth About Ludwig’s Disappearance
      –The Sex Life Of The Wild Froggy
      –Kale, Slugs And The Dinner Table

  2. Wouldn't want to go to the "dark side" aka freedom says:

    The decision to stay at LGF:

  3. Juan Epstein says:

    It took thousands of bannings a to get Dork to the top, yo.

  4. Wouldn't want to go to the "dark side" aka freedom says:

    hey Kalegore, if you spill the beans here we have a treat for you!:

  5. Octopus says:

    It’s great to see that Zombie is still doing great journalistic work, while Chunky has foundered and sunk his once-mighty blog on the shoals of dumbth. Banning Zombie was one of his biggest suicidal moves, if not the death-knell itself.

    Zombie illustrates the truth with photography, even when the pictures aren’t pretty. Here, we see the true colors of the Climate Chaos OMG!!1! movement, which happen to be red, with just a bit of green on the outside for camouflage. Capitalism itself is the villain, and communism the only solution. These are your peeps, Dear Fatass. Good on ya.

    There is no warming going on, nor any significant sea-rise. The ice-caps are just fine, thank you. Polar bears are thriving in record numbers, to the dismay of ringed seals. There is no evidence that increased CO2 levels are having any effect whatsoever on the climate. The whole theory of AGW is in a shambles, discredited and mocked by everyone except those who are still mining the colossal fraud for gold. Of course, Our Chunky is doubling down on the stupid side of the “argument.” Of course! 😆

  6. swamprat says:

    No bottom comments!

    Dark Falcon has a chair waiting over here.

  7. Because says:

    I just got back from a week in Kalegore’s state. I now have a Grand Unified Theory of Oregon. The wannabee hippies in Portlandia aspire to be journeyman hippies in Eugene. And the journeyman hippies in Eugene aspire to be the master hippies in Ashland. I spent the weekend in Ashland. O.M.G. The place makes Haight-Ashbury look like Tulsa. They’re so proud that Jackson County is the first county in the country to ban GMO foods. That’s right, an outright ban. What a bunch of hippy-Nazis.

    But I took a shower, and I’m ok now. Anyway, Kalegore fits the demographic, perfectly. Part hippy, and part general contrarian. He belongs there.

    • Octopus says:

      Next time I’m out west, I’m going there. I wonder if they know that ALL modern soybeans are considered GMO, by True Believers. All corn, too. Probably every commercially-grown crop in the world, by now. 😆

      Their society will go “Children Of The Corn” immediately, in case of a serious national disaster. Won’t want to visit then.

      • Because says:

        The True Believers are past that – Google “raw vegan”.

      • Octopus says:

        Raw veganism is a diet that combines the concepts of veganism and raw foodism. It excludes all food and products of animal origin, as well as food cooked at a temperature above 48 °C (118 °F).[citation needed] A raw vegan diet includes raw vegetables and fruits, nuts and nut pastes, grain and legume sprouts, seeds, plant oils, sea vegetables, herbs, and fresh juices. There are many different versions of the diet, including fruitarianism, juicearianism, and sproutarianism.

        Consumed naked and freezing in the dark, preferably.

        My favorite cult of all time is still the Breatharians, though. You can’t get any purer than those cats.

      • OLT's This Can Be Fun says:

        What is the significance of the Holy Temperature of 48C?

        Is it based on the True Earth Absolute Temperature (TEAT), or the Scientific Consensus Atmospheric Natural Carbon (SCANC)?

        Many climate scientists believe that if they find a SCANC, they will eventually get a TEAT.

      • Because says:

        I believe that if you find a TEAT, you will find a Very Angry Girl In No Arousal (VAGINA). They be fun.

  8. rightymouse says:

    Killgore is an effing a-hole.

    • Octopus says:

      Killgore is an effing a-hole.

      I had a feeling you were gonna say that. 😆

      What if you get to supervise his enhanced interrogation? Would that be okay?

      The coward will never show up here as himself, I’m sure. He’s the late-night kind of visitor. Hmm…kind of like Stanky-Poo, with his Ron Jeremy fantasies.

  9. Wouldn't want to go to the "dark side" aka freedom says:

    Chunky’s homeys down in Ferguson rioted again because Mike Brown’s memorial pile burned down. I’m not a religious person but MB supposedly was. You think his memorials being driven over and peed on by police dogs and now burning down might have anything to do with where the strong arm robber, gang member and self-proclaimed fist brawler may have ended up after death? Just sayin’.

    Love how the store worker just resignedly puts the boards back over the windows. Ferguson, quite the magnet for investment!! They would definitely be on my list. If I were an unbreakable glass salesman, that is.

  10. ISpeakJive says:

    Now that he’s gone they’re calling him a “dirty hippie?” Oh, geeze. Killgore. come on ovah! Get if off your chest. You know you want to!

  11. Wouldn't want to go to the "dark side" aka freedom says:

    Obungle’s UN Climate speech a combo of lies and non sequiturs.–finance.html

    Turns out Obungle isn’t leading on the climate hoax in any way and any improvements in emissions are only caused by his sucky economy.

    So why would the most powerful man in the world, after six long years on the job do nothing about climate dumbth and fly a helicopter ever other day to go golfing?

    Hey Chunky Boo Hoo, you think it’s because he believes the hoax?

  12. Wouldn't want to go to the "dark side" aka freedom says:

    Hateful libturd pulls a Pam Geller on Rick Perry:

    The original which Chunky Boo Hoo thought was really clever and SO funny.

    What did he say to Pam? Oh yeah “You’re killin’ me babe”. He really loved him some Pam Geller back in the day!

    • Octopus says:

      Come on, Fatass. Do another “You’re killin’ me here, babe!” 😆

      It was classy then, and it’s still classy now. Well…Sheehan was a grieving moonbat, and Perry is a conservative RethugliKKKan, so I guess it’s the same.

  13. Zeus Crankypants says:

    September 24, 2014 at 9:26 am
    It’s great to see that Zombie is still doing great journalistic work, while Chunky has foundered and sunk his once-mighty blog on the shoals of dumbth. Banning Zombie was one of his biggest suicidal moves, if not the death-knell itself.

    There are a number of others that has gone on to doing great journalistic work… ahem… ahem.

    And speaking of that.

    I actually note with glee that my long feature article on the problems with the climate models, the programming that produced the climate models and the data behind the climate model… is bearing out to be true as every month passes on.

    Charles The Great Programmer had to ignore whatever knowledge he has about data processing and data analysis just to try to prove me wrong.

    Which he didn’t, never did and I would love to see Chuckles try to go another round with me on the topic of the climate model data.

    You got the balls to do it Chucky?

    And in the “tooting my own horn department.”

    I am being nominated for 3 to 4 categories in the Colorado Press Association yearly awards. I’ll know the outcomes in February 2015.

    What next? A Pulitzer? Or at least a cookie?

  14. Wouldn't want to go to the "dark side" aka freedom says:

    More Obungle strategery which Chunkles was crowing and whooping it up about the other day:

    We’re bombing them at night. As a warning. You know like they didn’t do and instead marched into multiple Iraqi cities and mass murdered the civil servants, Christians, anyone who tried to resist, British and US jounalists, etc…

    That along with Kerry saying these bombings aren’t intended to defeat ISIS anyway. Just piss ’em off I guess. Aren’t they pissed off enough already? They mass murder for fun. They just killed 300 Iraqis the other day with chem weapons!

    But I guess there’s no urgency to eliminate them. Just send ’em a message, like Obungle wanted to do to the Syrians. It shows strong disapproval and stuff just in case they weren’t sure if we liked ’em or not. Now that’s a STRATEGERY!

  15. ChenZhen says:

    “Supported the racist Anthony Cumia”

    Important to note that this was actually just retweets in Killgore’s timeline.

    But of course this is quintessential LGF cult stuff. That is being banned for rather insignificant things done outside the blog.

  16. Octopus says:

    Iceweasel embarrasses itself with a goopy post that ends with a slam on Bush, and a lie:

    The Idiot Left is trying really hard to sell the lie that says Bush acted without Congressional approval to go to war against Iraq, as Obungler is doing right now. I guess they never heard of Google.

  17. Zeus Crankypants says:

    September 24, 2014 at 11:39 am
    I remember that piece, Zeus. Do you have a link, so we can re-hash?

    Happy to oblige.

    Who is Ian “Harry” Harris? He is a staff member at the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University. His short bio on the CRU staff page says this. “Dendroclimatology, climate scenario development, data manipulation and visualisation, programming.”

    He was tasked with maintaining, modifying and rewriting programs from the existing climate modeling software suite that existed at CRU since at least the 1990’s. He kept copious notes of his progress from 2006 through 2009, including his notes and comments internally in the programs themselves and in a 314
    page document named “harry_read_me.txt.” If you revel in the minutia of programmer’s notes you can easily find this document on the internet.

    I will document 4 different aspects of Ian “Harry” Harris’ notes

    1) General comments, inaccurate data bases
    2) CRU Time Series 3.0 dataset
    3) a RUN dialog
    4) Faulty code

    Quotes are verbatim, including typos, misspellings and language differences… any other mistakes are mine.

    1) General comments from the “harry_read_me.txt.” about the CRU programs and data.

    Here is Ian “Harry” Harris talking about both the legacy programs and legacy climate databases and the new data he is trying to create.

    “Oh GOD if I could start this project again and actually argue the case for junking the inherited program suite!!”
    author note: This is the program suite that has been generating data for years for CRU and staff. …knowing how long it takes to debug this suite – the experiment endeth here.

    The option(like all the anomdtb options) is totally undocumented so we’ll never know what we lost.”

    author note: Remember, Dr. Phil Jones, head of CRU initially said they never lost any data.

    “Sounds familiar, if worrying. am I the first person to attempt to get the CRU databases in working order?!! The program pulls no punches. I had already found that tmx.0702091313.dtb had seven more stations than tmn.0702091313.dtb, but that hadn’t
    prepared me for the grisly truth:”

    “Getting seriously fed up with the state of the Australian data. so many new stations have been introduced, so many false references.. so many changes that aren’t documented.
    Every time a cloud forms I’m presented with a bewildering selection of similar-sounding sites, some with references, some with WMO codes, and some with both. And if I look up the station metadata with one of the local references, chances are the WMO code will be wrong (another station will have it) and the lat/lon will be wrong too.”

    author note: How were they generating temperature data on their world grid in the past if they couldn’t even match up stations?

    “I am very sorry to report that the rest of the databases seem to be in nearly as poor a state as Australia was. There are hundreds if not thousands of pairs of dummy stations,
    one with no WMO and one with, usually overlapping and with the same station name and very similar coordinates. I know it could be old and new stations, but why such large overlaps if that’s the case? Aarrggghhh!”

    “So.. should I really go to town (again) and allow the Master database to be ‘fixed’ by this program? Quite honestly I don’t have time – but it just shows the state our data holdings have drifted into.

    Who added those two series together? When? Why? Untraceable, except anecdotally. It’s the same story for many other Russian
    stations, unfortunately – meaning that (probably) there was a full Russian update that did no data integrity checking at all. I just hope it’s restricted to Russia!!”

    author note: Fixed? What does that mean? And why the quotes? This is live data Ian is talking about.

    “This still meant an awful lot of encounters with naughty Master stations, when really I suspect nobody else gives a hoot about. So with a somewhat cynical shrug, I added the nuclear option – to match every WMO possible, and turn the rest into new stations (er, CLIMAT excepted). In other words, what CRU usually do. It will allow bad databases to pass unnoticed, and good databases to become bad, but I really don’t think people care enough to fix ’em, and it’s the main reason the project is nearly a year late.”

    author note: This is about the strongest statement Ian makes about the state of the data at CRU

    “The big question must be, why does it have so little representation in the low numbers? Especially given that I’m rounding erroneous negatives up to 1!! Oh, sod it. It’ll do. I
    don’t think I can justify spending any longer on a dataset, the previous version of which was completely wrong (misnamed) and nobody noticed for five years.”

    “This was used to inform the Fortran conversion programs by indicating the latitudepotential_sun and sun-to-cloud relationships. It also assisted greatly in understanding
    what was wrong – Tim was in fact calculating Cloud Percent, despite calling it Sun Percent!! Just awful.”

    author note: Dr. Tim Mitchell or Dr. Tim Osborn? CRU –

    “They aren’t percentage anomalies! They are percentage anomalies /10. This could explain why the real data areas had variability 10x too low. BUT it shouldn’t be – they should be regular percentage anomalies! This whole process is too convoluted and
    created myriad problems of this kind. I really think we should change it.”

    “Am I the first person to attempt to get the CRU databases in working order?!!”

    “Right, time to stop pussyfooting around the niceties of Tim’s labyrinthine software suites – let’s have a go at producing CRU TS 3.0! since failing to do that will be the definitive
    failure of the entire project..”

    “OH FUCK THIS. It’s Sunday evening, I’ve worked all weekend, and just when I thought it was done I’m hitting yet another problem that’s based on the hopeless state of our databases. There is no uniform data integrity, it’s just a catalogue of issues that continues to grow as they’re found.”

    Remember, he is talking about legacy programs and legacy data.

    2) About the CRU Time Series 3.0 dataset.

    Remember all the comments I posted here about HARCRUT3 dataset, which contains global temperature readings from 1850 onward and the possible problems with the data in that database. Well, HADCRUT3 is built from CRUTEM3 and the Hadley SST data.
    CRUTEM3 is built partially from CRU TS 3.0 which is mentioned above. And much of the data used for climate modeling in the past was contained in earlier versions of this
    data table CRU TS 2.1, CRU TS 2.0, CRU TS 1.1 and CRU TS 1.0. table used for earlier climate models.

    See history of CRU TS at

    Evidently Ian “Harry” Harris managed to finally produce the dataset CRU TS 3.0 and here is a question from Dr Daniel Kingston, addressed to “Tim.”

    So, you release a dataset that people have been clamouring for, and the buggers only start using it! And finding problems. For instance:

    Hi Tim (good start! -ed)

    I realise you are likely to be very busy at the moment, but we have come across something in the CRU TS 3.0 data set which I hope you can help out with. We have been looking at the monthly precipitation totals over southern Africa (Angola, to be precise), and have found some rather large differences between precipitation as specified in the TS 2.1 data set, and the new TS 3.0 version. Specifically, April 1967 for the cell 12.75 south, 16.25 east, the monthly total in the TS 2.1 data set is 251mm, whereas in TS 3.0 it is 476mm. The anomaly does not only appear in this cell, but also in a number of neighbouring cells.
    This is quite a large difference, and the new TS 3.0 value doesn’t entirely tie in with what we might have expected from the station-based precip data we have for this

    Would it be possible for you could have a quick look into this issue?

    Many thanks,
    Dr Daniel Kingston
    Post Doctoral Research Associate
    Department of Geography
    University College London

    And here is Ian “Harry” Harris’ answer.

    Well, it’s a good question! And it took over two weeks to answer. I wrote angola.m, which pretty much established that three local stations had been augmented for 3.0, and that April 1967 was anomalously wet. Lots of non-reporting stations (ie too few years to form normals) also had high values. As part of this, I also wrote angola3.m, which added two rather interesting plots: the climatology, and the output from the Fortran gridder I’d just completed. This raised a couple of points of interest:

    1. The 2.10 output doesn’t look like the climatology, despite there being no stations in the area. It ought to have simply relaxed to the clim, instead it’s wetter.

    2. The gridder output is lower than 3.0, and much lower than the stations!

    I asked Tim and Phil about 1., they couldn’t give a definitive opinion. As for 2., their guesses were correct, I needed to mod the distance weighting. As usual, see gridder.sandpit for the full info.

    So to CLOUD. For over a year, rumours have been circulating that money had been found to pay somebody for a month to recreate Mark New’s coefficients. But it never quite gelled. Now, at last, someone’s producing them! Unfortunately.. it’s me. The idea is to derive the coefficients (for the regressing of cloud against DTR) using the published 2.10 data. We’ll use 5-degree blocks and years 1951-2002, then produce coefficients for each 5-degree latitude band and month. Finally, we’ll interpolate to get half-degree coefficients.

    Apparently. Lots of ‘issues’. We need to exclude ‘background’ stations – those that were relaxed to the climatology. This is hard to detect because the climatology consists of valid values, so testing for equivalence isn’t enough. It might have to be the station files *shudder*. Using station files was OK, actually. A bigger problem was the inclusion of strings of consecutive, identical values (for cloud and/or dtr). Not sure what the source is, as they are not == to the climatology (ie the anoms are not 0). Discussed with Phil – decided to try excluding any cell with a string like that of >10 values. Cloud only for now.

    The result of that was, unfortunately, the loss of several output values,

    3) Run dialogs

    Ian “Harry” Harris did a very good job of documenting his different “runs” of the programs, clipping and pasting the “run time dialog” into his “harry_read_me.txt.” document. Run time dialog is the text, messages and input prompts that appear on the screen when you run the program. You can see below that the original programmers of the CRU program suite had a “lively” style of informative messages to the end user. Here is a message you get when running an “update” program to merge temperature reporting stations.

    Before we get started, an important question: If you are merging an update – CLIMAT, MCDW, Australian – do you want the quick and dirty approach? This will blindly match on WMO codes alone, ignoring data/metadata checks, and making any
    unmatched updates into new stations (metadata permitting)?

    Enter ‘B’ for blind merging, or : B

    Do you know what this program produced? Bad records, an incomplete dataset. Records with station identifiers missing, stations duplicated, no checks for missing data. And if
    the program had data it didn’t know what to do with, it turned the data into a new station, even if it didn’t really know what that data was in reference to.

    Remember, these are the legacy programs that CRU used to generate data. These were live programs, generating live data. Ian “Harry” Harris was trying to fix and modify these programs,
    because many of them produced invalid data.

    4) Example of faulty code.

    Here is one example, from Ian “Harry” Harris, about an already existing function, one that had been used to generated data in the past.

    Back to precip, it seems the variability is too low. This points to a problem with the percentage anomaly routines. See earlier escapades – will the Curse of Timnever be lifted?

    A reminder. I started off using a ‘conventional’ calculation
    absgrid(ilon(i),ilat(i)) = nint(normals(i,imo) + * anoms(ilon(i),ilat(i)) * normals(i,imo)/ 100) which is: V = N + AN/100
    This was shown to be delivering unrealistic values, so I went back to anomdtb to see how the anomalies were contructed in the first place, and found this:

    DataA(XAYear,XMonth,XAStn) = nint(1000.0*((real(DataA(XAYear,XMonth,XAStn))/ & real(NormMean(XMonth,XAStn)))-1.0)) which is: A = 1000((V/N)-1)

    So, I reverse engineered that to get this: V = N(A+1000)/1000
    And that is apparently also delivering incorrect values. Bwaaaahh!!

    Harry eventually fixed this, so in the future it would produce accurate data, but one wonders how many times data was pushed through this formula in the past and how much invalid data was generated from this faulty function and passed on to other dataset and the scientific community?


    Remember Ian “Harry” Harris was working on a legacy program suite, not some “quick and dirty methods.” A suite of programs and datasets used by CRU for climate modeling and in use for many years. If you want to, read his 314 pages of notes that detail betterthan I could all of the problems he ran into trying to work with those existing legacy programs.

    Does this information presented here disprove AGW? That’s another issue. But it does highlight, with provable facts that the CRU in themselves have been responsible for bad data, bad programs and as we have seen by the dust up about the ignored Freedom of Information Act requests that was issued to CRU, responsible for trying to cover up their mistakes. This is bad science and unfair to all the honest scientist the world over who are diligently working on honest climate science.


    You have to give Ian “Harry” Harris a lot of credit. Evidently he has been responsible for cleaning up a lot of the mistakes that have existed in climate based datasets in the past.
    This little narrative represents some of his work with NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis. (National Centers for Environmental Prediction – NOAA

    1948-1957 Data Added (Ian Harris, 22 Jul 2008)
    2007 Data Added (Ian Harris, 17 Apr 2008)
    2006 Data Added (Ian Harris, 11 Mar 2007)
    2005 Data Added (Ian Harris, 13 Jan 2006)
    2004 Data Added (Ian Harris, 28 Nov 2005)
    2003 Data Added (Ian Harris, 11 May 2004)
    SURFACE TEMPERATURE ADDED (Ian Harris, 10 December 2003)
    December 2003)
    ALL DATASETS UPDATED TO 2002 (Ian Harris, 23 June 2003)
    LAND/SEA MASKS ADDED (Ian Harris, 16 December 2002)
    Land/Sea Masks for regular and Gaussian grids have been added.
    NEW WINDOW ONLINE (Ian Harris, 9 July 2002)
    The new Quarter-Spherical Window (0N-90N; 90W-90E) is now in use (see table below).

    The old window data (here) has now been entirely replaced. Please address any requests for new variables to me.

    BAD DATA REPLACED (Ian Harris, 23 May 2002)

    The TOVS Problem has been resolved and only corrected data appears on this site.

    Anyone wishing to access the old (potentially incorrect) data in order to evaluate the extent of the problem should contact me.

    The last entry in that narrative is interesting.

  18. Wouldn't want to go to the "dark side" aka freedom says:

    Drudge is slipping.

    Drudge headlines:

    New FOX TV Chief Throws Support Behind Hillary… Within this story it says she’s a former Fox President.

  19. Because says:

    • OLT's Haz A Sad :( says:

      • Because he's a big, big lawyer, you know... says:

        A sad? Not a skeert? Lawhawk should have you quaking in your cowboy boots.

      • OLT's Skeert Of What? Libruls? LOL. says:

        A lawyer? Wow. Color me impressed (I think that’s sort of a cross between fuchsia and lime green, but my Mom won’t buy me Crayons since I’m over nine years old).

        Anyhoo … some lawyers are scary, like the guys on daytime TV commercials that I’ve only seen when I was too sick to get up and find the remote. Those guys seem way more psycho than the motley assemblage of bootlicks and garage-dwellers left at the Bog.

      • Because says:

        Trey Gowdy is scary.

      • OLT's I'd Have A Beer With Him says:

        Well, maybe.

        Then again, he’s not a “lawyer” that lives on the Bog, so there’s that.

        He might be a real one.

        Plus, he’s a rightwingnutjobrepubliKKKannazih8rmisogynist and may own a gun and a set of functioning testicles.

      • Because says:

        He definitively has a pair of high-performance testicles. Turbocharged.

    • Just poop says:

      let’s see

      fellow officer
      not charged with any crime
      not convicted of any wrong doing
      crucified in the media
      death threats from good folks like the black panthers. good and proper criminals that Charles Johnson can feel good about supporting. race hustlers like Sharpton. lawsuits to follow
      a cop that put his life on the line , like most other cops out there

      and his fellow officers are supporting him in his moment of need

      and Charles fuckface Johnson calls this inexcusable.

      well fuck you Charles. I hope somebody breaks into your house tonight and you call the cops and they tell you to piss off

      • Because says:

        And steal what? Bottles of fermented pee?

      • Just poop says:

        I hope they chop off his ponytail for locks of love

        unfortunately, it would only be suitable for a dog that had cancer and needed a new tail

      • Octopus says:

        I hope they chop off his ponytail for locks of love
        unfortunately, it would only be suitable for a dog that had cancer and needed a new tail

        Or a granny-merkin.

    • Octopus says:

      Because it is inexcusable to show support for a fellow officer, who is being lynched by a mob of race-baiters, media-whores and other assorted rabble. Yes, it’s shameful to have loyalty and integrity…good thing you did away with all that baggage, Chunky.

  20. kbdabear says:

    Killgore, what can you do when you’re BANNED, and you’ve got no home ….

  21. livefreeor die says:

    I’m reeling right now. Just found out that one of my college age son’s friends since middle school died yesterday. It appears to be suicide. She was a smart, sweet, and talented young woman. I’m too upset to cry..

    • Octopus says:

      Horrible news. When a colleague’s daughter killed herself some years ago, in her first year of college on a full-ride scholarship due to being brilliant and hard-working, I read up on the statistics regarding intelligence and suicide. They are correlated strongly. Most suicides are smart people, and the young ones just destroy you. Sorry.

    • s says:

      Sorry for your loss. This awful kind of thing knocks the wind out of you. There is one thing you can do about that helpless feeling and that is by reaching out to comfort her family. They are in the most pain. In doing so you can help yourself cope with this sad event.

      • livefreeor die says:

        Thanks. I’m composing a letter to send to them. I can’t bear to think of what they’re feeling right now.

  22. livefreeor die says:

    .I just wish there had been someone in those moments leading up to this that could have let her know things would get better and there were so many great things in life to come. I was looking at the rain clouds coming in and thinking, “She’ll never see a sky like this again. She’ll never have children. She’ll never play music again.”

    You are so right. It does destroy you.

    • Octopus says:

      Old Cliche: Permanent solution to a temporary problem.

      My first brush with suicide was when a 16-yr-old neighbor of mine hung himself in the garage, after he and the bored housewife across the street were caught in the act of livening things up. He was a great kid, funny, smart and good looking. I had just played floor hockey with him the night before he killed himself. The cougar moved away, shortly after.

    • rightymouse says:

      Very sad. 😦
      I’ll never understand how life can feel that awful and hopeless/helpless to anyone, but I do realize that depression can eff up a person so that they just want to die. We need to be there for our loved ones who suffer this way.

  23. Octopus says:

    A good start! 🙂

  24. Because what part of "Commander in Chief" don't you... says:

  25. blog article says:

    It’s an amazing piece of writing in favor of all the web viewers;
    they will obtain advantage from it I am sure.

  26. JimboXL says:

    In the dumbest or most insidious move he’s made recently, he sent the troops to an Ebola hot zone to get infected. I’d say the least he could do is salute them without a cup in his hand.

  27. Because olo olololo hahahah hohohoh snorty snort pffffff hehehahaha says:

  28. Because no, you're Chunk. As in Kim Chunk Cheeto says:

  29. Minnow says:

    My two cents worth on Killgore Trout.

    Fuck you psycho dude.

  30. Because who's this "we", fatman? That's your provider, dickface. says:

  31. swamprat says:

    charles is at it again. We’re supposed to be a serbian genocide denying, turner diary praising, out-of-context-rant-with-the-audio-turnered-WAY-up hate site.

    Visitors can peruse charles actual comments at the “wingularity blog search above”. He has made comments both accepting and vilifying both all and sections of Islam. His comments about Palestine and the Palestinians is worth a peak.

    Breivik mentioned lgf/charles 33 times and that is the truth. Brevik hated charles only because he once thought he was of the same mind due to the fact that charles would sift through every news source and post all the anti- muslim stories he could find.

    Turner diaries is a deliberate lie of which he is well aware of the snippet tagged accidentally on the end some vid posted by an admin.
    Serbia isn’t exactly a concern by almost all of us.

    He doesn’t mention much that a large portion of the people he hates/stalks were once quite good friends. And that especially applies to Barrett Brown.

    • swamprat says:

      His separation from the anti jihadi movement began the day Pam Geller visited Vlaams Belang with Robert Spencer That’s he decided Vlaams was too anti semitic for his tastes, even though they had have consistently supported Israel.

      Liewise his conversion to liberalism coincided with the high-priced sale of huffpo joined with the election of Obama. Before Obama was elected charles ridiculed him. He did not chage until the man actually won. As long as there was doubt, charles scorned him.

      • swamprat says:

        Sorry about the spelling, I’m doing two things at once.

      • swamprat says:

        Charles won’t tell you

        Fjordman was a friend.

        charles co-counded pajamas media.

        Gulf Coast Pundit is a now defunct blog formed by group who sought to take over LGF and end its bigotry

        Cindy Shehan was mocked by the use of “st pancake” a phase he used, approved of, allowed as a nic, and gave that commenter many hat-tips, bragged about the special blog-tionary with special lgf words like “st pancake

        Pam Geller was a friend and now he stalks her.

        Rush limbaugh was an honorary “lizard” (lgf member)

        Later several people were banned for merely liking Limbaugh

        Has rewritten his own archived posts including re-doing the unflattering Geller pics.

        He lies about his past, his blog, his friends, his activies, and he will turn on a friend; I cannot think of a single one he has stood by.

        I bevieve he changed his twtter account to hide his activities the the “twitter-gulag” mess.

        He first encouraged it. then bragged, then covered up and finally denied.

        What a guy.

      • Octopus says:

        Cindy Shehan was mocked by the use of “st pancake” a phase he used, approved of, allowed as a nic, and gave that commenter many hat-tips, bragged about the special blog-tionary with special lgf words like “st pancake

        Mama Sheehan was this gal:

        St. Pancake was this unfortunate soul, as described in the LGF Dictionary:

        St. Pancake – Disparaging nickname for Rachel Corrie, a American activist who voluteered to help Palestinian militants in their attacks on Israel; she was killed after being crushed by a Israeli bulldozer while “defending” Palestinian smuggling tunnels. She was subsequently beatified by the extreme left, and in mockery of her new holy status, LGFers dubbed her “St. Pancake,” in reference to the manner of her death.

        The rest of the LGF Dictionary is here:

      • swamprat says:

        Thanks, Octopus. You are correct

  32. Because says:

  33. Because says:

    Leftists getting away with flagrantly breaking the Twitter rules? Never. Twitter’s totally fair and shit.

  34. Octopus says:

    Somebody posted this handy graphic, in the comments section of an article in which the black female journalist was decrying the “appropriation of traditional black beauty” by white celebrity bitches and entertainers, who are sporting big butts, sometimes implants, sometimes just big foam joke-butts. According to this gal, white women have never been appreciated for their bountiful bottoms (except by Queen in a 1978 song), and black women have been mocked and ridiculed for theirs, until the recent belated seal of white approval was given.

    I honestly don’t know where they get these idiots, but they seem to produce them in numbers, to serve the cause of victimhood in any situation.

  35. Minnow says:

    Barry’s troubles began about a week or two before he went to that party that Pam Geller attended…. you know, the one where he is wearing a leather jacket and (of all things) a baseball cap. The trouble that I am referring to relates to the fact that Barry only bathes about once every other month.

    In this case, Barry had stopped bathing (but in his reality it wasn’t that he had stopped…. just that his schedule being what it was…. well…. whose to say what is real and what isn’t)

    -well, anyway, let’s just summarize it (babe) by saying the nachos and garlic from three weeks prior were, how you say in Los Angeleez…… mui NOT bueno…. that’s a word right Barry?

    mui NOT bueno?

    And, as rumor has it, after Big Stick (Barry) wrote something public on his blog – you know, for the world to see – recounting how “you’re killing me here babe”…. suddenly, the line with Pam Geller went very, very (strangely) quiet.

    As reported through other, independent sources, there was (apparently) much female shreiking and wails of “OMG has he ever heard of a shower!?”

    And then, Barry sniffed a time or two….mimicking his mentor Jon Carry…. and, well, the rest is history.


  36. OLT's Bigot Bigot Racist LOL says:

    Mama Sheehan was NOT ST. Pancake. That was Rachel Corrie.